End Citizens United Expands Its Campaign To Reform Campaign Financing

The End Citizens United PAC has often been seen as a group dedicated to solely backing a single campaign to remove the Citizens United decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010. However, in recent times the group has become a go-to organization when campaign finance rules and regulations are ignored by those who have been tasked with the job of protecting the future of the U.S. population. End Citizens United operates as a traditional PAC, meaning donors can only provide a maximum financial contribution of $5,000 at any time.

In October 2017, End Citizens UNited President, Tiffany Muller responded to reports a Montana Judge had been subverting campaign finance rules as he prepared to declare his candidacy in a run for the Senate. Montana-based Judge Russ Fagg has been rumored to be on the verge of declaring his candidacy for the Senate for a number of months and recently established what was described as an exploratory committee to assess the available options for starting a campaign. The establishment of the Russ Fagg Senate Exploratory Committee should not have been a controversial moment in the career of the Montana Judge, but a recently filed Federal Election Committee complaint claims the committee is a shadow campaign group.

The complaint has been filed by the American Democracy Legal Fund and backed by the End Citizens United PAC who feel the Judge has been skirting campaign finance rules over the course of the last few months. Tiffany Muller has explained the campaign of Judge Fagg has been accepting donations for months and working beyond the legal phase known as “testing the waters” of an election bid; it has also been reported the Montant Code of Judicial Conduct does not allow a judge to raise money for political groups for fear of affecting their independence.

End Citizens United was born in March 2015 by a group of people dismayed at the rising level of influence seen in the work of a political donor class of billionaires who many feels have too much power in modern politics. Among the work being completed by End Citizens United is the backing in elections of Democrat candidates backing the need to make changes to the current campaign finance laws. Although creating a change in the election campaign finance laws may be difficult, End Citizens United believe this is a fight and controversy needing to be highlighted in the buildup to the 2018 midterm elections.

End Citizens United Social Media: twitter.com/stopbigmoney?lang=en

How the Whitney Wolfe Wedding Helps Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is a face that single millennials recognize in social media. She has become one of the many young entrepreneurs that are actually getting out there to connect with their audience. Bumble is the company that she started, and it has become so popular that it has actually become a threat to other dating app services like Match.com. The executives in charge for companies like Match know this, and this is why this company offered Whitney Wolfe $400 million for Bumble. She declined. Whitney knows her worth, and she realizes that there is a great amount of value in Bumble.

More than 20 million users are connected to Bumble, and it only appears to be getting stronger. Whitney Wolfe is passionate about helping many potential mates find their soulmate. She may be gaining even more passion about it and now that she has a great celebration on the Amalfi Coast in the form of a wedding that was her own celebration of love. Whitney Wolfe married Michael Herd. this is a multifaceted business professional that has his hands in the restaurant business. He is also very wealthy from oil and gas business endeavors.

Everyone may not find a multimillionaire to engage in conversations with through Bumble, but the marriage that Whitney Wolfe had definitely gives singles a greater amount of hope. There are going to be a lot of people that are interested in dating, but there are still tons of people that have never heard of Bumble before.

The marriage that Whitney Wolfe recently had serves as a possible benefit for the Texas-based Bumble company that she has created. On one side of the fence there are people that know of Whitney Wolfe and her company and they look at her marriage as something that they can aspire to. They may be using the dating app and looking for the right mate. Discovering that the CEO of this dating app believes in marriage and happily ever after weddings makes Bumble users happy.

At the other end of the spectrum there are singles that have never even heard of Bumble. They may not know who Whitney Wolfe is, and they may have no idea what her app is about. Now that her story for the wedding has reached magazines like Vogue other singles will discover her dating app. The news of the wedding actually helps her Bumble marketing campaign.

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A Look At The Business Ventures And Hobbies Of Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is the founder and chief executive officer at Metrik Real Estate. He completed an undergraduate degree in business at Hofstra University in the United States. Mr. Strauch then went to study business abroad in the Netherlands at Erasmus University. Samuel Strauch would then return to the United States and study at the prestigious Ivy League school, Harvard University. He completed an MBA in business there.

Mr. Strauch first worked in the banking and financial industry before entering the real estate industry. He left the banking sector and decided to try real estate by joining a family business that dealt with real estate in South Florida. Samuel Strauch would work for over a decade in the family business as a real estate agent and broker. He would help clients buy and sell homes in South Florida, especially in the Miami area.

