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Let’s face it. The majority of us want to build wealth and have a great financial future, We want to retire comfortably and get to that financially free status. However, many people today fear the thought of investing and putting their money “on the line”. Instead of investing early, many people blow away their 20s and have nothing to show for themselves once they reach retirement. Investing doesn’t have to be that complicated and it isn’t. We make it complicated. In this article, I’m going to be breaking down three ways to build for a great retirement.

  1. Set goals

When investing in anything, you have to set both long-term and short-term goals. You have to set these targets and work towards them on a daily and monthly business. You have to know how much you are going to invest each month, what you are going to invest in, and how you are going to invest. You must also follow the rules of investing. Never invest in something you don’t understand, never invest based on someone else’s opinion, and always have a plan that you can execute when it comes to your investments. Follow these three things and you should be in better shape than the rest of society.

  1. Short-term investments

Many successful figures focus on short-term investments that yield high returns and then reinvest those returns into long-term assets. This is what I would focus on. You can either start a small business, work at a high paying job, or swing trade to get those returns flowing in. Then, reinvest the profits. This is how many people scale their investments. However, make sure you have a full understanding of what you are investing in.

  1. Long-term investments

Many people prefer long-term investing due to risk mitigation as well as compounded growth. Many passive investors also like this approach. I would recommend investing in a Roth IRA and a 401k. With a Roth IRA, your money will grow tax-free for years until you reach retirement, allowing it to compound. For a 401k, your employer will generally match your contributions. All in all, focus on investing now so that you can put yourself in the best position possible in the future.

Attorney – Jeremy Goldstein

New Yorkers do not have to worry anymore because of legal issues. Those who want an attorney to represent them in court when dealing with matters among them tenant-landlord issues, children cases, criminal matters as well as the writing of the will. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

With the advancement in technology, the New York State Bar Association’s Trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Services newly established a digital way of looking for a lawyer for those who reside in New York and they want to be represented in court.

The body has availed the portal and it is now available for 24 hours. The availability of the portal does not mean that their clients cannot use the telephone numbers.

New York State Bar Association knows that people need lawyers when they are distressed and they have assured their customers of their support any time, and not only their support but attorneys who are qualified and those who match their needs.

The new online portal was established with a partnership with which is an international marketing company which is responsible for both marketing as well as the recommendation of management technology for the judicial sector.

The organization prides itself fro working and even associating itself with one of the largest associations of attorney to make a difference in the industry as they offer legal work to a wide range of individuals and at an affordable outlay.

Jeremy L. Goldstein is an attorney by profession and also a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Association. When the legal organization was founded the partners had a purpose of creating a boutique law firm dealing with a broad range of services among them advising of various groups including Chief Executive Officers, compensation committees, as well as corporations in executive and corporate governance.

Ever since Mr. Goldstein began his career, he has been involved in the various transaction including those of large corporations like The Dow Chemical Company by Rohm and Haas Company, Truven Health Analytics by IBM, as well as eviCore by Express Script which was pending and many others. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase

Over the years he has shown positive leadership skills and he has been able to chair different committees among them Merger and Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the America Bar Association Business Section.

Jeremy is not only a qualified lawyer but he is also a motivational speaker and an author who speaks on matters concerning compensation on governance and corporations. Jeremy is a graduate of New York University school of law, M.A from the University of Chicago, and a B.A from Cornell University.

Perry Mandera – A Man With Plans

Who is Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is an executive with over 40 years of transportation industry experience. In addition, Mr. Mandera has founded the Custom Companies, Inc. in the state of Illinois.

He is not only the founder, he is also the owner and president of the company. Perry Mandera’s expertise uses a wide range of services to serve his clients’ needs. Perry Mandera is also a board member of the Illinois Trucking Association and it in the top 100 executives of American transportation.

Perry Mandera is also a very strong supportive force with the Illinois State Crime Commission, an organization that is respected for its work with reducing juvenile crime rate and delinquency, promotes positive interaction between the public and law enforcement, and hands on training for law enforcers. Perry Mandera is also involved in multiple charities such as; Custom Cares Charities Supports, Back-to-School Supply Drive Benefits, and many others.


His Company – The Driving Force

Under the direction of Perry Mandera, The Custom Companies uses unique tools of technology to service their clients. Some of the tools used include the following:

*Cheetah Dispatch – Reduces paperwork in regards to inventory by using tablets carried by drivers to deliver real time proof of deliveries and pick-ups.

*Warehouse Management

System – Allows companies to track their products from the receiving point at The Custom Companies to delivery to location.

*Dock Management

System – Is a paperless system that uses bar codes for tracking which makes shipping and receiving with ease and lessens errors and delays.

