The Srufy of Kabbalah Dates Back to B.C. While Kabbalah Centres are 20th Century

Kabbalah is ancient wisdom that has been passed down from Adam to Abraham. It became part of Judaism with Moses and his great journey to the Promised Land, which is now called Israel. Kabbalah is not a religion but evolved as a spiritual wisdom from God.

This ancient wisdom has been veiled throughout civilization as the study of Kabbalah was believed to be only available for a young married Jewish man between the ages of 30 and 40. This eligibility has been the pattern for centuries as it was passed down from generation to generation.

It wasn’t until 1922 that Kabbalah took a modern turn as Rav Ashlag was inspired to start the first Kabbalah Centre in the homeland of Israel in 1922. Translating ancient documents and providing instruction for students was his primary work. When he died, leadership was passed to his student who in turn instructedRav and Karen Berg. For over a decade, the Bergs studied in Israel at the only Kabbalah Centre. Then, they brought the Kabbalah teachings back to the U.S. and in 2008 opened the first Kabbalah Centre in NYC. Within eight years, five Centers had opened in America and 40 cities worldwide have a Centre today.

So, Kabbalah Centres have only been in existence for less than a century, and until this modernization of Rav Ashlag, Kabbalah was an ancient wisdom that was only passed down to a very elite people.

Kabbalah was practiced much the same way the Jews practiced their worshiping, feasts, Torah study and other Jewish traditions. Reaching a consciousness that connected the student to God was the only goal. Many documents have been written on this consciousness about wisdom attainment of it, and Kabbalah Centres now hold the translations of these documents in many languages.

The largest Kabbalah Centre today is Kabbalah University, which streams daily on the Internet from the Centre in Los Angeles. Overseen by Karen Berg and her son Michael, they hold classes, extended courses, meditations, and news for all the Kabbalah Centre globally. Kabbalah Centres and the Kabbalah University are now excellent ways for the public attain this wisdom.