Encounter with Mr. Nitin Khanna on Entrepreneurial Tips and Secrets to Business Success

Born in 1971 in Himachal Pradesh, India, Nitin Khanna pursued his primary education in India before moving to the US at the age of 17 where he pursued his Undergraduate and Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering at Purdue University. Mr. Khanna is also the founder and CEO of MergerTech in 2009, an entrepreneur-based company in Portland whose mission is to enable small and medium-sized technology-based companies to achieve value in business through sales and partnerships with best financial buyers. Prior to founding MergerTech, Mr. Khanna co-founded Saber Corporations in 1998, a well-known provider of standalone services to the US government with a success of $ 120MM in revenue which he later sold. He also serves as a President at Maxonic, partner at Hoist Fund LLC and a member of the boards of Vendscreen, Freewire Broadband and advisor to several other companies.

In a recent interview, Mr. Khanna attributed to have developed his passion as an entrepreneur since childhood, having brought up in an entrepreneur-based family and his interaction with several business enterprises. He attributes the idea of founding MergerTech in 2009 to have come from his tremendous success while running Saber Corp.

Mr . Khanna shared his entrepreneurial motivation to success to planning ahead of time which includes developing a to-do list as it makes a person more productive. He went on to give his secrets of bringing ideas to life which include nurturing idea on a long term growth without giving up. He also acknowledge the emerging trends in the social media and its impacts in business including the use of global communications to mentor and sourcing skilled personnel.

He also emphasized on time management as a factor in business considering prioritization of yielding and constructive ideas rather than spending much time on unproductive ideas. Mr. Khanna disclosed on the best habits of a good entrepreneur is exploring different aspects and markets to establish a niche. He also recommended readers interested in developing management philosophy to consider reading Influence by Robert Cialdini and Winning by Jack Welch.

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The Sale Of Holley Performance After 5 Years Of Excellence Partnership And Delivery Of Excellence Service

Lincolnshire Management Incorporation recently announced about the sale of one of its partnership company to Sentinel Capital Partners. Holley has been in partnership with Lincolnshire Management Inc. since 2013. It was founded back in 1903 and has served to deliver uniquely designed automotive, it also takes part in the manufacture as well as marketing of their branded products to its continuously growing stable market. Holley continued growth and experience as well as products knowledge after serving the community for over 100 years is sufficient to enable them to remain in business this long. The big American culture cannot fail to recognize the functions served by Holley over the years of excellent service.

In addition to being leading in auto motives aftersales, Holley partnered with Lincolnshire Management Inc. to create brands that can compete favorably because they lead in the market. Some examples of brands created include the Hooker, Racepark, Earls among others. The secret behind the success of Holley is the continued addition of value to the products they bring to the market as well as the production of products which are meant to increase enthusiast’s excitements when handling auto motives or branded cars they produce.

In an interview about the sale of Holley, Lincolnshire Management Inc. chief executive officer Mr. Maloney said that partnering with Lincoln was one of the greatest partnership the company has mad since its founding. He says that the partnership has delivered a significant drive towards the growth of investment through the development of new products as well as the invention of a strategy that is aggressive towards the success of both companies.

Lincolnshire Management Inc. exists as a private firm that was founded back in 1986. The firm continues to invest in and continue to acquire companies which are rated to be middle-market in the big array of available industries. The company is based and has headquarters in New York. It majors its investments in private companies with a promising future, they also practice recapitalizations and also manage the buyouts they acquire among other investments. It is rated to manage an estimate of 1.7 billion capital that is private equity based. Open this link to see some of the firm’s acquisitions https://www.divestopedia.com/companies/lincolnshire-management-inc/3468.

Dallas-Based Bank Completed Multi-Million Dollar Subordinated Debt Offering

The Dallas-based bank NexBank completed a subordinated debt offering of $54 million back in late 2017. The company decided that the proceeds would be used for general corporate purposes. Between the year of 2016 and the end of 2017, NexBank raised just over $280 million of debt and equity.


The subordinated notes cannot be called until five years have passed. The notes will reach maturity in fall of 2027, and their interest for five years is at 6.375 percent. After five years, the notes will have have a floating interest rate. At the time of the announcement, the notes were given an investment grade of triple B, and Kroll Bond Rating Agency gave the notes a stable outlook.


The agent responsible for placing the notes was Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P., and according to atsondemand.com, the notes were not registered under the Securities Act at the time of the announcement about the offering.


More About NexBank

NexBank is a bank with its headquarters in the city of Dallas, Texas. They have a total of three branches, with all of them being based in Dallas. However, they serve customers in Dallas, the rest of Texas and customers located all around the country. NexBank serves an array of clients, including institutional clients, large companies/corporations and financial institutions.


NexBank Capital offers several products across three of its core services. Those services are institutional, commercial and mortgage banking services. To be more specific, NexBank offers services such as online banking, wealth management and personal banking to name a few.


The co-founder of the financial institute is James Dondero. He currently serves as the company’s president. Other executives who play a role in leading the bank are John Holt, who is the CEO, and Matt Siekielski, who is the COO. Combined, they bring a wealth of experience to the industry and they continue to lead NexBank in the right direction. For more details on Nexbank visit LinkedIn.com





Fortress Investment Group is an organization which has been making investments for years now. The group has been able to penetrate into the international markets and gained the trust of many people. Brazil is one of the countries where Fortress Investment Group has made investments.

