Rocketship Learning in Schools Based in D.C

Statistics reveal that most parents do not know who will teach their children until school re-opens. Additionally, most public schools do not incorporate the latest designs in learning, which include e-learning and use of the integrated computer knowledge. However, with the latest innovation in learning, parents are opting for the easier and the most efficient methods that include parent’s involvement. Such learning is offered in Rocketship education system. This system not only grants parents the right to appoint the desired teachers to teach their children but also provides a more interactive mode of learning.

About Rocketship

Rocketship education in D.C public schools was started in the year 2013. The Public Charter School Board had faith in the new and improved method of learning. The system includes thirteen schools in Washington D.C and its neighboring areas. Several years after it was started, there were arguments that the system would cause unnecessary competition in the neighboring traditional schools. Recently, Rocketship core values were created to provide consistent, predictable, and a positive school experience that students will enjoy studying. In addition, Rocketship education helps students develop social-emotional skills needed in school and beyond.

The school’s curriculum involves instructional programs that include social-emotional learning that is taught three times a week. With a carefully selected curriculum, the schools are able to differentiate learning curricula for lower and upper grade students. In younger grades, Rocketship employs Kimochis curriculum, which operates in eight schools. Kimochis involves the use of unique temperaments that are designed to provide students with depersonalized opportunities to recognize their emotions. These characters act as a safe third party that aids in rediscovering their inner strengths and personalities.

Students in upper grades are provided with the use of RULER tools, these tools are capable of aiding them in tracking their behavior, feelings, and their progress in school. Additionally, to improve on their character and the relationship with other peers, Rocketship system uses gratitude grams. This value includes showing gratitude and appreciation to others. The school insists that gratitude is an important value in the society that should be exercised.