The expansion of OSI Group

A company that started out from merely a butcher shop now turns 100! The story of the OSI group is quite an inspirational one. From an attitude of adaptability to change and grabbing opportunities started out humbly with opening a butcher shop in the west side of Chicago. It to a never ending thirst for growth, the food supply group has been climbing ladders of success since its advent in the 1900’s. A German immigrant and the founder of the OSI group, Otto Kolschowskycontinued to grow and expanded into a family business and by the end of WWII, it prospered and was named Otto and Sons.  View the OSI Group profiles at Linkedin

A turning point for the OSI group which changed the course and pace of its expansion for decades to come was when it got into friendly terms with another small family owned business and together they boomed the economy and happened to become kings of the food industry. The business which acquired the services of Kolschowskies was none other than McDonald’s, which was walking baby steps into the food industry at that time. Otto and Sons became meat suppliers for them.

The group never lagged behind in devising new technology for growing and changing needs of their clients. The crunching need of providing fresh beef to McDonalds and intolerance of the meat in sustaining in trucks for a long time lead to a new method – “flash freezing” which helped in freezing food quickly as well as aided in easy transport. This technological advancement helped Otto and Sons to expand their business even more. As McDonald’s progressed and entered into the global market, so did their sole beef suppliers followed and hence from Otto and Sons, the OSI group was formed.

Their global expansion started from their entrance into the German market in the late 1970s and a decade later into Spain. They increased their presence in Europe by acquisition proved to be very beneficial to the company as it enabled it to improve their service to existing customers as well as to serve new customers. Moreover, upgrades in their Spanish plants have been witnessed and recently they have acquired Baho foods. WOOH! The expansion just doesn’t seem to pause. The OSI group is a benchmark for success and endless struggle for the better.



Gazette Day Article Recap + OSI Merges with Turi Foods

OSI Group originally started out as a small meat market and butcher shop in Chicago, Illinois. It was started by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who migrated to Chicago toward the beginning of the 20th century. By the end of the First World War, his butcher shop had relocated and transitioned into a wholesale business.

After nearly two decades of operation, the business officially became known as Otto & Sons in 1928. After the phenomenon of nationwide economic expansion post-World War II, Otto’s two sons – Arthur and Harry Kolchowsky – had become the owners of the company. They had agreed to work with Ray Kroc, an agent for the McDonald’s, as the latter’s first supplier of ground beef.

As Otto & Sons began to grow as a manufacturer for beef patties that would later be sent to McDonald’s, they changed their company name to OSI Industries in 1975. This change signified the technological development that had occurred within the company.

OSI industries also had a change in leadership. In the early 1980s, Sheldon Lavin, who had previously worked as an investment consultant for Otto & Sons in the early 1970s, had become the new CEO of OSI industries. As it became a larger, more complicated international company, and a supplier to various large organizations, with McDonald’s being its top customer, the company has come to be known simply as OSI Group.

As of May 4, 2018, Turi Foods, a company that specializes in the production of cooked and uncooked poultry products for retail use in Australia, has merged with OSI Group. The two companies hope to combine the international reach of OSI Group with Turi’s experience in the production and processing of poultry, to form a company that offers world-class food solutions.

They hope that their similar fields of expertise, as well as their strong reputations among their respective customers, will enable them to serve consumers in newer and more innovative ways, while creating more opportunities for their employees as well.

OSI Group Purchases Tyson Food Plant To Expand Their Business

The privately owned American business, OSI Group is a business that specializes within food processing. The privately held company is based in Aurora, Illinois and has recently purchased the Tyson Food Plant located in nearby Chicago, Illinois. The Cook County Recorder showcases the deed of sale as bringing in $7.4 million dollars.

Aside from the meat products being made, OSI group has been in the retail end of providing foods for the food service industry for a number of years. They are now large enough to be operating in over 15 countries. They now specialize in foods other than bacon and sausages.

Tyson Food Plant was being used to prepare and offer foods within the hospitality background which included the creation of foods like chicken cordon bleu, meatballs and even crepes. Breakfast foods are also offered through the plant by including omelets. Tyson was not able to handle the amount of pressure needed to fulfill the orders being placed by their customers and clients. For this reason, they opted to sell the Tyson Food Plant. There were three plants all operating in the area under Tyson and because the sale was made, two of the other plants were able to remain open.

When Tyson made the announcement that it would soon begin making changes to close the doors of the plant, they released information that stated that close to 500 employees would lose their jobs when the doors would close. On the last day of Tyson’s production, there were an estimated number of clost to half of that remaining. When the doors officially closed on the last day, those who remained were offered positions for OSI Group.

The senior executive vice president of the OSI Group within the North American region showcased his delight in the new purchase. With the growing desires of their clients and customers, OSI needed a new space to expand into. With the new purchase of the factory, it is able to fulfill the high demands with out much more work. The added manufacture network creates a larger market for their customers by keeping employees already familiar with the plant and the fact that another OSI Group plant is not too far away.

By keeping the other plants open under the Tyson name, many more employees were able to keep their jobs without the need to find a new one, to wait for unemployment or to find a new means to pay their bills.

