How Sergey Petrossov has Redefined Private Air Travelling

Did you know that it is possible to get jet services with an ‘Uber procedure?’ Sergey Petrossov is the first investor and innovator to simplify the process of getting jet services. Under his company, JetSmarter, he has put structures that simplify the process of getting jet services. Before this company, the process of hiring these services was characterized by bureaucracy, and according to him, bureaucratic procedures pushed clients away. Fortunately, the company removes all the unnecessary procedures without compromising the efficiency of the hiring process. Sergey Petrossov believes that this is the future of transport, regardless of the traveling cost.

JetSmarter is successful because of the following reasons. First, Petrossov is incredible in his management style. In less than a decade, the JetSmarter has an amazing management team that ensures that all the company’s policies are client-centered. Second, the company has an amazing blueprint, and the magic in this company’s blueprint has attracted some of the world’s famous investors to the company’s funding list. Some of these investors include the Saudi Royal family, Wayne Chang and the American entertainer, Jay Z. According to Sergey Petrossov, these investors have made the company’s vision in this industry a reality. The flexibility of the company’s blueprint, the visionary leadership, and the availability of the above investors has made the company a billion-dollar company. In 2018, the company released a reported indicating that to have over 650,000 one-time clients and more than 14,000 regular clients. Transport pundits point out that these numbers show that clients believe in Sergey Petrossov dream of simplifying high-end transport. In order to keep these clients, the transport company has employed the best technologies. For example, JetSmarter has amazing incorporation of technology in its operation. Adaptation of technology enables the clients to make bookings and to follow up on their scheduled flights. This approach simplifies the interactions between the clients and the company without compromising efficiency.