Gazette Day Article Recap + OSI Merges with Turi Foods

OSI Group originally started out as a small meat market and butcher shop in Chicago, Illinois. It was started by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant who migrated to Chicago toward the beginning of the 20th century. By the end of the First World War, his butcher shop had relocated and transitioned into a wholesale business.

After nearly two decades of operation, the business officially became known as Otto & Sons in 1928. After the phenomenon of nationwide economic expansion post-World War II, Otto’s two sons – Arthur and Harry Kolchowsky – had become the owners of the company. They had agreed to work with Ray Kroc, an agent for the McDonald’s, as the latter’s first supplier of ground beef.

As Otto & Sons began to grow as a manufacturer for beef patties that would later be sent to McDonald’s, they changed their company name to OSI Industries in 1975. This change signified the technological development that had occurred within the company.

OSI industries also had a change in leadership. In the early 1980s, Sheldon Lavin, who had previously worked as an investment consultant for Otto & Sons in the early 1970s, had become the new CEO of OSI industries. As it became a larger, more complicated international company, and a supplier to various large organizations, with McDonald’s being its top customer, the company has come to be known simply as OSI Group.

As of May 4, 2018, Turi Foods, a company that specializes in the production of cooked and uncooked poultry products for retail use in Australia, has merged with OSI Group. The two companies hope to combine the international reach of OSI Group with Turi’s experience in the production and processing of poultry, to form a company that offers world-class food solutions.

They hope that their similar fields of expertise, as well as their strong reputations among their respective customers, will enable them to serve consumers in newer and more innovative ways, while creating more opportunities for their employees as well.

Enhance Athlete Wins Lawsuit Against Nutrition Distribution For Unlawful Practices

Enhance Athlete recently came forward victorious in a lawsuit claim that they had filed against a company known as Nutrition Distribution. The company was recognized for taking away profits from companies like Enhance Athlete even though they were not permitted to. Several other claims were regarding the events that took place between the two companies which further shed light on the inconsistencies with the operations that Nutrition Distribution was conducting. Enhance Athlete was not the only company who was affected by the deeds being done by Nutrition Distribution. Several other well-known names came forward to support Enhance Athlete, stating that they have also experienced similar situations with the company.


Because of the lawsuit that was filed against them, and because of the numerous reports being filed by other companies, there is no surprise that Nutrition Distribution is already experiencing the brunt of it.


Enhance Athlete is a company that is known for providing a high quality of supplements to customers, particularly those who engage in a lot of physical activity. People from all over the country use the products supplied to them by Enhance Athlete, which is why the brand has grown to become a household name. Because of how widespread the products started to get, the brand began to acquire customers from all over the world. The brand also has exclusive partnerships with stores from across the globe like Mandy’s Muscle House and Muscle Korea.


Recently, Enhance Athlete also decided to expand their current product lines to be able to offer a broader range of products like athletic clothing, accessories and performance programs. This overall support can help customers who are looking to get stronger, inside and out. All of the programs and supplements that are offered by Enhance Athlete have been tested and are based on an incredible amount of scientific research, which is what has helped the company gain the trust of all those who buy from them.


A lot of times, supplements and other health and fitness products tend to be more expensive because of the advertising costs that a brand has to incur. Enhanced Athlete doesn’t engage in any advertising and tries to offer their customers the most cost-effective price so that their products can be made available to everyone. Most of the customers that come through them have either read about the products in some form of reviews or know someone who uses them and has had a positive experience with it.