Today Samuel Strauch is a real estate broker who does business in the United States with a focus on South Florida. He also does business in Latin America as well and is licensed there too. Mr. Strauch’s success as an agent who promptly sells properties has given him a reputation for being a strong seller who can deliver results for his clients.

Mr. Strauch is now ranked as one of the leading real estate agents in Miami. His firm, Metrik Real Estate is also considered to be among the best there is. Samuel Strauch works with people looking to purchase both residential, commercial and investment properties in South Florida and Latin America. Metrik Real Estate is a unique and innovative agency that uses methods of financing such as equity sourcing to fund its project development. Its management approach is also outside of the box. It takes into account the latest trends and demands of both residents and investors.

Samuel Strauch also has many ventures outside of real estate. He has invested in and has a stake in numerous internet businesses. Strauch considers this a high growth area that will only continue to increase in the future. Mr. Strauch has also invested in several restaurants.

When he is not running Metrik Real Estate or checking up on his investments, Samuel Strauch pursues his passion for photography and art. He recently traveled to Tibet where he photographed Buddhist monks and shrines. His work from Tibet as well as from other locations he has traveled to can be viewed at his personal blog.

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Healthy & Beneficial Beneful

Beneful dog food brand by Nestle Purina Petcare, was introduced into the dog food market in 2001. Beneful believes in providing healthful and flavorful foods for dogs. Beneful dog foods come in wet and dry. Their dry chicken and beef dog food has chicken or beef as the #1 ingredient. The dog food resembles stew with mixed in veggies. Beneful dog foods are nourishing and has no added sugar.

Beneful markets itself on appearance and nutrition and it is clear to see why. Understandably, the word Beneful actually means “full of goodness”. Beneful is one of Nestle Purina’s most significant brands based on revenue.

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The Role Dr. Clay Siegall Plays In Cancer Research

As the founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall brings to the company years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. His company is focused on developing targeted therapy drugs for a variety of different forms of cancer. They also look to create targeted therapy drugs for other diseases that over the years have not experience significant mortality improvement rates.

Founded in 1998, Seattle Genetics a number of years ago released the very first antibody drug conjugate that was approved by the Federal Drug Administration. This targeted cancer drug treats lymphoma and is now being used in America as well as internationally. Dr. Clay Siegall has formed partnerships with a number of giants in the industry such as Bayer and Pfizer. Through these partnerships his company now has over 20 drugs under development.

When Seattle Genetics was first founded it operated with a very small group of researchers. Dr. Siegall’s leadership has resulted in the company growing by leaps and bounds since that time. It is now a big player in the field of cancer research and has ambitious plans for the future. The ultimate goal is the elimination of cancer through targeted drug therapies. This next-gen approach to cancer is much more effective and safe than older, conventional methods of treating cancer. The drugs that Dr. Siegall and his team come up with only destroy cancer cells so they leave healthy cells completely alone.

It was while attending the University of Maryland and pursuing his zoology degree that Dr. Clay Siegall decided to instead steer his course towards cancer research. One of the members of his family was diagnosed with cancer and Dr. Siegall saw up close how brutal the treatment regimen was that they had to go through. He said that this family member almost died but it was due to the chemotherapy they were going through rather than the cancer itself. He ended up attending George Washington University and earning a Ph.D. in genetics.

In addition to his role at Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall provides his leadership at a number of other organizations. He is a director at three other firms in the industry and had been named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012.

Ricardo Tosto is Brazil’s Leading Business Lawyers

The business law differs around the world, and for any business entering Brazil, it must understand the laws of this country. Brazil is one of the top economies in the world, and its’ growth could have been sparked further after successfully hosting the World Cup in 2014, and the Summer Olympics in 2016. It has since then become one market that multinationals are looking at while more locally-owned businesses are also looking at scaling their operations.

Such growth may require a number of key business decisions such as forming partnerships, setting up new limited companies, offering shares to the public lawyer, etc. Upon discovering the potential of the market/business in question, a business owner will take the initiative to inform business partners or shareholders for a decision to be made. He has been on the frontline working for better governance and has been on the fighting for good regulations in the country. Brazil is definitely lucky to have him and more

Thereafter, there is a need for further research probably through an in-house committee to look at the pros and cons thoroughly. A business will need the presence of a business lawyer when taking bold steps like mergers, leasing property or acquiring another company. Such a lawyer will explain the legal implications of every decision the research committee makes, and also expound on the implications of taking up the business opportunity available.

