Online Reputation Management Strategies Entrepreneurs Can Embrace To Push Their Brand

The reputation a business enjoys goes a long way to affecting its performance and the kind of feedback it will receive from customers. Many entrepreneurs have wanted to run profitable businesses but at some point this resolve is overridden by the lack of management and bad feedback that is shared by a section of customers. To remain relevant and to compete well with others, a business needs to clean its image online and ensure all the information shared reflects its positives.

Getting things done does not necessarily mean hiring professionals. There are simple yet effective strategies that the entrepreneur can embrace to push the business to attaining its goals after cleaning its reputation.

Set up social media account

The advent of social media opened up many opportunities and brought to the business world a new platform where businesses can market their products. Setting up social media accounts for a business does not need any assistance because opening most of these accounts is free and there are easy guidelines to follow when filling information.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook offer an easy way to connect with customers and potential customers. Interacting with them online helps you to understand their views of your products and you can reply with information that will clarify some doubts. Running social media accounts makes it easy to build a strong relationship with customers, which in effect boosts the reputation of the business.

Keep your site up to date

Technology changes every day and those who are found using old systems are more vulnerable to attacks. Customers always want to feel part of the new system, suggests updating your online store to offer additional features will prove you have effort to offer customers value for their money. Most importantly, updating your site helps to increase security.

Search engine optimization

Google can also be a great catch for you if you want to reach more buyers. Updating content that is optimized for certain keywords makes it easy for Google to offer results that are relevant to what your customers search online. Appearing on the first page of Google speaks a lot and shows that your website is preferred by many, hence reputable.


Why Mike Baur Has Helped Many Companies to Develop and Prosper In Switzerland

Business and entrepreneurial skills have been the backbone for any economic development for many countries across the world. This has led to the emergence of many companies that have invested greatly in supporting economic growth. With opening up of other market places, many people have taken that initiative to introduce new business start-ups. Mike Baur is a business and entrepreneur who has seen the impact of investing and propelling companies to succeed in the business world. As such, he has acquired a lot of knowledge in the industry spanning to over 20years in development of businesses. He established the Swiss Startup Factory which was his flagship project after having served in other institutions including the banking sector. He founded the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 where he has seen potential in start-up companies that grew to claim there spot in the international market. After successfully propelling the company to global limelight, many players got interest in partnering with the company and in 2016, the partnered with Fintech Fusion. This was because the company were aiming at reaching greater levels in the global market. Mike Baur has contributed a lot of resources and skills in the development of many companies from scratch to successful business venture in his country.

Swiss Startup Factory is a leading technological and financial service company that has beaten the odds in the industry to provide services to other start-up companies and business. The company has invested in innovative ideas and diversified ways of dealing with different types of clients who visits the company on a daily basis. Through this process, they have set-up strategies and employed in professional service providing personalities to spearhead there vision. The company is headquartered in Dorfstrasse Zurich, Switzerland. The company has continued to expand and has employed over 50 professional that are distributed evenly in all departments of the company.

Swiss Startup Factory has developed a strategy called 360 degrees that provides insight to clients at whatever business idea they want to develop. They provide them with the requisite information covering all angles of the business idea with the advantages and disadvantages to be encountered during implementation process. This has really worked well towards finding the best appropriate investment field that will bring the desired returns. In addition to all this services, they also offer free legal advice to the clients. Here, they help you to understand the underlying legal challenges and benefits to experience during the process of setting up a company.


Properly Care For Your Hair

Taking care of your hair is very important. Without the proper care hair can become dry, dull and lifeless. To avoid that from happening there a a few basic rules to follow. Below are just some of the best ways to properly care for your hair.

Eat Well

Eating well is very important for the overall health of your hair. When you fill your body with healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables it helps keep the hair looking and feeling its best. Healthy foods make hair shiner, stronger and even silkier.

Don’t Overwash

Overwashing your hair can cause it to become dry and damaged. Instead of scrubbing it everyday try to let some time pass so you don’t strip the hair. A few times a week is a good idea.