According to Gareth, one of the people who has made investments with Fortress Investment Group indicated that Brazil was an ideal place to make an investment during the 2014 elections. He confirmed this through a statement he made during the Alpha Hedge West conference that was held in San Francisco. Gareth Henry went on to explain why he said this. He said that the elections were a reason to see this as an investment opportunity because the interest rates and the Brazilian currency were on the rise as a result of a change in the equity market. The year had seen both of these factors (interest rates and the currency) become very attractive and the elections meant that they would continue to be right even after the people had elected their leaders. Institutional Investors 2011 Hedge Fund 30 Rising Stars.

Gareth Henry also explained that other countries such as Scotland and Japan were ideal places for one to invest in. In Japan, as Gareth Henry explained, he had a good year in trading the year before. The country had the most significant trade year. This is because the economic stimulus in Japan was continuing to be strong.

The reason as to why Gareth Henry said people should invest in Scotland is because there was a failed independence vote that had brought about a turmoil. The turmoil meant that there was a good investment atmosphere in the country. He went on to say that the investors should keep their eyes open for the changes in politics and geopolitics across the globe over the next twelve months as this could present an opportunity for investment.

Gareth Henry has been making investments for several years especially in Fortress Investment Group, which made him one of its executives. His knowledge about places to invest in has paid off for him and could pay out for people who would follow his advice.

Southridge Capital Got Big Because It Rocks

Southridge Capital is an investment, advisory, and general financial services firm that does business only with businesses and corporations. Created without a lick of help from anyone else by Mr. Stephen M. Hicks in 1996, Southridge Capital quickly grew into being one of the go-to investment firms, consultancies, and advisory outlets for companies, businesses, organizations, and corporations that needed help with major business moves.


Over the years, Southridge has done business with three hundred – actually, more than three hundred – large companies with stock trading to the public on the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and other places to buy stock; in other words, Southridge Capital’s many corporate clients are about as big as they can possibly be. You can visit scribd.com



Southridge Capital has also put forth about $1.7 billion of its clients’ investment funds in various financial instruments, real estate investment opportunities, various kinds of derivatives, and plenty of off-the-wall forms of investment that helps its clients seek out unusually high returns in the interim, a moderate return in a reasonable amount of time, or even low yields for holding onto funds for a long time.


The company’s statistics truly speak for themselves. Further, Southridge Capital has consistently had enough profits to regularly give all kinds of money and other goods to charities, nonprofit organizations, and individuals completely outside of any programs by none other than the founder of Southridge Capital – Stephen M. Hicks – and his wife Mary Hicks.


According to PR Newswire, Mary and Stephen Hicks give resources to people who need them more than they do through The Daystar Foundation, a company celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. The Daystar Foundation was created by Southridge Capital so that its founders wouldn’t feel forced to take care of all their personal business with Southridge Capital’s bank accounts.


As such, the turned to The Daystar Foundation and never turned back. They have also created a firm called the Murray and Lois Hicks Charitable Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization with no employees other than its founders – Stephen and Mary Hicks – that is named after two of Stephen M. Hicks’ closest family members.


Roseann Bennett Is A Great Mental Health Professional

Roseann Bennett is a family and marriage counselor based in the Garden State. She graduated from Seton Hall University in 1998 with a master’s in psychology, then bagged a doctoral degree in education from the same school with a focus on marriage and family therapy just two years later. Bennett is also certified to work in cases where patients have dealt with trauma thanks countless further hours poured into her figurative bowl of career skills by earning a Clinical Certified Trauma Professional title.


As it might sound, Ms. Roseann Bennett is a highly-trained, widely-known mental health professional. Better yet – as if her resume isn’t padded heavily enough thus far – she owns and operates the Center for Assessment and Treatment, a nonprofit business based in her home state of New Jersey. Ms. Bennett co-founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment nearly a decade ago. In the past nine years, the business has become known as one of the finest for dealing with marriage and relationship issues across both New Jersey and New York. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy.


After graduating from Seton Hall University with a master’s degree, Roseann started working in the field of mental health, specifically doing in-home therapy jobs. She rose up the ranks of the various companies she worked for, then honed her career’s focus on outpatient therapy.


Outpatient therapy involves clients who don’t have serious, debilitating issues that restrict them to their homes. Further, such clients under Ms. Bennett’s careful guidance come and go freely following their appointments. Although one might think that such treatments aren’t as serious as their inpatient counterparts, dealing with individuals and couples – sometimes even groups – who have relationship issues is more difficult than most areas of mental health treatment and counseling. Read This Article for more information.


Soon after founding the Center for Assessment and Treatment, Ms. Roseann Bennett and her business partner scaled the business up slowly. Ms. Bennett feels that being conservative in the early stages of the Center for Assessment and Treatment ultimately helped the business grow into the flourishing success that it’s known as today. The center is open all days of the week except Sunday, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


More about Bennet on https://www.roseannbennett.com/