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At OSI Food Solutions, Expansion Is Business As Usual:

Over a century ago, German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky started a family meat market in Oak Park, Illinois that today is known as OSI Food Solutions. What started out as a small, family-run operation is today a global leader in the supply of processed meat and custom food solutions. The company has facilities all over the world, 80 in total, in 17 different countries. OSI Food Solutions started making big waves as far as company expansion in the 1970s and continues to grow today. Expansion and acquisition have become a major part of the OSI recipe for success.

History of OSI Food Solutions Company Expansion:

Early on, OSI Food Solutions grew steadily, picking up big accounts like McDonald’s in the 1950s. A major expansion on a global level started in earnest in the 1970s. By the end of the decade, the company had expanded throughout all of North America and into the European market. The 1980s saw the addition of the South American market as well as the company’s entrance into Taiwan. Shortly after this, OSI Food Solutions expanded to markets in Australia, Japan, China, the Philippines and South Africa.

Recent OSI Food Solutions Events:

Business has been very eventful for OSI Food Solutions recently between making major acquisitions and facilities upgrades to winning major awards celebrating the company’s responsibility in the area of environmental sustainability. Close to home, OSI acquired the old Tyson food plant in Chicago, Illinois and expects to see massive production increases in the region due to this addition. In Europe, a massive upgrade to the facility in Toledo, Spain has doubled the facilities production of processed chicken from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. Another huge move in the European market is the acquisition of Baho Food and Flagship Europe, two amazing food processing companies that add great value to the OSI line of products. OSI Food Solutions also recently won the Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. The prestigious honor was bestowed as recognition of OSI’s dedication to environmental sustainability in its business practices.

OSI Food Solutions Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin:

The businessman behind the huge success that OSI Food Solutions enjoys today is Chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin. Company growth and expansion has been his primary goal since he started his long and storied career with the firm in 1970. Sheldon has degrees in accounting, finance and business and worked as a financial consultant prior to getting into the food business with OSI. Recruited by the original family behind the company, Sheldon has grown the business into a name that is recognized all over the world.

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OSI Food Solutions Global Growth and Ingenuity

OSI Food Solutions is a global food supplier that has changed the meat supply market greatly. In the past few years they have acquired some admirable traits. In an article from The National Provisioner explains how the company has multiplied the number of tons of chicken, pork, and beef since early 2017. In Toledo, Spain they doubled the amount of chicken produced from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons. OSI Food Solutions also showed great steady improvement in Toledo where they eventually met a production amount of 45,000 tons of chicken, beef, and pork. This is also fairing well for the people that live near the production sites. The exponential growth of the company is supplying jobs to people nearby. So, they are not only just a successful supplier of meat, OSI Food Solutions is creating jobs all over the globe.

OSI Food Solutions also has made the Forbes list for being #58 on the charts for being one of the top 100 largest and most successful privately owned businesses in America. They brought in $6.1 billion dollars at the end of the 2016 fiscal year. OSI Food Solutions is growing fast and also expanding their production facilities. An article from the Chicago Tribune talks of how OSI purchased the soon to be former Tyson plant for about $7.4 million back in 2016. A vast majority of the Tyson workers were also offered employment by OSI Food Solutions after they bought the plant in Southside Chicago. OSI was expanding at a remarkable rate to compensate for their increased production. The momentum doesn’t stop here either. In 2016 it was stated in an article from Refrigerated & Frozen Foods that they also purchased Baho Food. Baho Food is a food supplier to Germany and the Netherlands that provided a variety of meats, deli cuts, and refrigerated snacks. The Dutch company was a going on 60 years of operation when it was acquired by OSI Food Solutions. Purchasing Baho Foods gave OSI access to 18 European counties of full of eager customers. They saw this purchase as a way to expand the different types of products that they could be offering. This allowed for much growth and revenue to be cycled through helping fund the vast development of what OSI Food Solutions is today. OSI continues to grow today to accommodate the needs and demands of consumers all around the globe.

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David McDonald, Leading OSI Group as President And COO

David McDonald has been one of the most influential people when it comes to the growth and development of OSI Group. OSI Group is one of the leading brands in the food industry as it is one of the biggest processed meat providers in the entire country. The brand was started up in the early 1900s and since then has grown to be one of the largest companies of its kind. OSI Group isn’t just limited to the United States alone, in fact, they have offices and production units stationed all over the world. OSI Group has had a large impact as a whole being one of the biggest suppliers to some large food chains. OSI Group is, in fact, the lead provider for all the McDonald’s outlets all over the country. They have been serving this fast food giant for an extremely long time, which has also helped them stem their position in the fast food industry and read full article.

But it isn’t just the tie-ups that have helped OSI Group reach the high position that they are in today. When David McDonald took over, he worked towards upgrading the current technology and improving the sustainability of all the manufacturing units so as always to be giving high-quality food to their partner restaurants.

David McDonald currently serves the company as their President and Chief Operations Officer. From his position, David McDonald oversees all of the operations that the corporation. He was the person who facilitated the expansion of the company to international territories. By adopting a think global, act local approach towards the development, OSI Group has grown tremendously in its international locations. David McDonald believes that by understanding the culture of that country and building the business according to that, he can make the company a success in those countries and what David knows.

David McDonald has a tremendous amount of experience working in the field which has enabled him to lead OSI Group efficiency. His excellent leadership skills have contributed immensely to the development of the company and have facilitated the growth that it has experienced since David McDonald took over as President and Youtube his.