Not only does Perry Mandera utilize technological software, he also handles sales operations and business development so that his customer receives the highest quality services. Perry Mandera’s electronic bill of lading is vital to his companies shipping administration. By using this electronic system, Perry Mandera is able to to harness three processes in one: 1.) as contract evidence, 2.) receipt of products and 3.) document title to the products. In addition, since the electronic bill of lading is a legal document, it can be used in any litigation regarding shipping.

Ian King: Redefining Digital Investment

Ian Kings is a trader in cryptocurrency. He is a former hedge fund executive with more than twenty years of experience in analyzing financial conditions and trading markets. Ian’s crypto-market knowledge has featured in most newsletters and articles like the Fox Business News, Zero Hedge, Investopedia, and Seeking Alpha. Read more at Talk Markets. He serves at Banyan Hill Publishing as the senior analyst. Alongside his role here, he has developed the first crypto investing product for Investopedia Academy. Ian started out at Salomon Brothers’ mortgage bond trading department as a desk clerk after which he moved to Citigroup’s credit derivatives. After that, Ian went to Peahi Capital, a hedge fund based in New York and traded as a head trader. Ian King became part of Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017. He helps the readers and subscribers have a prior clue of the crypto market and what is happening ahead. Ian points the current trends in the crypto market as an editor for Crypto Profit Trader Services which is an investment advisor. Ian contributes to the renowned Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily on a weekly basis to ensure that the readers receive the latest news on crypto developments and markets. Follow Ian King at

Through his contributions, Ian King shares on how the cryptocorns are transforming the investment platform. The changes in the cryptocurrency keep running every time than one may realize. The Crypto market is transforming the manner in which individuals engage in transactions and it shapes the business startups in need of the vital capital. Ian King is among the pros in cryptocurrency having expertise in entrepreneurship, investing, and cryptocurrency. He says that most companies are interested in seeking venture capital through engaging with investors who may find if their dreams are worth their investment and hope that they will fund to pursue their dreams and ideas. The issue comes in when that capital is in lack. As a result, the cryptocurrencies may be the best option to run for most investors and that within a short time, the market becomes crowded. This is what brings the crowdfunding models that allows the investors to spend smallest of their money in starting up their ventures and hence reducing the entry barriers. The startups draw many investors together and as result, they are able to enjoy their investing time. Ian pointed that there are more investors than companies willing to invest in businesses. The entire change is coming in the way the funding is done that is through initial coin offering.


2 Reasons Why Lime Crime’s New Venus 3 Palette Proves Its A Beauty Industry Innovator

Lime Crime is a beauty company that has always been about positive disruption. When the company was in its early days as a digitally native beauty ecommerce brand it was one of the few brands that were carrying lipsticks that came in unconventional colors and pushing back against the idea that only shades of pink, red or magenta were appropriate to wear on one’s lips. The company mirrored the avant garde style of its founder Doe Deere who is known for wearing technicolor hair and lipstick that came in colors such as blue or green.

Today as fashion bloggers and beauty lovers across websites like Instagram can be seen wearing lipstick that comes in nearly every shade that is in the rainbow Lime Crime is continuing its tradition of disruption in the world of beauty by playing with a well known vintage trend: grunge. Like many modern beauty companies Lime Crime is known for its palettes: shades of versatile makeup that can be used as eye shadow, blush or highlighter and that often come in memorable and decorated containers. The beauty company recently added a new palette to its repertoire that is known as Venus 3. Like the Venus palettes that preceded it Venus 3 is a play on the theme of the Roman goddess of love who is depicted in the famous Renaissance painting The Birth of Venus.

1.This Palette’s Combo of Femininity And Grunge Is Cutting Edge

The palette’s theme combines the concept of the divine feminine and the aesthetic of the grunge movement from the early 90s by taking grunge in a more feminine direction through its choice of lavender packaging and colors that came in a number of shimmering pastels.

2.The Palette Has The Potential To Start A New Beauty Trend: Heavenly Grunge

A tweet from the company twitter account appropriately called a look created using the Venus 3 palette on a model heavenly grunge. The description is appropriate as the palette can be used to take the traditionally moody look of grunge in a much more ethereal direction while preserving its boldness. The Venus 3 palette has several matte colors but is largely made up of shimmering colors with names such as celestial and rapture that play on the celestial theme is that established by its evocation of the goddess Venus. The heavenly grunge look could potentially catch on and make the company the pioneer of a new beauty trend.

Stansberry Research Dissects the Recent Correction in China

The editor of Stansberry Research’s True Wealth China Opportunities, Steve Sjuggerud recently addressed the concerns people had about the stock market in China after they corrected in February.

