EOS Lip Balm Creates a Sensory Experience

Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller are the co-founders of a company known as Evolution of Smooth. Their innovative EOS lip balm has revolutionized the oral care industry by crossing over traditional boundaries to enter the beauty market. Mehra had spent almost a decade in the industry of consumer packaged goods and Teller worked with start-ups. Together this team took a look at what was available in the lip balm industry before designing a product that would primarily appeal to women. In an online article on fast Company, Mehra recounts their initial discovery with lip balms as being virtually indistinguishable from each other.

Gaining New Insights

As veterans in the world of business, the co-founders of EOS lip balm understood the importance of using good marketing strategies. Since the packaging for the lip balms currently available was identical, they decided to focus their efforts on coming up with something new. In order to better understand what women found appealing they conducted a comprehensive survey. They wanted to get an idea of what women thought of using a product that came in a sphere shaped container rather than a tube. While women found the sphere easy to hold, they often had a hard time getting the product out of the container. This issue was resolved by making the lip balm a solid which could easily be applied to the lips while holding the base of the sphere.

Not only did the survey allow Mehra and Teller to design a container for their lip balm that appealed to women, but it also allowed them to make improvements on the balm itself. When women shopped for beauty products they were often drawn to items that appealed to all of their senses. Using this information, the team created a balm that came in different flavors and colors to engage more of the senses.

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