Cleansing Conditioner

When you do wash you hair it is a good idea to use a cleansing conditioner. One of the best cleansing conditioners on the market is WEN hair cleansing conditioner. Wen By Chaz is a very popular hair care brand that has been offering women cleaner, shinier hair for over 15 years. The cleansing conditioner is very unique as it washes and conditions the hair. It is made to be a one step wash for getting hair soft as well as clean.

Use A Treatment Mask

Using a treatment mask is a great way to add moisture back into the hair. Masks help hair to be softer as well as shinier and more manageable. One of the best masks is the Wen by Chaz Moist intensive hair treatment. This intensive hair treatment adds moisture and strength to the damaged hair making it shinier and healthier. The mask is made with only fine ingredients so it will never strip or harm the hair.

These are just some of the best ways to care for your hair. Watching what you eat as well as paying attention to the products you put in your hair can all make a difference.

More hair care tips available on Wen Hair care’s Twitter and Facebook  pages.

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The Greyhound Diaries

The greyhound diaries lasted for more than 12 years and 120000 bus miles with the sole aim of enabling traveler who used the Greyhound bus cope with the journey. The project that was modeled in the era of WPA has given life to some songs, images, and photo exhibits, web series, published stories and a one-person show that showed the fuller picture of the United States. Doug Levitt has performed parts of his project in some venues including shelters, ex-offender programs, at The Kennedy Centre and Southern Poverty Law Centre. His works have been featured in numerous media outlets including The Sunday Times of London, The Huffington Post, CNN, Fox News, and The Christian Science Monitor.


Doug was born in 1972 to Carol Schwartz and the late David Schwartz. At the age of 16, Levitt’s father committed suicide, an experience which played a great role in shaping the kind of life that he lives as an artist. His upcoming memoir talks about how fellow bus riders aided him into coming to terms with his father’s death. He attended Cornell University then later attained a Fulbright Scholarship to London School of Economics where he earned his master’s in Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict.


Once out of school he tried his hands in some careers. Before starting his artistic journey, Levitt was a foreign correspondent based in London. He traveled to numerous countries inclusive of Bosnia, Rwanda in Africa and Iran the in Middle East representing CNN, MSNBS, ABC just to mention but a few. He later settled for songwriting and singing. Over his musical journey, he has worked with the renowned Americana producer David Henry.

Keith Mann Knows What is Right and What is Wrong

In today’s society, it can be difficult for people to tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong. For someone like Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners, that has never been an issue for him. He has always known what is right and he has always done what is right. That is how he was bred and that is how he lives his life, each and every single day. That is why he has no regrets and does not second guess himself. He knows he is living his life the right way and the right way is by helping people.

Right now, he knows there are a lot of kids that want an education and want to do something special with their lives. They are not content to just sit back, take it easy, and relax. They know they have special skills and talents and they want to put them to use. That is a wonderful thing. So many kids today get in trouble and they do bad things. There can be any number of reasons for that, but Keith Mann wants things to be different and better for them. He wants them to have a chance to turn their lives around and really do something special with it.

That is why he is such a big part of the Uncommon School Districts of New York. This is something that is near and dear to his heart. It is something he takes a lot of pride in, and he has gone on record in saying that he wants to even the playing field for everyone involved. He knows that if these kids just get a chance, they can really soar and really take off in some wonderful ways. They just need the right doors to be opened for them.

That is why he held a fundraiser that raised over twenty-two thousand dollars for an upcoming school that will be opening in the district and will help fund it and pay for testing. He is a man of his word and his word is incredibly strong and carries quite a bit of weight.

4 Ways To Combat Dry Hair

Dry hair is every woman’s worst nightmare. Hair that is lacking in moisture looks dull, flat and unattractive. There are many causes for dry hair, from unhealthy hair products to poor beauty habits.

To combat dry hair and restore it back to its natural shine, follow these four simple steps and you will have gorgeous, shiny hair in no time.