In response, Sjuggerud pointed out that happened at the same time stock markets in the United States pulled back. And it caused the worst performance ever for the portfolio of stocks he recommends in True Wealth China Opportunities. However, Sjuggerud addressed their concerns realistically. There’re probably going to be more such corrections. And they may even be worse (

Investing in China is volatile. There’s no way around that. According to Sjuggerud, investments in Chinese stocks should be just a portion of your portfolio. You should not have so much money in the Chinese markets that you lose sleep over such a pullback. He tells readers who are extremely worried to reduce their exposure to China, to take some of their profits off the table and invest them in something more stable and conservative. Sell down to the “sleeping point.”

He points out his recommended stocks have posted tremendous gains, but periods of losses also come with the territory. He plans to protect them by following exit strategies to sell and get out before the big losses.

But he remains bullish on China’s future and many Chinese stocks.

True Wealth China Opportunities is just one of the many newsletters and trading alert services Stansberry Research produces (Releasefact). They’re all researched and written by experts in their fields. They do the work of analyzing and tracking the markets, and digging for great investments that will quickly rise in value.

That’s why Stansberry Research publications have a total of over 500,000 subscribers in over a hundred countries. Despite occasional market volatility, they perform well over time, and that’s why over 70,000 subscribers have signed up for life. Porter Stansberry founded the independent investment research firm in 1999. He is a former American editor of the oldest English-language investment newsletter, The Fleet Street Letter. Steve Sjuggerud started True Wealth with Stansberry Research in 2001.

People can listen to Porter Stansberry on his YouTube Channel, The Stansberry Investor Hour.


OSI Group Purchases Tyson Food Plant To Expand Their Business

The privately owned American business, OSI Group is a business that specializes within food processing. The privately held company is based in Aurora, Illinois and has recently purchased the Tyson Food Plant located in nearby Chicago, Illinois. The Cook County Recorder showcases the deed of sale as bringing in $7.4 million dollars.

Aside from the meat products being made, OSI group has been in the retail end of providing foods for the food service industry for a number of years. They are now large enough to be operating in over 15 countries. They now specialize in foods other than bacon and sausages.

Tyson Food Plant was being used to prepare and offer foods within the hospitality background which included the creation of foods like chicken cordon bleu, meatballs and even crepes. Breakfast foods are also offered through the plant by including omelets. Tyson was not able to handle the amount of pressure needed to fulfill the orders being placed by their customers and clients. For this reason, they opted to sell the Tyson Food Plant. There were three plants all operating in the area under Tyson and because the sale was made, two of the other plants were able to remain open.

When Tyson made the announcement that it would soon begin making changes to close the doors of the plant, they released information that stated that close to 500 employees would lose their jobs when the doors would close. On the last day of Tyson’s production, there were an estimated number of clost to half of that remaining. When the doors officially closed on the last day, those who remained were offered positions for OSI Group.

The senior executive vice president of the OSI Group within the North American region showcased his delight in the new purchase. With the growing desires of their clients and customers, OSI needed a new space to expand into. With the new purchase of the factory, it is able to fulfill the high demands with out much more work. The added manufacture network creates a larger market for their customers by keeping employees already familiar with the plant and the fact that another OSI Group plant is not too far away.

By keeping the other plants open under the Tyson name, many more employees were able to keep their jobs without the need to find a new one, to wait for unemployment or to find a new means to pay their bills.

Read More:

Demystifying Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

What are Freedom Checks? That term has probably been Googled nearly a million times in the last few months. Ever since Matt Badiali came out with the viral Freedom Checks video, people have been confused and skeptical. This article should clarify what Matt Badiali means by Freedom Checks and how anyone, including you, can start investing in them. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Freedom Checks are a fancy word for Master Limited Partnerships. Let’s get that out in the air. Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs are simply a form of investment. MLPs are similar to, but work differently than, stocks. To become an MLP, a company has to give its shareholders a massive 90% — or more -– of their profits. In return, of course, the company does have to pay the aggressive federal taxes that companies are typically subjected to. Almost all MLPs operate in the oil and gas industry. MLPs came about back in 1987 under statute 26-F. MLPs are also taxed completely differently for the investor which has led them to be called “units” or “dividends” to differentiate them from traditional stock. MLPs are taxed only on capital not on income which makes them fantastic, nearly tax-free, investments.

Why does Matt Badiali want you to invest in MLPs? Why is he called MLPs Freedom Checks? Well, first of all, Badiali wants you to invest in MLPs because, especially as of late, MLPs have been paying out, big. MLPs are great for retirement because they typically pay out higher than CDs, Social Security, and Roth/401(k).


Matt’s main point is that oil and gas in America is booming. Oil exports are up and imports are down. Since most MLPs operate in oil and gas, Matt sees MLP investment as a great strategy moving forward and a great addition to any portfolio. Sure, he is getting a little carried away, but that’s what Matt is known for. Badiali is anything but a bad investor. He has lunches with T. Boone Pickens and has over 100,000 subscribers to his newsletter. The man eats, breathes, and lives natural resources.

