Jose Henrique Borghi Extends His Working Relationship With Fini

The candy retailer Fini has recently revealed its latest advertising campaign designed to show the people of Brazil how eating a little candy now and then can make any day a little brighter. The mastermind behind this Internet and TV based campaign is legendary Brazilian advertising expert Jose Henrique Borghi, an ad agency founder who has been at the top of his profession for more than 25 years after working his way up from his first position of Editor with the Standard & Ogilvy agency. Jose Henrique Borghi’s Mullen Lowe agency has already proven a success with its launch campaign for the Fini brand developed earlier in 2017 and taking in both Online and offline content.

Never afraid of accepting a challenge, Jose Henrique Borghi set out on his own career path after working with a number of different agencies across Brazil to create his own ad agency under the title, BorghiEhr. The development of his own agency which has since become Mullen Lowe Brasil saw Jose Henrique Borghi begin his entrepreneurial career working in a spare room with his business partner without any employees on a project that has now become the internationally known Mulle Lowe ad agency.

Honors have always seemed to flow for Jose Henrique Borghi as the company has become a staple for the advertising section at Cannes Festival with 14 Golden Lions already heading their way. Perhaps the best-known campaign Jose Henrique Borghi will always be remembered for is the much loved Parmalat ad series, but the advertising legend is well known across Brazil and the world for his impressive work with brands including Honda, Fiat, and American Express.

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Jose Henrique Borghi is one of the most influential personalities in the Brazilian advertising industry. He bears over three decades of experience in advertising, offering exceptional services to both local and international clients such as Alpargatas, GrupoFolha, American Airlines, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Unilever, and many others. He is also widely known for his significant contribution to regionally recognized advertising campaigns such as “Mamiferos” by Parmalat and “E o Amor” by Sazon.

He is currently the CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil, an ad agency committed to offering innovative branding strategies that put their clients in a good position to succeed on an international scale. Jose Enrique Borghi began his career in advertising in 1989 and has worked with several well-known agencies such as DM9, Standard Ogilvy, and the Leo Burnett Agency. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas.

Jose Henrique Borghi founded Mullen Lowe in partnership with Erh Ray as BorghiErh Creative Intelligence. The two met while working at Leo Burnett, and decided to establish a small ad agency that rose to a position of eminence in the country’s advertising industry. Over, the years, BorghiErh has merged with several entities such as Lowe Advertising in 2006, to create Borghi Lowe. After several years of operation, the firm again merged with Mullen Advertising Agency to form Mullen Lowe Brasil. As the CEO and President of Mullen Lowe, Jose Henrique Borghi is responsible for the acquisition, maintenance, and supervision of large advertising accounts.

Awards and Recognition

Owing to his great commitment to the success of his clients, Jose Henrique Borghi has been listed as one of Brazil’s top 20 most dominant advertisers. His activities have also cemented the position of Mullen Lowe as one of the largest agencies in South America.

In his robust career, Jose Henrique Borghi has won many awards for the companies and brands he was worked with. He has received awards from the London Film Festival, Abril Awards, New York Film Festival, and the Cannes Film Festival.

José Henrique Borghi Driving Brazilian Businesses to Great Success Through His Advertising Agency

Advertising plays a very important role in any business activity. With the technological advancement taking place in the business word today, a lot of business owners are resulting to DIY methods of advertising. Since this helps saves the business money, in the end, they do not help a business realize its objectives as effective advertising agencies do.

One of the most effective advertisement agencies we have today is Mullen Lowe agency. It is a creation of José Henrique Borghi and his partner Erh Ray as BorghiErh. After working for a number of marketing agencies, José Borghi decided to venture out on his own with the aim to serve better his clients. Thanks to their industriousness and zeal, BorghiErh managed to gain a lot of success that led to its successful sale to Borghi Lowe in 2006. That was not all. The company continued with its upward trend and attracted international investors. After the successful merger of the ad agency with Lowe & Partners, the agency changed its name to Mullen Lowe agency.

The different success stories of Mullen Lowe Agency are greatly attributed to its founding father José Henrique Borghi, who is no stranger to the world of advertising. Combining passion with academic qualification Jose has been able to lead and take the agency to greater levels nobody would ever imagine.

Jose is an Advertising and Propaganda graduate from the PUC. Some of the common advertisement campaigns Jose has been involved in include the Sazón with the hit of Zezé di Camargo and Mammals of Parmalat.

One characteristic feature of these strategies is to create lasting impressions in the minds of clients right from the start. José Henrique Borghi has been able to correctly achieve this by paying keen attention to the needs of his target market and clients.