Ricardo Tosto’s legal assistance will come in handy. He is an experienced Brazilian lawyer handling a variety of areas from business law to civil law, banking contracts and acquisition. He works for Sao Paulo based law firm Leite, Tosto & Barro Advocates that he co-founded. His legal practice skills earned him a Who’s Who Legal nomination as a top lawyer in commercial law.

Ricardo is fluent in English and Portuguese. He contributes to a number of publications on law and political matters, and he also enjoys membership in various associations such as the International Bar Association. He also imparts knowledge to others in the profession through academic lectures. Ricardo’s contribution to the legal sector also includes previous roles as head of the judicial reforms and judicial modernization committees of Brazilian Bar Association’s Sao Paulo branch.

MB2 Dental, Providing the Solution to Dentistry Profession

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the owner and founder of the MB2 dentistry. He is a medical practitioner with interest and vision to promote best practice from sole practicing to corporate industries. As a dentist, Dr. Villanueva has participated in the two fields; he is therefore well equipped to manage the firm professionally without jeopardizing the values of his profession.

Dr. Chris came up with the idea of the MB2 dentist to the realization that there was more he could do to improve the status of his career. He felt that someone had to intervene and develop the profession without any strings attached. Since inception, Dr. Chris Villanueva has offered professional assistance and help to dentists in more than six states and close to one hundred locations. Currently, MB2 has human resources of over 500 employees, and the plan is to increase the number as output increases.

When starting MB2 dentist, Dr. Villanueva was looking beyond profit margin ratios. The desire was to come up with a firm owned by a professional to take care of other professional dentists in the industry. The primary objective of MB2 was having fun, career support and self-improvement for the various practitioners. The benefit being satisfied doctors would ensure that clients who patronize their services end up receiving quality results. The efforts that Villanueva envisaged would ensure that the dental practitioners are happy and motivated at all times. The result is better services and growth of the profession.

Chris Villanueva came up with the idea to start the firm after graduation. Just like other dentists before him, he was faced with a choice to make; venture to private practice or join consortia of other dentists. If he decides to accede to the consortia, he will enjoy the benefits of scale and the earnings will be high initially. If he joins the private practice, the returns would be small at first, however, as the venture grows he will be able to reap big. He pondered about the two options and thought that it would be better if a single dentist can be at the both ends. Such thinking is what led to the birth of MB2 dentistry. The group was to help various practitioners enjoy the profession irrespective of their area of specialization. He figured out, if you place the rights and benefits of dentists first, they will be happy and motivated, as such they will render superior services to their clients.

Samuel Strauch- A Symbol Of Success In Real Estate

In an interview with IdeaMensch, Samuel Strauch is quoted saying ‘Life is a lesson and whatever path we take, is an essential part of our growth.’ The entrepreneur speaks from his experience as a business professional and leader. From the list of achievements he has, Samuel has set a pace for youth and prospective leaders in different industries. His character in the offices that he has manned exudes confidence as well as determination and self-motivation.


Samuel Strauch graduated from Hofstra University, located in New York City. Being visionary, he advanced his education by joining the Erasmus University and the Harvard University. It is evident that Samuel attended some of the world’s best schools. Having majored in management, he delved into banking before joining his family in South Florida for a real estate venture.


Possessing a keen eye to available opportunities in the market, Samuel Strauch poached a top position in the industry. His decisions influenced the wave that the company took. He spotted several opportunities in Miami and settled for leadership in real estate. With his experience, he landed an executive position at Metrik Real Estate. Strauch was moved by the growing market for real estate. He poached investors from all walks of life. Constantly recognizing the talent in clients, he managed to create a huge client database for Metrik Real Estate. The company registered excellent performance in terms of productivity.


On May 2017, Samuel was interviewed by Lynne Fosse, the senior editor for CEOCFE Magazine. The interview addressed Samuel’s focus and vision for real estate. Samuel explained that he understands the needs of the people and through progressive research, he is in a position to accommodate their need by providing properties that fit into their specifications. Samuel Strauch can accommodate his current as well as future clients because he has sufficient resources. As the owner of Metrik Real Estate, he is focused on giving his clients the best packages. With the understanding that clients are looking to invest in concrete deals when it comes to housing, Samuel invests his time and talent in grasping the basic details of the content he is meant to provide.

