Alex Hern and Technology Channels


Alex or Alexander F. Hern is an American man who knows a lot about starting businesses of all kinds. He’s a diligent executive who knows specifically about companies that are part of the technology world. He’s been a technology realm devotee for 15 years and counting. He tends to put his attention onto companies that are on the newer side. He’s the main man in charge at Tsunami VR, Inc. He’s linked to many other companies out there, too. Leadership roles come naturally to Hern. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Alex Hern is a proud San Diego, California resident at the moment. He does more than reside in the pleasant Southern California metropolis as well. That’s because it’s also where he works day in and day out. The team at Tsunami VR has expansive proficiency that involves communications applications and software. These team members zero in on industrial sectors all of the time. There are a plenitude of career avenues on hand to people who want to be part of the Tsunami VR crew. People can consider working as media compression engineers, security architects, database architects, graphics software engineers, product managers and virtual machine engineers. Many people who are part of the Tsunami VR staff are located in San Diego just like Hern is.

There are also many staff members who run out of Los Angeles. The professionals who represent Hern and Tsunami VR in general manage all kinds of responsibilities. They manage web development, software quality assessments, mobile application creation and much more. Hern oversees these kinds of things on a frequent basis, too. Visit to know more. Hern is a big part of a number of groups that take on all sorts of efforts. He has ties to groups like Alterego Networks, Agiliance Inc., Strategic Acquisition Ventures, New Homes Realty Inc. and many others. He’s perpetually searching for new openings.