Neurocore Is Helping People With Depression One Treatment At A Time

Many people live each day with depression that has been marginalized, misdiagnosed, or even untreated. Depression can happen at any stage of life and should be treated as a serious medical condition. The following is a list everyone should know about depression:

There is no one cause for depression. Stressful events can cause this disease. So can a pre existing genetic factor. Many things can contribute to the start of depression. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

There are different types of depression. Not every case of depression is the same. There is Seasonal Effective Disorder, low sunlight in the winter months can cause this type. Postpartum Depression affects many new moms every year. Major Depressive Disorder is characterized by feeling low with no self esteem daily for at least two weeks. And the last, Persistent Depressive Disorder is more long lasting depression without the bad lows of a major depressive episode.

Sign and symptoms are not always obvious, but will take a toll on the body. Depressive people may have unusual sleep patterns, lethargy, weight fluctuations, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and bad fatigue. Over time, the body may suffer from digestive issues, shortness of breath, tension and headaches. Follow Neurocore on

Depression most often affects 15 – 44 year olds and is the second leading cause of suicide. Feelings of hopelessness can lead to drastic events.

The good news is there is a place the can help provide biofeedback techniques to retrain the brain away from negative pathways that have formed. There is a cure for even the most severe depression. Neurocore has been working with neuro feedback to essentially retrain the brain off of it’s learned negative pathways by having client’s brains make lasting, positive choices during neuro feedback sessions.

Neurocore has been helping people retrain their brains for years. Neurocore does offer facilities across the bottom portion of Michigan and the lowest part of Florida. Neurocore also treats other mental health disorders. To visit Neurocore and read about their program or to take a mental health assessment, please click here.


Jeffry Schneider Demonstrates Healthy Balance

It is not often that you find someone who has been incredibly successful in the finance industry and also has a healthy outlook on living a balanced lifestyle. Jeffry Schneider breaks the mold and shows us that it is possible to be passionate about your career and physically fit at the same time. While Schneider is most widely known for his ability to raise capital quickly and manage one of the most cutting-edge and promising investment firms around today, he is quickly gaining notoriety as a health and fitness enthusiast.


Schneider’s primary exercise of choice is running. For almost two decades, Schneider has completed some of the world’s most prominent marathons. Schneider completed his first Ironman triathlon in 2013 in New Zealand. He persevered through some of the most challenging course conditions of all triathlons to complete the feat and sign up for yet another one. He has been setting new goals for himself ever since. One of the things that Schneider says that he finds most rewarding and fulfilling about training and racing is that he learns that he has the mental fortitude to keep pushing himself to new limits. Schneider says that this positive outlook and sense of self-worth has carried through to his profession, which has allowed him to maintain a determined mindset even in the face of great adversity.


Schneider loves to share his love of fitness with others. He hopes that his story will inspire other people to get out of their fitness comfort zones and challenge themselves to achieve something new and exciting. He also shares this lifestyle with all of his employees and has worked hard to build a corporate culture around maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Schneider knows from his own personal experience that his employees are better equipped to achieve their best at work each day when they are confident and physically healthy. In addition to chatting generally with his colleagues and employees, Schneider also writes frequently about the benefits of physical fitness and how he has pushed through some major challenges to achieve his objectives. His blog posts are uplifting and informational.


AviWeisfogel: Mastering Sleep and Teeth

To suffer in silence from a medical condition that few people comprehend and can go untreated for years is a tragedy that many sleep apnea patients around the globe know too well. Diseases like sleep apnea, which rarely make medical headlines, usually cause havoc to patients silently. With inadequate information about this condition not only among the general population but also among medical practitioners has seen many suffer in silence with very little to no hope of medical solution. However, there a few medical practitioners who have gone out of their way to ensure that medical practitioners and patients alike are enlightened on this medical condition with the creating awareness on sleep apnea and offering solutions to the afflicted patients. One such individual is AviWeisfogel: a dentist with several years of practice who has taken a keen interest in sleep apnea and has actively the problem of lack of information on this order in the following: click here.

Philanthropic Dentist and Sleep Master

AviWeisfogel is a charitable soul with strong convictions on the importance of upholding and safeguarding children’s right to quality healthcare. To lead by example, he has dedicated his time, resources and stature in the society to help raise funds that he donated to the nonprofit organization, Operation Smile. The over $2,000 he collected via the GoFundMe page he started will be used to fund the organizations campaign to tackle the problem of cleft and other dental deformities. Targeting the young adults and children globally, the funds will be used to cater for correctional surgically surgeries for the identified candidates.

Educational Background and Career History

AviWeisfogel received his Bachelor of Science degree in biology and psychology from Rutgers University. He later joined New York University where he graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery from its Dentistry College. He was a dedicated dentist for over 15 years; a period marked by significant successes including being honored by the local community for excellent service delivery.

Entrepreneurship and Dentistry

After identifying the knowledge gap that existed in understanding sleep apnea, Dr. AviWeisfogel dedicated his efforts towards bridging the gap. He founded several businesses excluding the Old Bridge Dental Care. They include Health Heart Sleep in 2010, Owner Unlimited Sleep and Dental Sleep Masters. The latter organizes several seminars on sleep apnea for medical practitioners.