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The Brown Modelling Agency, Inspiring the World through Fashion

We all love to dress well and look good. However, one thing you fail to understand is that before clothes reach the retail market, they are exposed to a series of tests to ascertain as to whether or not they catch the attention of consumers like you. One of the tests happens to be a fashion show that proves to the manufacturer as to whether or not a particular cloth line will penetrate consumer markets.


Thanks to the fashion show, we have a whole new profession that employs thousands of people from across the board. With the birth of modeling has come about the establishment of modeling agencies that equip models with the right skills needed to break even in such a venture as well as exposure. It is because of The Brown Agency right in the heart of Texas that Texans, as they are famously known, have become aware of many styles and designs concerning the world of fashion.


As a company created less than a decade ago, The Brown Agency has caused much impact within and without. Before 2010, The Brown Agency was just but an idea but today, the company happens to be the real master at its game. Created by Justin Brown, the agency has recruited models of either gender, equipped them with the right skills, and then dispatched them to different stations.




To this end, The Brown Agency has been able to tap into markets unknown attracting clients from all over the world. Some of the biggest brands that find solace in The Brown Agency include Loreal, Toyota, Louis Vuitton, and Dell. Finding only the best to run the show, The Brown Agency has been able to experience unprecedented levels of growth over the past few years. Justin Brown has always given people an equal chance to join The Brown Agency, opening a new age of modeling.


According to Market Wired, as a growing brand, The Brown Agency has been able to set the right standards for the fashion and modeling world producing a template that other companies can use. Apart from leading models on the runways, Justin Brown has been gracious enough to feature his models on digital and print media, something that has helped propel their careers by a long shot. Having worked as a model while in college, Justin Brown has just what it takes to run a successful modeling business. Today, Justin is worth millions of dollars, a major transition compared to the six dollars an hour he used to get while attending to golf carts. Thanks to his knowledge in business management, Brown’s life has changed for the better ever since he created The Brown Agency. In his right, Justin has brought an entirely new discipline to Austin, Texas.




Experience a Whole New Digital Experience with White Shark Media

White Shark Media is one of the top marketing agencies that offer web-enabled marketing answers specifically made for small and medium-sized organizations. This digital agency is recognized throughout the North American region due to its rapid growth. Their steady growth resulted from their stature of engineering inexpensive Search Marketing maneuvers while offering top notch customer service experience. The White Shark Media is responsible for the growth of several American businesses, and it does so by utilizing their online marketing strategies.

One major component of their success strategy is keeping up with their customers’ marketing efforts in great detail. With the company’s list of competent tracking software, their clients are assured that the firm is entirely accountable to them every month.

White Shark was founded six years ago by three foreign businessmen, all with an extensive level of knowledge in both offline and online marketing. White Shark was established with the intention to overcome the progressive SMB market in the US and Latin America through the delivery of exceptional service along with pioneering products.

Their greatest strategy is the incorporation of domestic and offshore presence coupled with their undeniably talented and bilingual list of workers. They share all that they have managed to gather through the years with their esteemed clients helping them benefit from proven facts as compared to having them test for themselves from scratch.

White Shark was invited to the Google HQ, Mountain View, California, as a result of their speedy growth that Google recognized in early 2012. Additionally, they were assigned a designated support system to help maximize their growth along with their customer requirements at a more intense rate.

This great collaboration with Google led to them receiving an award from the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership in mid-2014. A privilege recognition that not many are lucky to receive as Google AdWord Premier SMB Partners only hand-picks a group of strategic partners that fit the Google’s most rigid eligibility and training criteria.

In addition to the Google recognition, Microsoft also acknowledges the company’s proven track record and their success with marketing campaigns for small businesses. This new recognition resulted in them forming an alliance to become part of their specific Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

White Shark Media company is greatly devoted to their customers’ continued success, and they plan on getting creative with our affordable marketing solutions. A great amount of experience, innovation, and dedication is necessary to achieve such levels of growth in the very competitive and dynamic digital market. However, White Shark is certainly ready to take on the challenge.