Mighty Fortress Church: Come as You Are

Minnesota is home to some breath taking views. Among these views sit some beautiful churches with rich history and stunning architecture. Let’s start our journey with Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This 1916 built Rural Gothic style church was designed in honor of an iconic church in Cambridge, England. With its centered steeple and various pointed spires, Hennepin Ave United Methodist church is not easy to pass without stopping to take its historic beauty in.

If you’re ever in Cold Spring, Minnesota be sure to make a trip out to Assumption Chapel. The story of this church is not only fascinating, but memorable. Referred to as the Grasshopper Chapel, Assumption Chapel’s original building from 1870 was destroyed in a tornado. Assumption was rebuilt in 1951 after a long day of prayer and in response to the ending of a grasshopper plague. This amazing structure stands as a memorial for the answered prayer to the end of the plague. Visit riverviewbaptist.net to know more.

Stella Marie Chapel on St. John’s University in Collegeville will not let you down either. Set on a peninsula across Lake Sagatagan, viewers either need to walk a mile or canoe across this scenic lake to experience this charming little church. The original structure was lost due to a fire in 1900 but rebuilt in 1915 by benedictine monks. Adventure seekers, locals, and just about any walk of life should take in the glory that is Stella Marie Chapel.

While these examples of historic beauty are hard to beat, Mighty Fortress Church is offering a different more modern approach to the word and worship of God. Located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota Mighty Fortress is devoted to a come as your approach in getting to know God. Staying connected to community through outreach and uniting everyone through the life changing power of the holy spirit is a big part of their core values. Watch this video on Youtube.

Led by Bishop Thomas Williams and his wife Sabrina, Mighty Fortress inspires people to come together under multifaceted and multidimensional ministries that include; support groups, outreach programs, and more, for all ages, ethnic backgrounds and social environments.

Mighty Fortress International Church is becoming known by it’s phenomenal praise band, revelatory and powerful-instructional teaching, original modern style worship services and integrated cultural backgrounds. With a mission to celebrate God’s purpose and power in people’s lives, this is an experience everyone should encounter.

Visit: http://mightyfortress.net/core-values