JoJo Hedaya Changes The Email World

Email can be both a blessing and a curse. Most people love the fact that they can quickly send out messages to friends family or coworkers. It is very convenient to be able to check these messages on almost any device that can connect to the internet. The downside is email can be overwhelming. People get an overwhelming number of messages from subscriptions and various spam. Jojo Hedaya is trying to fix this problem. He and his partner have come up with a tool that will change the way people view email.

Jojo Hedaya and his partner Josh Rosenwald are the creators of Unroll.Me. Unroll.Me is a unique product that scan through users inboxes. The program then compiles all of your subscriptions into one message which is calledThe Rollup.” This message can be viewed and then the user can delete the messages they don’t want. The beauty of the program is that the user can decide when they want this single message sent to them. No more subscriptions or promotions taking up valuable space in the inbox.

Unroll.Me is not a creation that came out of nowhere. The twenty-four year old Jojo Hedaya has been partners with Josh Rosenwald for several years. The two have a lot in common. They both grew up in New York and have even traveled to Israel together. The duo even share the same birthday- December 30, 1989. As this pair began working together in business they quickly noticed they had a major problem. Jojo was sending his partner emails, but was not getting a reply. Josh was so overwhelmed by subscriptions and other promotions in his inbox that he often missed the important messages from his partner. This is where the idea for began.

Jojo and Josh worked quickly to get their product out. It has now been on the market for more than two years. Initially they did not put all their resources into The mission was just to get the product out. Since then however they have made a number of upgrades that make this product one to respect. is changing the way people feel about their email.

Know Jason Hope: A Businessman and a Philanthropist

The scientific community now understands the importance of biotechnologies when it comes to addressing age-related ailments. With grants from different people and companies, scientists are trying their best to see on how to prevent or minimize the effects of age-related ailments. One of the notable grantors in this field is Arizona-based business person, Jason Hope. Some time back, Jason donated 500000 U.S. dollars to the SENS Foundation.

SENS Foundation is actually a non-profit firm that works around the clock to promote, develop, and also make sure that the rejuvenation biotechnologies that mainly focuses on the age-related ailments, is accessible to all. Jason Hope said that he is really interested and pleased by the progress of the SENS Foundation and the work of Dr. Aubrey Grey. He said that their work in advancing the human medicine is not only good for the Americans but also for people from all over the world.

Jason Hope said that the ambition of the SENSE Foundation to deal with the human aging problems and associated ailments (diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Atherosclerosis) is a good move and should be appreciated by any well-intended individual. He said the work is likely to lead to reshaping and redefining healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries for the betterment. The advancement and the improvement of the rejuvenation biotechnologies are extremely important for us and for the future generation.

The Chief Executive Officer of the SENS Foundation, Mike Kope, said that they created this firm because they wanted to come up with a completely new biotech industry. Their ambition was to come up with a catalyst for scientific research.

More about Jason Hope

Jason is a renowned entrepreneur living in Scottsdale, AZ. He has an unquenchable passion for philanthropy. He focuses on scientific research, disease cure, biotechnology, and education. He is an ardent supporter of education programs which encourages learning inside and outside the classrooms. Also, he likes working with the organizations that focus on disease prevention, cures, and control.

Jason Hope has with worked various clubs and organization whose main agenda is to improve health and the wellbeing of people. Some of the organizations he has worked with include The Tony Hawk Foundation, Teach for America Phoenix, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Family Health International, T Gen Foundation, and many more.