Exactly what MLPs does Matt want you to invest in? Well, you would have to be a member of his newsletter to know that. The $49 a month newsletter aptly named the Real Wealth Strategist should have all of the potential investments. He did leave us with some hints about various companies he thinks would be great investments. We don’t do speculation here, so you will have to go check out Matt’s newsletter or watch the video again and piece together the companies yourself. Read this article at Money Morning.

MLPs may make a great addition to any portfolio.

Ara Chackerian – Visionary Agent of Sustainable Growth and Change

Chackerian is a visionary and champion for sustainable productivity and healthy change. With wide ranging interests, Mr. Chakerian’s activities span the gamut from investor and entrepreneur to philanthropist. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from Florida State University and currently serves as the Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. Chakerian has co-founded multiple companies, and has utilized his education and over two decades of experience to look for ways to make a positive impact on the world around him.


Though much of his life’s work to date has been focused on the health care arena, one might venture to say that he has a keen interest in the health of the planet as well. This sentiment was captured in a recent article published by NORCAL.NEWS (see: “Managing Our Greatest Resource With Ara Chackerian: The Role of Forestry in Wilderness Management” — by: Bethany Klein, March 28, 2018 In this article we find Mr. Chakerian makes the very reasonable argument that, utilizing today’s science and technology, forests and other wilderness areas can be preserved for future generations, while at the same time allowing for profitable harvests from these natural resources. Checkout their facebook page for more info.




This concept of building and profiting, as an entrepreneur does and still giving back, as a philanthropist or forest manager does, seems to be an intrinsic part of Ara Chackerian’s very nature. Perhaps his life philosophy can be best summarized by a quote from an interview he gave with Ideamensch recently: “Ideas come from life experiences. If you make a conscious effort to engage life, then ideas will come.” (see: “Ara Chakerian – Co-founder and General Partner of TMS Health Solutions” – February 15, 2018 ). As Managing Partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, Mr. Chakerian has focused his energies on early-stage companies in the healthcare sector. His efforts have helped to build a number of successful companies such as BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRX and TMS Health Solutions. You can visit for more details.



Getting back to giving back – Ara Chakerian is a Board Member of Nor Luyce – mentoring teenage orphan girls on “Steps to Sustainable Future!”

GoBuyside and the Future of Financial Recruiting

GoBuyside was founded in 2011 by Arjun Kapur. They’re a financial recruitment platform that functions on a global scale. They hire both short-term and long-term employees as a result of changes in the job market. Trends are leading toward a higher volume of part-time, remote and contract work. In the past seven years, GoBuyside succeeded in connecting financial sector employers to top quality candidates. They’re quickly becoming one of the leading recruiters in the financial industry. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

GoBuyside operates in countries and cities across the map. They’ve built a solid clientele topping 400 companies and individuals. Candidates are screened using the most modern sourcing technology available. GoBuyside is expanding their use of high-tech software that pushes the boundaries of today’s standard platforms. Telecommuters have begun entering the online job market in droves. 24 percent of employees worked from home part or full time in 2015. This is leading to a wider variety of candidates because the location isn’t an issue anymore. In turn, this migration allows GoBuyside to collect more data about top-shelf applicants in the industry.

GoBuyside has a team of expert professionals to help clients hire only the best and brightest for their specific industries. They check applicant history by compiling data from social media and other online sources. Transparency is easier this way and allows employers to accurately find employees they desire to invest in. Likewise, candidates are able to vet career opportunities before spending time trying to impress a potential employer.

This first-class platform recruits for a broad variety of financial niches. These include hedge funds, investment managers, advisory platforms, private equity firms, and a plethora of Fortune 500 companies. Individuals consult with these companies to increase project success as well. These consultants plan, market, and help to further grow and establish extended profits. Consultants at GoBuyside are so well-versed in this process that financial companies allow them to do the legwork. Follow GoBuyside on

The differences between GoBuyside and other recruiting options are plenty. GoBuyside uses a level of artificial intelligence to gather unbiased information on candidates. This is a very modern approach to the hiring process. It’s streamlined and lets clients connect with the best talent in the network pool. Decentralization in the workplace has allowed GoBuyside to shine among their competitors due to their technological advantages and efficiency.

The CEO of GoBuyside Arjun Kapur spoke recently about the different approach his company uses in the recruiting process, and how it makes them shine in their industry. He explained their personal and client-centric state of mind is what sets them apart. Online industries have become cold and withdrawn. Whereas, GoBuyside is just warming up. He elaborated on the importance of client needs and customizing every single experience for them. Personalization is the key to standing out in the financial industry. This tactic builds trust and benefits both sides of the equation. It isn’t a sales pitch, but a partnership.

GoBuyside is pioneering the industry of employee and client investment. Their cutting edge technology allows for quick, easy, and quality recruitment. A personal approach to client relationships is their secret ingredient, and it will propel them ahead of future financial recruitment platforms.