Intellectual Property Rights has a Special Designated Day to Show its Importance

Intellectual property is a subject that most people do not talk about or even think about at all. However, most people do not realize how important this subject is to the things they value. When people watch their favorite sporting events on television or hear their favorite song on the radio; these media presentation are impacted by intellectual property. When a business invents a new product, service or process they would not receive full compensation for their creation. The point is that intellectual property rights matter and the United Nations fully recognizes this important procedure.

The World Intellectual Property Day began in 2001 and it was created by member states of the World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO. This organization is part of the United Nations and 185-member countries have all contributed to the formation of this special day for intellectual property rights. April 26 was the designated date for this event because it is the same day that the World Intellectual Property Organization was created in 1970.

World Intellectual Property Day is also known as IP Day. Each year the event has a message or theme that helps to shape events and activities. In 2018, women were put on center stage since with the theme: “Powering Change: Women in Innovation and Creativity.” Each IP Day event has lots of speakers, concerts by famous musicians and exhibits. The events also pay homage to notable entrepreneurs, artists and designers.


World IP Day really wants people to understand the importance of intellectual property rights because our world would be a different place if they did not exist. People need to understand the value of intellectual property. Organizations and people’s ideas must be protected if creativity and research and development is to continue. IP Day helps people understand this reality and it helps to foster creativity. This in turns makes the world a more entertaining, practical and exciting place to live.

Adam Milstein Writes About Values To Pass On To The Next Generation

Adam Milstein is a businessman and real estate investor. He’s also a writer who has penned many articles for The Times of Israel. His latest article is about instilling pride and courage in Jewish kids and raising them to be proud of their heritage. In this article he talks about a Jewish rebel group 2200 years ago named the Maccabees. At the time the area where Israel is now situated was militarily held by Greek forces. Many of the Jewish people living there at the time sought to assimilate into Greek culture, especially those who lived in cities.

The Maccabees, though, didn’t want anything to do with assimilation Adam Milstein says. They used guerrilla-style tactics to get Greece to pull back out of the region and leave it to the Jewish people. He says that Jews today need to take the same pride in the culture and how they raise their children to be proud of their history and uniqueness in the world.

There are many gifts that Adam Milstein writes can be handed down to those in the next generation. The first is being proud to be a Jew. He says he feels fortunate every day to be Jewish and the people upon whom Western values are based. He also wants to pass on courage and fighting for what you really believe in. This includes standing up against those who threaten the future of Israel.

For centuries Jewish people were stateless. Because of this they highly valued education and knowledge. Adam Milstein writes that every household with children needs to prioritize education. This will help them thrive in a 21st-century economy and also develop wisdom. He also says that Jewish people have a long history of innovation including developing the Theory of Relativity. Because of this innovation they have survived and adapted through many events over the course of history.

One of the other gifts that Adam Milstein writes about being passed on is passion. Passion, he says, is one of the main ways to find personal fulfillment in life. He says every day of your life matters and you should really care about how your spend your time and resources in order to live life to its fullest.