Bob Reina

In 2007 a company was launched that changed the extent of communication. After having a problem trying to send a video email, Bob Reina started Talk Fusion. He was looking at a house in North Carolina and wanted to get his family’s opinion before he finalized his purchase. He tried to send the video, but he was notified that that option had not yet been made available. After contacting AOL, he found that video emailing was not believed ever to be possible. The technology to develop video communication was too complicated to even think about creating. Bob Reina was not scared of the task he saw it as an opportunity to meet the needs of people around the world that desired video communication.
Bob Reina met with his friend Jonathan Chen to develop the technology for video communication. Jonathan Chen was good with technology development. If there was not anyone else that could help Reina he knew it was Chen. They developed the technology, and in 2007 Bob Reina released video email. Since launching the company has been made available to people in over 140 countries around the world. The company continues to expand. They also continue to release new innovative programs for video communication. They are continually recreating themselves.
Before becoming successful through Talk Fusion, Bob Reina was a police officer. He worked as a police officer for over ten years. He was not happy with his job. He was not making enough money, so he began marketing items as a side job. He fell in love with marketing. Talk Fusion only made his desire even more profound. Talk Fusion was an instant success. There were many people that wanted video communication just as bad as Bob Reina. His first marketing company was nowhere near as successful as Talk Fusion.
Reina continues to create new ways to reach his customers and employees. He takes pride in his product. He has never sold a product that he did not believe in. He has always desired to give his customers valuable products that he believed in. Talk Fusion employees are accommodated in all of the ways that Reina wishes that he had been accommodated. He was not making a lot of money as a police officer, so he offers his employees instant pay so that they can fulfill all of their responsibility.
Talk Fusion is based on a need. The needs of people all over the world have been met by Talk Fusion’s innovative products. Bob Reina has been great serving as Talk Fusion’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Talk Fusion has made immeasurable success through high-quality video communication products and great customer service throughout the entire company. Learn more:

Eric Pulier: Bettering the world throught technology

Anything momentous that has been achieved on earth has been created by individuals who are not afraid to push boundaries into the unknown. From the iPhone to the Pyramids in Egypt innovator have made the impossible possible by creating things and experiences that many people thought were impossible. This trend is visible throughout history, mankind benefits when people think outside the box. Eric Pulier is one of these innovators transforming the world. He is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist who is part of the revolution that is trying to change how people use technology.

It is hard to put Eric Pulier in a single box. Different people know him for different things. Apart from his work as a venture capitalist he is also a philanthropist and accomplished author. He finished high school at Teaneck in 1984 before going to Harvard where he graduated magna cum laude with BA in American Literature and English. During his stay at Harvard, Pulier was a regular columnist for the Harvard Crimson who explore an array of topics with a sense of humor and keen insight.

After graduating from Harvard in 1988, he has dedicated his life to helping the economically disadvantaged and assisted children who are afflicted by chronic diseases and conditions. Pulier moved into LA in 1991 where he founded a company name People Doing Things. The company concentrated on creating technological innovations for the education and healthcare sectors. In 1994 he founded Digital Evolution. Digital evolution was an interactive agency that later became part of US Interactive. One of the main highlights of Pulier’s career occurred in 1997 where he created a technology exhibit for the Presidential Inaugural Committee. Pulier’s main aim is to use technology to make the world a better place. These are just some of the few companies that Pulier has created. He has been a founder or cofounder for 15 other companies, helping them raise millions of dollars in capital. Many publications have also recognized him as one of the world’s top technology visionaries.

Pulier is also active on the philanthropy front. He is always ready to help the less fortunate. He led the team that created a multimedia platform for Multiple Sclerosis Society. The platform has been used to educate thousands of people on multiple sclerosis.

About Eric Pulier:

Accomplishments of Technological Expert Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a prominent entrepreneur, IT executive, public speaker, philanthropist, columnist, author, and a founder of over a dozen firms. Some of the ventures the entrepreneur founded or co-founded include US Interactive, ServiceMesh, Digital evolution, Akana, Media Platform, Desktone, and others. Mr. Eric Pulier is a venture capitalist and he has invested in firms such as Monitor Ventures, Trident Capital and eCompanies. He is a seasoned investor in several startups, especially those operating in the media and technology industry.

