Betsy DeVos: Increasing the Possibility of Private Education

According to an article centering around an interview conducted with Betsy DeVos by Philanthropy Roundtable, there are huge benefits to private education. Betsy DeVos is the acting Secretary of Education, but she has always been a major proponent of choice when it comes to education. She believes that students and their parents should be able to become actively involved in the education process. If they are in a school district that is not performing well then, they should be able to select a different school or enroll in a private institution. There are a lot of institutions all over the nation that offers their education at a very competitive price. She even advises that many of these institutions offer scholarships already, even though she is currently working on ways to expand that scholarship program to include more students on a federal basis. Additionally, these school programs may be offered to students of higher achievement at no cost whatsoever through financial grants. There are options available, but Betsy DeVos is looking at ways to expand those options.


One of the biggest ways that Betsy DeVos seeks to expand options when it comes to private education is through a voucher system. People have been very wary of the system, but it would allow students to attend institutions that they would not normally have the funds for. It would be a voucher from the government that essentially funds their trip into the institution. It works a little bit like a scholarship program but functions more around what the child needs instead of what they have earned. Speaking of scholarship programs, Betsy DeVos has also proposed that the scholarship program should be extended. If there are more scholarship opportunities that would encourage students to do better to achieve them. This would reward them for working so hard in a public-school environment to achieve the desired prerequisites.


A final way that Betsy DeVos seeks to expand the options available to students is through tax breaks. There are some students whose parents can afford a private school education, but it still places a financial strain on the family. This would give the students and their parents an opportunity to alleviate some of that financial strain through a tax break. This could be used to fund their year in the new institution. Although a private education may seem to be too expensive or out of reach for some individuals, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has been working very hard to explore options that might make this more of a possibility for American families.


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