GoBuyside and the Future of Financial Recruiting

GoBuyside was founded in 2011 by Arjun Kapur. They’re a financial recruitment platform that functions on a global scale. They hire both short-term and long-term employees as a result of changes in the job market. Trends are leading toward a higher volume of part-time, remote and contract work. In the past seven years, GoBuyside succeeded in connecting financial sector employers to top quality candidates. They’re quickly becoming one of the leading recruiters in the financial industry. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

GoBuyside operates in countries and cities across the map. They’ve built a solid clientele topping 400 companies and individuals. Candidates are screened using the most modern sourcing technology available. GoBuyside is expanding their use of high-tech software that pushes the boundaries of today’s standard platforms. Telecommuters have begun entering the online job market in droves. 24 percent of employees worked from home part or full time in 2015. This is leading to a wider variety of candidates because the location isn’t an issue anymore. In turn, this migration allows GoBuyside to collect more data about top-shelf applicants in the industry.

GoBuyside has a team of expert professionals to help clients hire only the best and brightest for their specific industries. They check applicant history by compiling data from social media and other online sources. Transparency is easier this way and allows employers to accurately find employees they desire to invest in. Likewise, candidates are able to vet career opportunities before spending time trying to impress a potential employer.

This first-class platform recruits for a broad variety of financial niches. These include hedge funds, investment managers, advisory platforms, private equity firms, and a plethora of Fortune 500 companies. Individuals consult with these companies to increase project success as well. These consultants plan, market, and help to further grow and establish extended profits. Consultants at GoBuyside are so well-versed in this process that financial companies allow them to do the legwork. Follow GoBuyside on Twitter.com.

The differences between GoBuyside and other recruiting options are plenty. GoBuyside uses a level of artificial intelligence to gather unbiased information on candidates. This is a very modern approach to the hiring process. It’s streamlined and lets clients connect with the best talent in the network pool. Decentralization in the workplace has allowed GoBuyside to shine among their competitors due to their technological advantages and efficiency.

The CEO of GoBuyside Arjun Kapur spoke recently about the different approach his company uses in the recruiting process, and how it makes them shine in their industry. He explained their personal and client-centric state of mind is what sets them apart. Online industries have become cold and withdrawn. Whereas, GoBuyside is just warming up. He elaborated on the importance of client needs and customizing every single experience for them. Personalization is the key to standing out in the financial industry. This tactic builds trust and benefits both sides of the equation. It isn’t a sales pitch, but a partnership.

GoBuyside is pioneering the industry of employee and client investment. Their cutting edge technology allows for quick, easy, and quality recruitment. A personal approach to client relationships is their secret ingredient, and it will propel them ahead of future financial recruitment platforms.

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