Dr. Dov Rand’s Essential Approach to the Body

In a society where weight loss is a difficult task to overcome, Dr. Johanan “Dov” Rand is considered an expert in helping people drive past their weight loss obstacles. He is also an anti aging specialist. Dr. Dov Rand is based out of West Orange New Jersey, is a weight loss and hormone specialist. Dr. Rand’s approach to weight loss doesn’t just look at calories and fad diets. Dr. Rand uses a scientific approach that helps weight loss enthusiasts understand their specific body types and use techniques that suit them.


Dr. Rand’s Background

Dr. Johanan “Dov” Rand founded Healthy Aging Medical Centers in New Jersey. Dr. Rand was trained at the highly rated Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He is trained in the following areas; Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Physiatrist. Dr. Rand is a big believer is only practicing Peer-Review medicine. Dr. Dov Rand is also a big believer in living an active lifestyle for himself and his patients.


Dr. Rand’s Programs

Dr. Dov Rand uses personalized programs for his patients. He is a believer in nutritional supplements and using fitness to heal patients for the long term. Dr. Rand uses vitamin therapy to help patients with any deficiencies in their bodies. He doesn’t like giving his patients weight loss pills or pain medication. He would rather find the root of the problem and use natural techniques to help a person heal for the long term. Dr. Dov Rand also uses a hormone based approach to weight loss, helping his patients understand that hormones can help or hurt a weight loss or body composition journey. The Doctor also uses a program that can help reset a persons metabolism, helping them with a new weight loss and anti aging journey.


Dr. Rand’s HCG Diet and Testing

Dr. Dov Rand has recently popularized a variation to the HCG Diet. He has shown an easy to understand approach to losing weight and improving health with his HCG diet. The HCG diet is just one of Dr. Rand’s successful programs, the well known Doctor also uses testing protocols for patients. The testing helps them find out which nutritional program will help benefit them based on their age, blood test results and body type.