Rocketship Education and Andre Agassi Have Teamed Up To Open Rocketship Rise Academy

When most people hear the name Andre Agassi they think of one of the best tennis players to ever play the game.

What many fail to realize is just how much Agassi has dedicated his life to giving back to those in need.

In 2016 Agassi teamed up with Rocketship Education to develop Rocketship Rise Academy, a charter school that is located in the Woodland Terrace neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

And when the school opened in the fall of 2016, Andre was there to help celebrate the opening of this facility by attending and participating in the ceremonial ribbon cutting.

When asked about public education Agassi was quoted as saying, “It’s unfortunately a very daunting societal issue.” He also said that children deserve a good education which is why he wanted to be a part of this project.

According to Agassi, it was when he reached a low point in his own life that he decided he wanted to start helping others by developing charter schools.

At the time Agassi’s career was going down. He was feeling disconnected from life and started to think about how much control we really have over our lives.

It was in that moment of disconnect that Agassi started thinking about underprivileged children and how they have no choice in their lives due to no fault of their own.

He realized that some children come from broken homes and aren’t raised in environments that are nurturing.

That is what ultimately inspired him to build his own K through 12 charter school in Las Vegas. He then went on to create a model that could be used to build schools all over the United States.

Working with Rocketship Education to build the Rocketship Rise Academy was just another step towards reaching his goal of building charter schools for children in need.

The Academy was his 69th school and Agassi says he has no plans of stopping. Between Rocketship Education and Andre Agassi, you can expect the education gap in the United States to get shorter and shorter as more children from low income families get access to a good education.