End Citizens United: Creating A New Standard In The Political World

In politics, there are many people involved in every activity. In the political world, one can also either make or break you because you cannot please everybody and one cannot survive without an organization or a specific committee who will support you.

There is a specific committee in the United States which helps and supports chosen candidates during the election. They gather and collect funds from its members and use those resources to campaign for their candidate. This committee is known to be called a political action committee. An example of this so-called committee is the End Citizens United or the ECU.

The End Citizens United is fighting against the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court last 2010 in the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, which removed imposed limits for a candidate’s independent disbursement during a campaign. End Citizen’s United goal is to be able to limit the involvement of using big money from rich people or billionaires during a campaign. End Citizens United was founded in the year 2015 and started its campaign during the 2016 election. The primary goal and mission of the organization are to eliminate the use of money in the political system and to be able to have reformed with regards to the finance of the state.

To be able to meet their goal and mission they have set guidelines to follow. In choosing the candidates to support, these candidates must be in favor of reform, especially finance reform. They must think of ways to highlight the issue of big money in the political world as well as at the national level. They also use a poll to be able to pass laws concerning reforms in the states. The End Citizens United is also demonstrating political influence with regards to the involvement of money in politics by using basic memberships.

At present, End Citizens United is supporting Conor Lamb. Conor Lamb is running for Congress to fight for the rights of those in Pennsylvania. Conor Lamb is a Democrat who has goals in line with the mission of the ECU. The president of End Citizens United, Tiffany Murray, announced on how the ECU is supporting Lamb and how the ECU is determined to fight against anyone who is attempting to use financial power to win elections.  The ECU had supported several Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Russ Feingold. Thee democrats, like End Citizens United, have fought for financial reform in the political world.  There are a lot of political action committees in the United States, but the End Citizens United is said to be different because it uses funds, not from influential business owners or billionaires, but from mainly the pockets and donation of their members.