Curious about Forex? Talk to Greg Secker.

Perhaps you have heard that investments and trading are a smart way to make money. But you’re not a math whiz and you don’t have all day to look at charts, right? According to Greg Secker, forex trading may be just the thing for you.

The term “forex” refers to the foreign exchange market. Unlike the stock market, forex is always available and accessible to the average person. With the stagnating wage growth, low interest rates and inflation, Secker says that now is the perfect time for you to get into the forex market.

Forex trading takes place over the Internet and there is software that helps you get going. The starting costs to get into trading are low and there are opportunities to practice before you take the plunge.

There is a misconception that the forex market is unsafe. However, Greg Secker points out that having proper strategies and mindset ensure that the market is safe. In fact, you can see a profit whether there are upward or downward trends in the market. It is important to keep your emotions out of it and be realistic in your goals. While he insists that there is no overall “best indicator” for when you should buy or sell, you should find the strategy that works best for you and then stick with it. Some of the indicators that you might use include the Stochastic Oscillator, Bollinger Bands, and economic calendars.

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur and philanthropist from England. He started his career with Thomas Cook Financial Services. Secker created the Virtual Trading Desk and now owns Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, and Capital Index. He founded the Greg Secker Foundation with a goal of improving the lives of people worldwide.

Secker now gives seminars to help others achieve financial independence through forex trading. He recommends attending one of these seminars to determine what indicators might be best for you to use to see success in the forex market. With so many awards for his educational tools, learning from him is clearly an investment in your financial future.

Dr. Imran Haque: Offering Internal Medicine with a Personal Touch

If you are a resident of Asheboro, you can’t fail to recognize the services of Dr. Haque more if you have needed internal medicine services. Dr. Imran Haque is a well-known medical doctor who offers outstanding medical services with a specialty in internal medicine. He holds a medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE). The doctor also has an M.D from the University of Virginia.

Dr. Haque is a very dedicated person towards the welfare of his patients. He offers his services at the Horizon Internal Medicine facility situated in Asheboro, North Carolina. He has been treating patients suffering from various ailments which have given him a diverse experience in the field of internal medicine.

His motive for starting the facility was driven by his need to help people live better and fulfilling lives through his medical practice. He says he wanted to expand the horizons of his community regarding medical care by providing the kind of medical services that are not offered locally. The response he received from the satisfied patients who had had a taste of his services motivated him even further. His services have a personal touch as he knows how well to connect with his patients.

The kind of technology used in the Horizon Internal Medicine facility has made it a state of the art facility. He offers both ultrasound and laboratory services. His dedication to offering the best quality medical services makes him do thorough checkups and regular checkups to get the right diagnosis for his patients. This plus other top-notch services at the facility has made it the most respected and most preferred facility as it regards to internal medicine care in the greater North Carolina region.

Dr. Haque also serves as a primary-care physician who diagnoses some common ailments and offers specialist referrals whenever necessary. His attention to detail and extensive experience spanning almost two decades is a surety for better medical results. In addition to his experience, his readiness to cooperate with other doctors and specialists has made it possible for the facility to offer professional Medicare to patients seeking specialized medical assistance.

Sentient AI – Multi-variate Testing

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in the recent years into the human life is a widely discussed topic across the world. While many of the discussions are showcasing optimism and the advancement of human life with the help of the technology, there are also apprehensions due to the loss of jobs, complex systems, and more. Everyone has accepted that AI is going to rule the area of technology innovation in the coming years, and practically, no industry can neglect it in future. However, it is determined that the scalability of advancement with AI is different in various sectors. It means that some industries may see changes in greater extent while others see it at a lesser magnitude.

In that regard, E-commerce and digital marketing are two areas that would see revolutionary changes with the implementation of AI. The technology is improvising multi-variate testing efforts in the case of e-commerce services and digital marketing campaigns. The tests, which are also known as a type of A/B tests, with the help of AI would complete it in few days – previously, manual multi-variate tests were taking months to complete and drive the results. In E-commerce sites, the tests are conducted extensively to understand the best website designing aspects, features, and more that can drive responsive and optimized site for driving better sales results from the customers.

The results and better redesigning helped the online stores to ensure better customer engagement as well. It also ensured a pivotal role in the customer experience and their satisfaction at the end. With the introduction of the AI technology, the entire process is going to be more efficient and quicker in providing the accurate results. Digital marketing, including SEO campaigns, was also using manual multi-variate testing to identify the most optimized SEO campaigning processes and strategies. Though it was giving desired results, the manual process was highly time-consuming.

