Despite His Young Age, Milan Kordestani Successfully Manages An Accomplished Farming Business

Milan Kordestani was born in California and is a young but already accomplishment businessman that is known for being an equestrian and agriculture advocate. His company, Milan Farms, is quickly expanding and developing innovative techniques for providing organics goods to customers around the country.

After his parents divorced, Milan continued to grow up in California after returning from England after a short stay of one year. Thanks to Milan’s ventures into horseback riding, he not only earned awards for his accomplishments and rode on a national level, but he earned recognition as an equestrian and gained local and national recognition. This was a major step in his career as an equestrian as he continued to win championships in horse riding. Today, Milan incorporates these same disciplines for running his company, Milan Farms, to turn it into a major agriculture company and organic production business.

Milan is not only known for his successful running and ownership of Milan Farms or his efforts as an equestrian. Milan Kordestani, among his various accomplishments at such a young age, is also an accomplished writer that has had his work published. All of this was accomplished while he was still attending school as well, only graduating finally in 2017. This is an impressive amount of success for such a young person. Milan also started up the app known as Dormzi, which helps students gain access to services they need for their education.

As the CEO and Founder for Milan Farms, Milan has a big road ahead of him coming with the expansion of his farms. Even though he just started off the company in 2015, Milan has already expanded the farm to three separate locations, all of which are focused on organic growth and high-quality products. What allows Milan Farms to flourish and what has brought Milan himself so much success is his ability to innovate and try new things, especially in the field of agriculture. Starting in his sophomore year of school, Milan Kordestani started off his career that will someday change the face of agriculture around the world.