Neuroscientist Jorge Moll, Examining Cognitive Behaviors


D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil conducts scientific testing based on the functioning of the human brain and the central nervous system (CNS). Dr. Jorge Moll is the President of the Institute and he writes or co-writes reports about the results of the studies. In one such report published in Science Daily entitled, “Neuroimaging of soccer fans’ brain…” Dr. Moll writes about the biological impulses that link human responses to “team related altruism.” Altruism in this capacity corresponds to empathy for a sports team, which allows humans to act as if the team is related to their real lives. The study results published in November 2017 used functional magnetic resonance imaging/functional MRI (fMRI).


For Dr. Jorge Moll’s research study 27 fans of a Brazilian soccer team participated. They were provided a hypothetical situation in which they were to donate money. The catch was they had to choose from three options on what to do with the set amount of money. They could either anonymously donate the money to fans of their team or give it to non-fans or keep the money for themselves. While the participants consider how to donate the money, the fMRI recorded their brain activity. The goal was to uncover the source of altruistic responses of a group. This allowed the institute’s neuroscientists lead by Dr. Moll to measure grey matter responses to giving the money away (altruism) or keeping it for themselves.


Jorge Moll is President, Director and Developer of Brazil’s top research institute. Jorge’s decision to act on his passion lead him to creating IDOR (Twitter). When interviewed about his motivation for examining the brain, Jorge stated that it fascinates him to learn more about cognitive functioning.


Additionally, he said that his medical background leads to healthcare innovation in collaboration with other doctors. Jorge Moll credits his innate curiosity for allowing him to uncover the benefits of regenerative therapy. As an entrepreneur, he feels a connected responsibility to the medical field. Jorge Moll has helped introduce new gene therapies, using a scientific basis and applied research studies.