AI is again changing the fate of multi-variate testing in digital marketing campaigns. It created optimized campaigns for each SEO and PPC ads to drive improved page ranking and highest click-through-rate. Another significant area is email marketing, and the introduction of AI in multi-variate tests have helped the marketers to generate millions of email campaigns in a short span of time – a highly time-consuming process when it was done manually. Additionally, it also ensured more customized campaigns reflecting the individual needs of each customer by taking inputs from customer data ecosystem. Read more at Wikipedia about Sentient.

Rocketship Education and Andre Agassi Have Teamed Up To Open Rocketship Rise Academy

When most people hear the name Andre Agassi they think of one of the best tennis players to ever play the game.

What many fail to realize is just how much Agassi has dedicated his life to giving back to those in need.

In 2016 Agassi teamed up with Rocketship Education to develop Rocketship Rise Academy, a charter school that is located in the Woodland Terrace neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

And when the school opened in the fall of 2016, Andre was there to help celebrate the opening of this facility by attending and participating in the ceremonial ribbon cutting.

When asked about public education Agassi was quoted as saying, “It’s unfortunately a very daunting societal issue.” He also said that children deserve a good education which is why he wanted to be a part of this project.

According to Agassi, it was when he reached a low point in his own life that he decided he wanted to start helping others by developing charter schools.

At the time Agassi’s career was going down. He was feeling disconnected from life and started to think about how much control we really have over our lives.

It was in that moment of disconnect that Agassi started thinking about underprivileged children and how they have no choice in their lives due to no fault of their own.

He realized that some children come from broken homes and aren’t raised in environments that are nurturing.

That is what ultimately inspired him to build his own K through 12 charter school in Las Vegas. He then went on to create a model that could be used to build schools all over the United States.

Working with Rocketship Education to build the Rocketship Rise Academy was just another step towards reaching his goal of building charter schools for children in need.

The Academy was his 69th school and Agassi says he has no plans of stopping. Between Rocketship Education and Andre Agassi, you can expect the education gap in the United States to get shorter and shorter as more children from low income families get access to a good education.


About Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is a commonly known professional name in the financial industry. He is the current Vice President of AXA Advisors where he has had his impact for over 10 years. Mr. Parascandola’s role at AXA is to ensure that he develops the new and experienced people and assisting them to increase their productivity and efficiency. In addition to helping his employees to be productive, Mr. Vincent Parascandola is also the man in charge of recruitment, sales, management development, and retention.

He previously worked for an insurance firm by the name MONY Life Insurance where he worked for about 14 years. His first job was at Prudential where he worked for about 3 years. Being a rookie, his outstanding performance made him get recognized and he was awarded the National Rookie of the Year.

Vincent went to school at Pace University in New York where he graduated with a Bachelor degree in Science. He, later on, went to Lubin School of Business.

About AXA Advisors

It is known to be a leading financial company in the country. AXA Advisors is a branch of the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company that has its headquarters in New York. The Insurance Company is believed to be the best company that offers cover for life insurance and annuity products. This is evident as the company has been in existence since 1989 giving the best services to its clients and offering them with sustainable products.

In the modern day today, AXA Insurance is recognized as the fastest growing company at a rate of almost 15%. The company has seen other branches grow in other parts of the world which include Western Europe, Middle East, Northern America and the Asia-Pacific region. The company has attributed its growth to several factors but the main is the stability, great leadership and the reliability of the company by its clients. With the AXA advisors in place, the company has a belief that it definitely has a future. They are able to also do research on issues affecting them as a company.

Why AXA advisors

The financial professionals put the needs of the clients first and work around their needs and wants.

The AXA advisors are mostly finance specialists who have all the information you need and one does not need to wait for long before proper assistance and recommendations are given.

The professionals at the AXA advisors will always work with your plan and will help you make them better. You can visit his Facebook page to know more.

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A New Completion of a $54 Million Private Placement Offering has been Reported in the Financial Services Industry

NexBank Capital, a reputable financial services company headquartered in Dallas, recently announced that it had completed a private placement offering of $54 million. The private placement applied to the company’s subordinate notes to high net worth and institutional investors.

NexBank Capital seeks to use the proceeds from the private placement offering on general corporate issues. Inclusive of this offering, NexBank has managed to raise $283 million in equity and debt since 2016. The subordinated notes have a stated maturity of ten years and are non-callable for five years. The notes also have a fixed interest rate of 6.375 percent expected to take effect for five years.