Eric Pulier Involvement in the “Bridge to the 21st Century” Initiative Eric Pulier was chosen by top U.S. government officials to organize this event to commemorate the inauguration of President Bill Clinton and his VP Al Gore. The event was held on the Mall in Washington, DC, and was very successful. Thousands of people attended the event, among them included members of the senate, congress US Supreme Court. Clinton and Al Gore were personally present. Every American news station gave attention to the developer of the event, Mr. Pulier. He subdivided the event into different sections with the aim of showing how exponential technologies will positively change the way people lived. The categories were education, healthcare, government, entertainment, environment and others.

Eric Pulier the Philanthropist

He is a prominent individual in the philanthropic community. His main area of focus is the use of technology to solve social problems, more so in low income areas. He is also involved in supporting physically disadvantaged kids in the United States and also globally. In 2010, Eric Pulier was honored for his effort of developing technical innovations to help in the implementation of healthcare needs in the African continent. Eric is the founder of ACE Foundation, an organization involved in transforming the development and application of software meant to address challenges facing humanity. Other charitable organizations associated with Eric Pulier include XPRIZE, HIPPA, Clinton Global Initiative, Painted Turtle and more. Eric also supports Starlight Foundation, which assists kids living with chronic illness. It is an online platform specifically built for children with chronic diseases. Eric Pulier earned his BA from Harvard University. He attended Teaneck High School and graduated in 1984.

The Diverse And Challenging Career Of Jason Hope

One of the qualities that makes Jason Hope unique is his multiple abilities in technology. He began with experiments in mobile technology resulting in the development of a company he called Jawa. He understands how difficult it is for entrepreneurs who have difficulty finding financing so he helps them get their ideas started. He offered innovative thinkers a program for grants because he believed their ideas could change the world.

Jason Hope is a futurist and has coined the phrase the Internet of Things. This refers to devices having the ability to communicate with one another. He believes this will revolutionize the future and create a world with more substance. He sees advancements for the medical and transportation field as well as the way people conduct their daily lives. Jason Hope also thinks young entrepreneurs must always consider the bigger picture because real change will only happen with fresh ideas. He believes focus is important and idea have to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Jason Hope strongly believes in personal fitness. He keeps his mind sharp, his body healthy and keeps track of his fitness goals see he can watch his progress. He uses fitness trackers and new developments in his routine every day. He manages his time well and considers this a strong skill. He makes time for his work with the SENS Foundation and helps in the development of solutions for anti-aging. He feels this is the key to healthier and longer lives.

Jason hope resides in Scottsdale, Arizona and has always given something back to his community. He spent his childhood in Tempe and graduated from the Arizona State University with a financial degree. He additionally attended the Carey School of Business to earn his MBA. When Jason Hope began his career he founded a mobile communications company with a focus on biotechnology, philanthropy and startups. He is a mentor for entrepreneurs and students in high school. He is dedicated to the relationship between business and politics in Arizona.

The Priceless Benefits Attributable To ClassDojo

All parents want the best for their children and getting them good education is a part such desires. On the other hand, having a real picture of what a child experiences in school or their performance is costly. It is from this premise that parents use conventional methods such as attending meetings or making phone calls. With the fast lifestyles demanded by rising work commitments, the need for a new method has been in the offing. Consequently, increased use of technology has in many ways eased the parent, child and school relationship. However, a gap still existed until ClassDojo.


ClassDojo, a classroom communication app is designed to ease follow-ups required in learning institutions. Parents, teachers, and students are capacitated to share happenings at school making it possible to communicate on activities and child development. The consistent nature of the app enables the entities involved and more especially the parent to stay informed on school activities. As a result, parents are not caught unawares regarding their children’s experiences as previously was the case using old techniques. Therefore, parents are now in a more informed position, which empowers them to make better decisions regarding their children’s welfare.


Apart from its immense contribution to parents, ClassDojo is also essential in boosting students’ morale. When encouraged, students are motivated to behave positively in the classroom and make healthy choices. Additionally, positive behavior is encouraged with students understanding that their parents are closely watching their conduct.


