Matt Badiali Describes Freedom Checks

Most of you have heard about the famous freedom checks by Matt Badiali. Well, here is a narration into one of the most paying investments from this brainy business professional. Freedom checks are not government programs. They are not like Medicaid programs or managed healthcare. According to Badiali, freedom checks can only be owned by certain companies. These companies must be operating in the following sectors; processing and production, storage as well as the transportation of natural resources. More significantly, freedom checks come from companies that deal in the oil and gas fields. Read the Q&A session with Matt on Frontline Profits Live.

Background Look

It is critical also to note that there is a massive decrease in the importation of oil, especially from the Middle East. On the other hand, the U.S. is experiencing a relatively increased rate of gas and oil production. Therefore, these companies are better positioned to generate massive revenues in the form of profits. As such, they are in a better position to create a lot of income that can be used to pay out investors. This is what is defined as freedom checks. Also, because the same corporations made to pay out checks deal with them like other stocks, it is projected that the business will boom in the coming years.

Analyzing Freedom Checks

The historical analysis by Matt Badiali indicates that in future, some of these corporations will make as much as 5,889 percent. Better yet, the amount can shoot to 39,832 percent. It is because of these numbers that most investors have raised eyebrows wondering how possible this is. Matt Badiali is, however, assuring these people of the possibilities given his story in research and stock exchange. It is no wonder he recommends this investment docket to most of his clients. For those who are wondering how viable freedom checks are, here is a description of how qualified Matt Badiali is. Read more at PRNewswire about Matt Badiali.

Describing Badiali

Badiali has worked hard to carve out a name for himself in this business and others. Having studied natural resources for decades, he acquired extensive knowledge in mining, energy as well as agriculture, he was able to join the Duke University and later the University of North Carolina as a trained tutor. In his capacity as a trusted tutor, he learned to take a different approach while addressing particular life’s issues. That marked the beginning of leadership for him. Badiali has since crossed over different countries and continents with the major aim of addressing investment issues. To him, investment is an evolving craft that must be mastered. Therefore, he shares his skills and discoveries so that people’s lives are enriched.


At OSI Food Solutions, Expansion Is Business As Usual:

Over a century ago, German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky started a family meat market in Oak Park, Illinois that today is known as OSI Food Solutions. What started out as a small, family-run operation is today a global leader in the supply of processed meat and custom food solutions. The company has facilities all over the world, 80 in total, in 17 different countries. OSI Food Solutions started making big waves as far as company expansion in the 1970s and continues to grow today. Expansion and acquisition have become a major part of the OSI recipe for success.

History of OSI Food Solutions Company Expansion:

Early on, OSI Food Solutions grew steadily, picking up big accounts like McDonald’s in the 1950s. A major expansion on a global level started in earnest in the 1970s. By the end of the decade, the company had expanded throughout all of North America and into the European market. The 1980s saw the addition of the South American market as well as the company’s entrance into Taiwan. Shortly after this, OSI Food Solutions expanded to markets in Australia, Japan, China, the Philippines and South Africa.

Recent OSI Food Solutions Events:

Business has been very eventful for OSI Food Solutions recently between making major acquisitions and facilities upgrades to winning major awards celebrating the company’s responsibility in the area of environmental sustainability. Close to home, OSI acquired the old Tyson food plant in Chicago, Illinois and expects to see massive production increases in the region due to this addition. In Europe, a massive upgrade to the facility in Toledo, Spain has doubled the facilities production of processed chicken from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. Another huge move in the European market is the acquisition of Baho Food and Flagship Europe, two amazing food processing companies that add great value to the OSI line of products. OSI Food Solutions also recently won the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. The prestigious honor was bestowed as recognition of OSI’s dedication to environmental sustainability in its business practices.

OSI Food Solutions Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin:

The businessman behind the huge success that OSI Food Solutions enjoys today is Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin. Company growth and expansion has been his primary goal since he started his long and storied career with the firm in 1970. Sheldon has degrees in accounting, finance and business and worked as a financial consultant prior to getting into the food business with OSI. Recruited by the original family behind the company, Sheldon has grown the business into a name that is recognized all over the world.

