Felipe Montoro Jens On The State Of Brazil’s Economy

No doubt a distressing period for Brazil, their economy is rapidly unraveling due to the nation’s waning infrastructure. Their condition has become so critical that it prompted the National Confederation of Industry to conduct a study on their infrastructure. The report revealed that Brazil abandoned 517 infrastructure projects just last year. From highways and airports to waterways and ports, Brazil inexplicably halted a vast array of infrastructure works. However, this figure pales in comparison to the 2,796 jobs they discontinued in total in 2017. Given the dire state that Brazil is in, immediate action is required. Visit on his twitter account for updates.

Unfortunately, Brazil’s ineptitude precludes them from analyzing and resolving the issue on their own. It’s for this reason why specialists like Felipe Montoro Jens are stepping in to offer their expert advice. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, there’s an assortment of setbacks in play. Land ownership issues, financial restrictions, improper training, technical difficulties, and poor micro planning techniques are among a few. Jens believes that the latter is the primary culprit for the stoppage of jobs. Perhaps Ilana Ferreira of the National Confederation of Industry said it best when she stated that Brazil’s works are “poor quality projects that indicate poor planning.”

Fortunately, where there’s a problem lies a solution. Jens maintains that the following implementations will mitigate some of the issues Brazil is currently undergoing: improved micro planning techniques, mandatory training programs, contractual agreements, modernized equipment, and strengthened internal control. If Brazil’s negligence endures, a bleak future is forecasted. In fact, Jens believes that Brazil will rapidly peter out if change isn’t implemented soon. Though Jens hasn’t completely lost faith in Brazil, other experts like Jose Augusto Fernandes have. Brazil’s done nothing to inspire confidence in Fernandes, and he believes that Brazil’s unwillingness to learn from their ongoing troubles doesn’t bode well for a transformation.

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