Apart from the close supervision that students may feel, ClassDojo is also helpful in engaging both teachers and parents. When students are motivated to express themselves, negative outcomes are discouraged. The important aspect of student performance assists both teachers and parents help students in making decisions on careers choices. Considering its immense attributes such as the reward system, schools are also assured of giving the best to students.


As a technological product, Class Dojo still has room for more improvement that can make school management more modern. Compared to traditional methods, the app enables parents to have better access to reports on their children. For example, an all year performance can be simulated in a pie chart to visualize the performance.


When enhanced, the app could also be useful on issues such as financial aspects of school management. Though this idea may seem farfetched, such an addition will prove timely considering the technological level at hand. It is from this background that parents may desire to be in a position to acquire custom content associated with child development.

Find out more about ClassDojo:

Using ClassDojo in the Classroom

When a teacher decides that he or she wants to use ClassDojo for their class, all they need to do is set up the application. The app allows them to customize their classroom as well as the children who are in the classroom. They can have different levels of rewards for the kids and can even have different things that children can get points for when they do things that are positive in the classroom. The app is one that is completely customizable so teachers can make it work for their classroom and for the students who they have in the classroom.


Students are also able to customize the ClassDojo app. They can choose their avatar and customize it according to what they like. They can make it look like them or they can even make it look like a silly fantasy monster. The app gives the child complete control to make their Dojo look the way that they want it. This not only allows the child to do something for themselves but it gives them a sense of ownership over the app and the points that they get on the app. Students are able to feel like the Dojo is truly an extension of themselves.


When students accumulate a certain number of points on the app, they can use them for real prizes in the classroom. Teachers are able to choose what they are giving out as prizes and can let the students know what they are working towards. Children will have a better chance at getting what they want out of the app when they know that things are going to go positively for them and that they are going to be able to choose a reward based on the number of points that they have gotten from the application.


Parents are not left out of the Class Dojo fun. They are also included in the app in that they can make their own account to see how their child is doing. The teacher is able to give them access to their child so that they can see what they have. The teachers also have complete control over the parents on the app and can choose how to set up the parent side of the app depending on how they run their classroom. Teachers are also able to communicate with parents through the app and the integrated messaging system.

Talk Fusion Receives The Communications Solutions Product Of The Year Award

Recently, Talk Fusion received the Communications Solutions Products Award of the year 2016. The Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) presented the award. The firm was credited for its outstanding products and services that enable data, video and voice communications. This prize is given to companies that have greatly improved their products and services offing or those that have new products in the market

This was the second time that the award was going to the major media outlet. The CEO of TMC, Richard Tehrani, said that he was pleased to honor Talk Fusion with the award since they delivered the most unique and efficient communication solutions. Talk Fusion is always ahead of its competitors. Users of the company’s products are able to communicate face-to-face through their tablets, desktop or Smartphone with anyone at any location.

The innovative and effective video chat app is available on Google Play store and iTunes. The Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, said that the advanced video app marked the beginning of a series of other apps. Ryan Page, the chief technical officer of Talk Fusion, posited that their trained IT team had exceptional plans for the future of their all-in-one video marketing solutions. He continued to say that since they are committed to offering the most reliable products and services, consistent video marketing solution would be a significant process. Apart from double accreditation from TMC, Talk Fusion had introduced WebRTC Recorder, free trials, and launched their website,, in less than a year. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as highlighted in the following link

Talk Fusion is a telecommunication company that focuses on offering all-in-one video marketing solutions to various businesses. Established in 2007 by Bob Reina, who is also its CEO, Talk Fusion seeks to see businesses become efficient, help them increase sales and profits besides maintaining a consistent flow of returning customers. Through their innovative and efficient products, Talk Fusion makes marketing more persuasive, engaging and memorable. The company has independent associates in more than 140 countries. These associates market the products from person to person as well as offering a free 30-day trial on their video marketing solutions for potential clients.  This information was originally mentioned on Talk Fusion’s website as explicated in the link below