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Graham Edwards of Telereal Trillium, Takes On UK Real Estate Market

Telereal Trillium is a property management and investment company that is headquartered in Central London. The company focuses on commercial property management and is one of the largest property management companies in all of England. The company’s current’s chief executive officer is Graham Edwards.

Telereal Trillium has had a significant impact on the property market of the United Kingdom over the last several decades. Currently, it manages a portfolio which is valued at over 6 billion British pounds. This portfolio is comprised of over 86,000,000 ft.² and houses 1% of the workforce of the entire country. While it has an incredibly impressive influence on the housing market for the United Kingdom, it is difficult not to point out the source of Telereal Trillium success.

Graham Edwards has been the company’s chief executive officer since it was originally founded in 2001. He has helped the company significantly over its lifespan. One of the first major deals that Graham Edwards took part in was a 2.38 billion British pound deal that allowed Telereal Trillium to acquire 6700 properties that amounted to over 59,000,000 ft.². At this time the deal was between land securities Trillium and Pears in a joint venture. Over the next several years Graham Edwards continued to guide the company towards economic prosperity, and in 2009 Graham Edwards led the company through negotiations that allow the acquisition of land securities group PLC and marked the formal foundation of Telereal Trillium as a market leader in property outsourcing. By this point, the company’s revenue streams were over 1 billion British pounds annually.

Prior to working in Telereal Trillium Graham Edwards served as one of the chief investment officer’s of another asset management company which is known as talisman Global asset management. This company was originally founded in 1998 as part of the asset management arm of a single family and has grown from $50 million in capital to be worth over $1 billion today.

Telereal Trillium has focused on providing the best possible outcomes to their customers over the last several years, and Graham Edwards is responsible in large part to the significant success of the company.



Waiakea Water Improves Function

One thing that is common in society is decreased function. Many people seem to be functioning at a lower level compared to at least one generation ago. There are a lot of factors to this. One main factor is diet. A lot of people are eating foods that are not healthy for them. As a result, they are faced with issues such as depression, low energy, obesity, and some other issues that could actually feed off of one another. The worst part is that a lot of people who want to be healthy do not know how to be healthy.

One issue with people that try to be healthy is that they often find themselves on a path that actually makes their health worse. For one thing, there is a lot of misinformation on the internet which can bring more harm than good. However, some people are just uninformed about certain topics such as water. Many bottled waters sell acidic and contaminated water. Fortunately, there is Waiakea. This type of water is bottled at the source. The source of the water is the Hawaiian volcanic springs. The water is filtered through the volcanic rocks and is given the minerals needed for taste and health.

When people drink Waiakea water, they are not only replenishing their fluids but also replenishing their electrolytes. This results in a healthy consumption of water. When people replenish their electrolytes, they are better able to function and be physically active. Replenishment of electrolytes protects people from issues such as fatigue and other related issues. People are also able to focus better when they make sure that they are getting an adequate amount of water. One thing that people have to fight against is dehydration. When people are dehydrated, they are actually vulnerable to other health issues such as obesity because of a slower metabolism.

OSI Food Solutions Global Growth and Ingenuity

OSI Food Solutions is a global food supplier that has changed the meat supply market greatly. In the past few years they have acquired some admirable traits. In an article from The National Provisioner explains how the company has multiplied the number of tons of chicken, pork, and beef since early 2017. In Toledo, Spain they doubled the amount of chicken produced from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons. OSI Food Solutions also showed great steady improvement in Toledo where they eventually met a production amount of 45,000 tons of chicken, beef, and pork. This is also fairing well for the people that live near the production sites. The exponential growth of the company is supplying jobs to people nearby. So, they are not only just a successful supplier of meat, OSI Food Solutions is creating jobs all over the globe.

