Sahm Adrangi and the Purpose of Kerrisdale Capital Management

Kerrisdale capital management began operation in 2009, founded by Sahm Adrangi who serves as the investment officer of the company. He started the firm with a capital of close to $1million, but currently, the organization is valued to close to a quarter of a billion. Before beginning the company, his popularity is from his research on various groups. Currently, he researches enterprises to and corrects the misunderstanding of peoples view about overrated shorts in the market. Once he completes conducting his research, he shares it with the public through various social media platforms and his website. His analysis stands on the grounds of clearing the air about the market.

Kerrisdale is a different hedge fund. With the money raised the companies will venture short stocks and other investment ideas. The company has been investing its shares in specific companies that will back up their investment thesis. In the coming future the case study companies will be revealed despite various rumors from unverified sources. Sahm Adrangi Company is unique in the fact that it bets for and against stocks, a strategy that yields over 25% income. He holds a BA (economics) from Yale University. He has served various roles in the banking industry for several years.

Sahm Adrangi research has helped in exposing some companies involved in malpractices. Some of the companies he has helped burst include china marine food group and Lihua international, although the list is long. After sharing the research backed up with substantial evidence the companies were received disciplinary action from the security and exchange commission. Recently, Kerrisdale has shift focus to research on biotechnology, telecommunication and mining companies. The firm has covered study based on such corporations as pulse bioscience, Bavarian Nordic, Northern Dinesty minerals, Globalstar and many others. Aside from his research activist Sahm Adrangi also serves as an activist like in the year 2010 when he pushed the removal of two executives from the Morgan’s hotel groups.

His work been has caught the attention of various institutions. His popularity has enabled him to be inclusive in several conferences as a speaker. He has served in meetings such as the value investing conference, and the traders for the cause. He has also made a special appearance on CNBC and Bloomberg and has featured in various publications such as the New York Times and the Washington Post.