How Rick Smith is Fostering Strategic Growth at Securus Technologies as the CEO

With a portfolio of over 800 products for the corrections industry, Securus Technologies announced the appointment of a sales executive, John Bell, in 2015. Bell’s duty was to develop a tech-oriented sales team that would help sell the company’s products to more clients. He became part of Securus’ leadership team holding the position of SVP of sales.

Besides John Bell, the company’s leadership team also includes CEO Rick Smith. Under Smith’s CEO tenure, Securus Technologies invested over $600 million in developing and acquiring products that make up its diverse product portfolio. Rick Smith said that Bell was hired because Securus needed an executive who can transform the sales department. He also said that Bell’s appointment was aimed at improving Securus’ sales.

John Bell was the best candidate for the sales SVP job judging by his 35-year career. He spent his professional career developing exceptional sales leaders and transforming the organizational culture at companies such as NTT Verio, IBM, and Verizon.

Facility Customer Comments

One of the core values of Securus Technologies is transparency in service delivery. The inmate communications company usually receives emails and letters from clients in law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies. This feedback helps Securus in developing or acquiring more customer-oriented products and services.

According to Rick Smith, the comments are based on the new services or products that Securus Technologies develops every week. Smith also believes that the solutions enable law enforcement, corrections, and public safety officers to combat crime. It should be noted that crimes are the most prevalent social problems in the modern world. Rick Smith is also certain that Securus’ main responsibility is to help in keeping the community safe. This is because the firm’s mission statement is themed on safety and security.

About Rick Smith

Rick Smith commenced his duties as Securus’ CEO after the firm’s board, chaired by Richard Falcone at that time, approved his appointment in 2008. Smith joined the firm a year after it acquired Syson Justice Systems, which was critically-acclaimed for its Offender Management Systems. Smith was the most preferred candidate for the job because of his previous career in the telecom and financial services industries. He is trusted with the duty of driving Securus to an undisputed leadership position in the corrections market. At Frontier Corporation, Rick Smith served in departments such as business development, IT, and finance. He also served as a chief executive officer for nine years at Eschelon Telecoms. He was instrumental in transforming Eschelon Telecoms from a firm whose total revenue amounted to $30 million to a revenue of $350 million. Eschelon’s EBITDA also grew to $80 million at that time. He also facilitated the firm’s IPO back in 2005. Smith’s academic certifications include an MBA, master’s in mathematics, and undergrad in electrical engineering.