Straight or Arched That Is the Question

Wengie, a YouTube sensation, recently posted a vlog titled “Help Me Decide My Brow Shape!” She starts the video by talking about a beautiful bouquet of flowers she purchased to use as a backdrop in a video she was working on. She goes on a small tangent about how flowers in Australia are really expensive. Wengie says she hates spending so much money on something that is just going to die within a week or two.


After discussing her new dressing room table where she gets ready. She goes into how she wants to get her eyebrows microbladed again. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo done on the eyebrows. The eyebrow artist uses ink and a sharp edge knife like tool to manually make eyebrow strokes throughout your eyebrow to give them shape and make them look more full. One reason she is hesitant to have her eyebrows microbladed is because she is unsure of the shape she wants to go with. She is debating between a straighter brow and an arched brow. She asks her viewers to let her know what they think by leaving a comment.


Wengie then goes on to tell how she went to a store to get various travel size containers for different products that can be used for a DIY makeup video. Some of the things she purchased are, a 3-D facemask that helps pull your face up; a dental mirror so she can look at the back of her teeth; and a silicone mask that you put on top of a lifting or moisturizing facial mask.