OSI Food Solutions also has made the Forbes list for being #58 on the charts for being one of the top 100 largest and most successful privately owned businesses in America. They brought in $6.1 billion dollars at the end of the 2016 fiscal year. OSI Food Solutions is growing fast and also expanding their production facilities. An article from the Chicago Tribune talks of how OSI purchased the soon to be former Tyson plant for about $7.4 million back in 2016. A vast majority of the Tyson workers were also offered employment by OSI Food Solutions after they bought the plant in Southside Chicago. OSI was expanding at a remarkable rate to compensate for their increased production. The momentum doesn’t stop here either. In 2016 it was stated in an article from Refrigerated & Frozen Foods that they also purchased Baho Food. Baho Food is a food supplier to Germany and the Netherlands that provided a variety of meats, deli cuts, and refrigerated snacks. The Dutch company was a going on 60 years of operation when it was acquired by OSI Food Solutions. Purchasing Baho Foods gave OSI access to 18 European counties of full of eager customers. They saw this purchase as a way to expand the different types of products that they could be offering. This allowed for much growth and revenue to be cycled through helping fund the vast development of what OSI Food Solutions is today. OSI continues to grow today to accommodate the needs and demands of consumers all around the globe.

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Brazilian Racing Expert Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a celebrated speed racer who, along with his driving team, competes in the Brazilian off-road competition known as the Sertoes Rally. Growing up in the city of Sao Paulo as the son of a professional basketball player who was popular in the 1960s and 1970s, he developed a big interest in sports at a young age, and later became passionate about auto mechanics and racing. After he learned a great deal about how cars function, he became skilled at repairing them, then he began training for speed contests.

Along with his team, the Bull Sertoes, he has won several awards in the Sertoes Rally, and is known as being one of his country’s most decorated drivers. His team members include his brother Rodrigo and two other partners, and they are all considered to be the best in the annual competition. Michel Terpins started his participation in the rally in 2002 when he entered its motorcycle contest. Later, in 2015, he was in the Cross Country Rally, where he finished in 2nd place. It was also in 2015 when he and his brother formed the Bull Sertoes team.

Due to the exceptional driving skills of Michel Terpins and his other driving partners, the Bull Sertoes team became the champions of the 2nd stage of the Sertoes Rally’s 24th edition. Michel described this stage of the 7-stage multi-state competition as being very difficult and exhausting to finish, but thanks to their MEM Motorsport designed vehicle called T-Rex, the team was able to persevere and make it through all the rough terrain of the race. T-Rex was built with an added V8 engine, which was very helpful when it came to driving over the rocky and mountainous roads involved with the event.

A large number of enthusiastic fans, spectators and rally drivers from many places attend the Sertoes Rally every year, and most are familiar with the Terpins brothers and their team. To show appreciation for their many fans, Michel Terpins and his brother Rodrigo try to stay connected with them by keeping profiles on a few popular social media platforms.

Adam Milstein Speaks Out

Adam Milstein is a true son of Israel. Born in Haifa, he followed Arial Sharon during the Yom Kippur war and helped stop, and repel, the invasion of the Egyptian army. After his military service, he returned to school and graduated from the Israeli Institute of Technology, commonly known as the Technion, with a degree in business and economics. He then moved to the United States and earned an MBA from the University of Southern California. Visit Hager Pacific website to know more about Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein’s life changed the day he told his young daughters he expected them to marry Jewish men. They replied that Milstein himself lived a secular life and made no effort to emphasize his Jewish identity. Realizing that Israelis living in America were losing their Jewish identities, Adam Milstein became a full-time Jewish advocate and a leader of the Jewish community: writing, speaking, and working to reinforce the Jewish identity and strengthen the connection between Israel and the United States through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Recently, Adam Milstein spoke out about radical Islam and its link to other radical organizations.

Radical Islam, as taught in Mosques and Madrasas, centers on the destruction of Israel and is joining other radical organizations on the extreme right and now on the extreme left. These disparate organizations are increasing coordination of their actions and ideas to synergetic effect. Presently, radical organizations are forming alliances across the political spectrum and using those alliances to coordinate anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli activities.


In spite of the fact that radical Muslims beat women for failure to follow extreme dress codes and execute gays, the extreme left puts aside their differences to join in a common anti-Western, anti-modern, anti-Jewish cause.

In the extreme left-wing view, Jews are a powerful group oppressing weaker Muslims, both in the Middle East and in the rest of the world.

Leftist students at Tufts University recently published a “Disorientation Guide” attacking Israel as a “white supremacist” state and a colonial occupier. One of the authors argued that the guide could not be anti-Semitic because she is herself a Jew. View Adam Milstein’s profile on Facebook.