NexBank also announced that its subordinate notes have a BBB- investment grade rating and high ratings from Kroll Bond Rating Agency. Under applicable capital regulations, they are qualified to be termed as Tier 2 capital.

The private offering for the notes was closed on September 19, 2017. Its sole placement agent was Sandler O’Neill & Partners, LP. However, the notes have not been registered with regards to the Securities Act. This means that they can not be sold or offered in the U.S.

About NexBank Capital

As a reputable financial services firm, NexBank’s services are based on three core businesses. These include institutional services, commercial banking, and mortgage banking. The firm’s services are customized to meet the demands of institutional clients, corporations, and financial institutions across the U.S. These clients achieve their business objectives through NexBank’s customized banking and financial services.

As of June 30, 2017, NexBank Capital is reported to have $6.4 billion in assets. The financial services firm attributes this success to its executive management team. The team comprises of industry leaders and experts who are on a mission to provide exceptional financial services to clients. NexBank’s professionals have also mastered the art of handling individual, corporate, and institutional customers.

James Dondero of Highland Capital Management sits on the board of directors of NexBank as the chairperson. Dondero is known for his role as president and co-founder of one of the most experienced financial services company, Highland Capital Management. He is expected to bring his management and leadership experience to NexBank’s board of directors and influence growth in the company.

Jeffry Schneider Demonstrates Healthy Balance

It is not often that you find someone who has been incredibly successful in the finance industry and also has a healthy outlook on living a balanced lifestyle. Jeffry Schneider breaks the mold and shows us that it is possible to be passionate about your career and physically fit at the same time. While Schneider is most widely known for his ability to raise capital quickly and manage one of the most cutting-edge and promising investment firms around today, he is quickly gaining notoriety as a health and fitness enthusiast.


Schneider’s primary exercise of choice is running. For almost two decades, Schneider has completed some of the world’s most prominent marathons. Schneider completed his first Ironman triathlon in 2013 in New Zealand. He persevered through some of the most challenging course conditions of all triathlons to complete the feat and sign up for yet another one. He has been setting new goals for himself ever since. One of the things that Schneider says that he finds most rewarding and fulfilling about training and racing is that he learns that he has the mental fortitude to keep pushing himself to new limits. Schneider says that this positive outlook and sense of self-worth has carried through to his profession, which has allowed him to maintain a determined mindset even in the face of great adversity.


Schneider loves to share his love of fitness with others. He hopes that his story will inspire other people to get out of their fitness comfort zones and challenge themselves to achieve something new and exciting. He also shares this lifestyle with all of his employees and has worked hard to build a corporate culture around maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Schneider knows from his own personal experience that his employees are better equipped to achieve their best at work each day when they are confident and physically healthy. In addition to chatting generally with his colleagues and employees, Schneider also writes frequently about the benefits of physical fitness and how he has pushed through some major challenges to achieve his objectives. His blog posts are uplifting and informational.


How Rick Smith is Fostering Strategic Growth at Securus Technologies as the CEO

With a portfolio of over 800 products for the corrections industry, Securus Technologies announced the appointment of a sales executive, John Bell, in 2015. Bell’s duty was to develop a tech-oriented sales team that would help sell the company’s products to more clients. He became part of Securus’ leadership team holding the position of SVP of sales.

Besides John Bell, the company’s leadership team also includes CEO Rick Smith. Under Smith’s CEO tenure, Securus Technologies invested over $600 million in developing and acquiring products that make up its diverse product portfolio. Rick Smith said that Bell was hired because Securus needed an executive who can transform the sales department. He also said that Bell’s appointment was aimed at improving Securus’ sales.

John Bell was the best candidate for the sales SVP job judging by his 35-year career. He spent his professional career developing exceptional sales leaders and transforming the organizational culture at companies such as NTT Verio, IBM, and Verizon.

Facility Customer Comments

One of the core values of Securus Technologies is transparency in service delivery. The inmate communications company usually receives emails and letters from clients in law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies. This feedback helps Securus in developing or acquiring more customer-oriented products and services.

According to Rick Smith, the comments are based on the new services or products that Securus Technologies develops every week. Smith also believes that the solutions enable law enforcement, corrections, and public safety officers to combat crime. It should be noted that crimes are the most prevalent social problems in the modern world. Rick Smith is also certain that Securus’ main responsibility is to help in keeping the community safe. This is because the firm’s mission statement is themed on safety and security.

