The Diverse And Challenging Career Of Jason Hope

One of the qualities that makes Jason Hope unique is his multiple abilities in technology. He began with experiments in mobile technology resulting in the development of a company he called Jawa. He understands how difficult it is for entrepreneurs who have difficulty finding financing so he helps them get their ideas started. He offered innovative thinkers a program for grants because he believed their ideas could change the world.

Jason Hope is a futurist and has coined the phrase the Internet of Things. This refers to devices having the ability to communicate with one another. He believes this will revolutionize the future and create a world with more substance. He sees advancements for the medical and transportation field as well as the way people conduct their daily lives. Jason Hope also thinks young entrepreneurs must always consider the bigger picture because real change will only happen with fresh ideas. He believes focus is important and idea have to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Jason Hope strongly believes in personal fitness. He keeps his mind sharp, his body healthy and keeps track of his fitness goals see he can watch his progress. He uses fitness trackers and new developments in his routine every day. He manages his time well and considers this a strong skill. He makes time for his work with the SENS Foundation and helps in the development of solutions for anti-aging. He feels this is the key to healthier and longer lives.

Jason hope resides in Scottsdale, Arizona and has always given something back to his community. He spent his childhood in Tempe and graduated from the Arizona State University with a financial degree. He additionally attended the Carey School of Business to earn his MBA. When Jason Hope began his career he founded a mobile communications company with a focus on biotechnology, philanthropy and startups. He is a mentor for entrepreneurs and students in high school. He is dedicated to the relationship between business and politics in Arizona.

Josh Verne’s Manual to a Successful Life and Business

Josh Verne shared his life lessons and insights on how to get out of one’s way and prosper in life and businesses. He explained that for businesses to thrive, people holding management positions need to act like leaders and not bosses. He points out that while a boss commands respect from his subjects and uses his position to attain his objectives, a leader acts selflessly towards his team and, thus, gains respect. A leader and his team achieve their set targets together.


When entering into any business agreement or putting down a strategy, Josh said that there is need to always aim for an outcome that will benefit all parties involved. This strategy compels one to make the best resolutions when dealing with new customers or when facing unforeseen challenges. It also escalates businesses and builds self-esteem for a leader and his team.


For those who desire to prosper in life, Josh points out that it is important to perceive something that one is passionate about and is ready to sacrifice fully to see it succeed. He explains that doing something that you are not interested in reduces your likelihood of succeeding.


About Josh Verne

Josh Verne is the founder and CEO of FlockU, a mobile platform created by a network of students. The platform allows peers to share on issues affecting them in a funny and intelligent way as well as enlightening them on life after school.


Mr. Verne previously founded Workpay.Me, a platform that allowed individuals to purchase and pay through payroll deduction. He also worked for Home Line Furniture between 1995 and 2011.

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