Why ClassDojo Is Being Supported By Teachers

When it comes to educational technology in schools, administrators at districts defer to the judgment of teachers on what they want to incorporate into their classrooms. This means that when businesses in this industry want their product and/or service to succeed they need to make it something that a teacher actually wants to have in their classroom. There are a number of things teachers are looking for.

First, they want something that solves a problem they actually have. Unless they view something as necessary for their classroom they don’t to use it. Some edtech companies make an assumption about what teachers need rather than actually talking to teachers. One company that didn’t make this mistake was ClassDojo. The development team talked to a number of teachers before and during their process of creating a mobile app that would fit their requirements.

Another thing companies need to do in this sector is help teachers adopt the edtech technology. They need the company behind the tool to support them as they implement the tool into the real world classroom. ClassDojo does this as well by showing teachers the best way for them, their students, and the parents of the students to create a positive culture using this app. Teachers have access to a “Zendesk” that teachers can use it to create a classroom community.

Classdojo is a communication platform that was released August 2011. It is based in San Francisco, California, and was co-founded by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. Since that time it has gone on to being used by 2 in 3 schools in the United States. There are international versions of ClassDojo as well and it has been translated into many languages.

ClassDojo facilitates communication between teachers, parents, and students. These parties can communicate through the app at any time which helps everyone connect together in order to support the education of the child. The forms of communication the ClassDojo app supports are text-style messaging, photos, and video. It helps everyone work together as a team which results in better grades for children.

Susan McGalla, American Business Woman Extraordinaire

Susan McGalla is an executive consultant serving Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as CEO of the American Outfitter’s Inc., and Wet Seal Inc. McGalla is a board member of HFF, Inc., a publically traded organization that offers commercial services with real estate. She has a Bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College. She is also a board member at Magee Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation, as well as a former trustee of the University of Pittsburg, including the fact she was a former director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. She started her career at Joseph Horne Company where she worked in marketing as a manager as well.

She then became President and Chief Merchandising Officer, for the American Eagle Outfitters in 1994, overseeing the launch of American Eagle’s aerie and 77kids brands. In January 2009, McGalla left American Eagle in order to become a private consultant for the retail and financial investing industries, respectively. She became a board member of HFF, Inc. by October 1999. She started working full time at Wet Seal, besides, in August 2011 but was let go in July 2012 because of declining sales. She grew up in East Liverpool, Ohio, raised alongside her brothers, and her father was a football coach.

When she left Wet Seal, she set up P3 Executive Consultant, of which she is the founder. She provides insightful knowledge on fashion, from her previous experience as a manager in the field. P3 offers advisory service and knowledge to the financial and Wall Street Community, to those such as buy-side and sell-side analysts as well as investment fund managers. Her services include branding, marketing, product merchandise, as well as omni-channel execution for strategy, talent management and more. She knows how to reinvent and grow brands. Susan McGalla is who you want to ask for advice when it comes to marketing for your business.

Dave Giertz and Social Security Concerns

Dave Giertz is the current president of Nationwide Financial Distributors, Inc. He attended the University of Miami and then Millikin University where he received a Bachelor of Science and Executive MBA respectively. In addition, he has passed four financial advisor certifications. Dave has managed to consistently provide large profits and administrative charge throughout all organizations he has led. For instance, before his tenure with Nationwide Financial, Dave started as a financial service advisor at Citigroup, then became the Executive Vice President of Sales – where he would display his charge by exceeding the company’s goals.

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal Wealth Adviser,  David Giertz voiced his concern and expert opinion on the subject of advisers not speaking to their clients about social security. Giertz states that in a recent survey, “Most people say that their advisers aren’t talking to them about social security. In our survey, it also showed that four out of five people would change their advisers if they weren’t talking about social security.” Moreover, Gierz highly recommends that advisers start talking to their clients about Social Security because it can be upwards of “40 percent” of the client’s financial income. Consequently, if clients were to “turn on Social Security too early, they could lose up to $300,000 over 25 years.” In essence, the client can expect to lose a significant portion of capital if they are unaware of Social Security, and it is all up to the financial advisor to provide them the details.

Today, with over three decades of experience and positions such as Senior Vice President, President, Director of Sales, and Vice-President of sales, Giertz is involved with other projects, not just Nationwide Financial Distribution, Inc. For example, he sells securities such as bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and other investment entities.