About Rick Smith

Rick Smith commenced his duties as Securus’ CEO after the firm’s board, chaired by Richard Falcone at that time, approved his appointment in 2008. Smith joined the firm a year after it acquired Syson Justice Systems, which was critically-acclaimed for its Offender Management Systems. Smith was the most preferred candidate for the job because of his previous career in the telecom and financial services industries. He is trusted with the duty of driving Securus to an undisputed leadership position in the corrections market. At Frontier Corporation, Rick Smith served in departments such as business development, IT, and finance. He also served as a chief executive officer for nine years at Eschelon Telecoms. He was instrumental in transforming Eschelon Telecoms from a firm whose total revenue amounted to $30 million to a revenue of $350 million. Eschelon’s EBITDA also grew to $80 million at that time. He also facilitated the firm’s IPO back in 2005. Smith’s academic certifications include an MBA, master’s in mathematics, and undergrad in electrical engineering.

End Citizens United Expands Its Campaign To Reform Campaign Financing

The End Citizens United PAC has often been seen as a group dedicated to solely backing a single campaign to remove the Citizens United decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010. However, in recent times the group has become a go-to organization when campaign finance rules and regulations are ignored by those who have been tasked with the job of protecting the future of the U.S. population. End Citizens United operates as a traditional PAC, meaning donors can only provide a maximum financial contribution of $5,000 at any time.

In October 2017, End Citizens UNited President, Tiffany Muller responded to reports a Montana Judge had been subverting campaign finance rules as he prepared to declare his candidacy in a run for the Senate. Montana-based Judge Russ Fagg has been rumored to be on the verge of declaring his candidacy for the Senate for a number of months and recently established what was described as an exploratory committee to assess the available options for starting a campaign. The establishment of the Russ Fagg Senate Exploratory Committee should not have been a controversial moment in the career of the Montana Judge, but a recently filed Federal Election Committee complaint claims the committee is a shadow campaign group.

The complaint has been filed by the American Democracy Legal Fund and backed by the End Citizens United PAC who feel the Judge has been skirting campaign finance rules over the course of the last few months. Tiffany Muller has explained the campaign of Judge Fagg has been accepting donations for months and working beyond the legal phase known as “testing the waters” of an election bid; it has also been reported the Montant Code of Judicial Conduct does not allow a judge to raise money for political groups for fear of affecting their independence.

End Citizens United was born in March 2015 by a group of people dismayed at the rising level of influence seen in the work of a political donor class of billionaires who many feels have too much power in modern politics. Among the work being completed by End Citizens United is the backing in elections of Democrat candidates backing the need to make changes to the current campaign finance laws. Although creating a change in the election campaign finance laws may be difficult, End Citizens United believe this is a fight and controversy needing to be highlighted in the buildup to the 2018 midterm elections.

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How the Whitney Wolfe Wedding Helps Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is a face that single millennials recognize in social media. She has become one of the many young entrepreneurs that are actually getting out there to connect with their audience. Bumble is the company that she started, and it has become so popular that it has actually become a threat to other dating app services like The executives in charge for companies like Match know this, and this is why this company offered Whitney Wolfe $400 million for Bumble. She declined. Whitney knows her worth, and she realizes that there is a great amount of value in Bumble.

More than 20 million users are connected to Bumble, and it only appears to be getting stronger. Whitney Wolfe is passionate about helping many potential mates find their soulmate. She may be gaining even more passion about it and now that she has a great celebration on the Amalfi Coast in the form of a wedding that was her own celebration of love. Whitney Wolfe married Michael Herd. this is a multifaceted business professional that has his hands in the restaurant business. He is also very wealthy from oil and gas business endeavors.

Everyone may not find a multimillionaire to engage in conversations with through Bumble, but the marriage that Whitney Wolfe had definitely gives singles a greater amount of hope. There are going to be a lot of people that are interested in dating, but there are still tons of people that have never heard of Bumble before.

The marriage that Whitney Wolfe recently had serves as a possible benefit for the Texas-based Bumble company that she has created. On one side of the fence there are people that know of Whitney Wolfe and her company and they look at her marriage as something that they can aspire to. They may be using the dating app and looking for the right mate. Discovering that the CEO of this dating app believes in marriage and happily ever after weddings makes Bumble users happy.

At the other end of the spectrum there are singles that have never even heard of Bumble. They may not know who Whitney Wolfe is, and they may have no idea what her app is about. Now that her story for the wedding has reached magazines like Vogue other singles will discover her dating app. The news of the wedding actually helps her Bumble marketing campaign.

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