Stansberry Research Dissects the Recent Correction in China

The editor of Stansberry Research’s True Wealth China Opportunities, Steve Sjuggerud recently addressed the concerns people had about the stock market in China after they corrected in February.

In response, Sjuggerud pointed out that happened at the same time stock markets in the United States pulled back. And it caused the worst performance ever for the portfolio of stocks he recommends in True Wealth China Opportunities. However, Sjuggerud addressed their concerns realistically. There’re probably going to be more such corrections. And they may even be worse (

Investing in China is volatile. There’s no way around that. According to Sjuggerud, investments in Chinese stocks should be just a portion of your portfolio. You should not have so much money in the Chinese markets that you lose sleep over such a pullback. He tells readers who are extremely worried to reduce their exposure to China, to take some of their profits off the table and invest them in something more stable and conservative. Sell down to the “sleeping point.”

He points out his recommended stocks have posted tremendous gains, but periods of losses also come with the territory. He plans to protect them by following exit strategies to sell and get out before the big losses.

But he remains bullish on China’s future and many Chinese stocks.

True Wealth China Opportunities is just one of the many newsletters and trading alert services Stansberry Research produces (Releasefact). They’re all researched and written by experts in their fields. They do the work of analyzing and tracking the markets, and digging for great investments that will quickly rise in value.

That’s why Stansberry Research publications have a total of over 500,000 subscribers in over a hundred countries. Despite occasional market volatility, they perform well over time, and that’s why over 70,000 subscribers have signed up for life. Porter Stansberry founded the independent investment research firm in 1999. He is a former American editor of the oldest English-language investment newsletter, The Fleet Street Letter. Steve Sjuggerud started True Wealth with Stansberry Research in 2001.

People can listen to Porter Stansberry on his YouTube Channel, The Stansberry Investor Hour.