  1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

We all know how good it is for your body to stay hydrated, but did you know that drinking water benefits your hair too? By drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day, you’re keeping your body healthy and your hair hydrated and healthy.

  1. Wear A Hat in Cold Weather

Dry, cold and windy weather can dry out your hair fast. The lack of moisture in the air and dry gusts of wind can steal much-needed moisture from hair. Fight back by wearing a hat every time you leave your house during cold winter months.

  1. Stop Using Heat Devices

Constant blow-drying and use of a curling or straightening iron fries your hair and robs it of moisture. The intense heat put out by these devices not only dries out your hair but burns it in the process. Only use these devices when it’s absolutely necessary, like when you are going to an event or out to dinner.

  1. Stop Using Shampoo

Yes, you read that correctly. Popular shampoos contain an ingredient called sodium lauryl sulfate which harshly cleans hair by stripping it of moisture. Instead, switch to a cleansing conditioner like Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner. This product cleans hair gently with natural ingredients.

Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner both cleans and hydrates hair with ingredients that will keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. The unique formula of this product can actually undo years of damage caused by exposure to harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate.

Every woman deserves gorgeous, shiny hair. By following these four steps, your hair will return to its natural shine and brilliance.

For more info, be sure to visit WEN Hair care’s social media pages on Facebook and on Twitter.

Talk Fusion Announces New Trip to Milan for its Associates.

Talk Fusion, the international video marketing solutions leader recently announced their new luxury vacation incentive for its independent associates. The vacation to Milan, Italy is expected to take place in December 2017. The trip is known as Destination: Milan, and it will be a powerful motivator to all the independent associates in the organization. These individuals will be motivated to build their businesses in the following year.


Milan is considered to be one of the fashion capitals of the world. The city is known for its shopping activities, unique Italian cuisine and some of the best sightseeing excursions that are rich in culture and history. Talk Fusion is planning to offer its independent associates their airfare and hotel accommodations in some of the best hotels in the city. These benefits will be granted to the qualified associates and their spouses.


The newly announced trip is one of the latest additions to the successful company’s impressive incentive lineup. According to a report from the video marketing provider, the lineup will include diamond recognition rings, Rolex watches, fully purchases Mercedes-Benz, long vacations to Hawaii, Maui, Orlando, Tampa, Dubai and Florida. This year, the associates will also be traveling from 1st December.


Talk Fusion has been doing quite well since it was established. Bob Reina, the Chief Executive Officer and President of the organization, says that the company will be committed to giving its independent associates and clients the best of the best. The company has also vowed to provide award winning services and unmatched business opportunities for the associates. The new vacation to Milan, Italy, will be a testament to this progress.


Bob Reina says that the December 2017 trip will be open to the current and also the future associates in the company. These associates must participate in the World’s first instant pay compensation plan that will take place in one hundred and forty nations. These independent associates earn their supplement income in the Talk Fusion Video Marketing Solutions. Individuals who will be allowed to attend the vacation must exceed or achieve the rank of Diamond before October 2017. The independent associates from the organization are looking forward to achieving this level so that they can qualify for the trip.


Securus Bringing More Than Video Chat To Prisoners

Video chat is a part of everyday life. You can log on to a variety of services and call one of your friends right now. Most of the time, it costs nothing. You can video chat so long as you have access to high-speed Internet. You can even video chat somebody all the way across the planet. With all of this in mind, it is high time that inmates and prisoners across this country have access to the same technology.


Inmates in over 178 different prison facilities across this country already have access to this video chat technology. But it is a little shortsighted to call it video chat. The technology, developed by Securus, does a whole lot more than simple telecommunication. The person trying to contact the inmate sets up an account on the Securus website. After logging into the newly created accounts, the user simply requests a video chat time. This request is sent to the prison facility and approved. Once approved, the user then logs back into the account at the appropriate time to start the video visitation. As you can see, this technology is a lot more complicated than a simple Skype session.


The applications of this technology are numerous, especially around the holidays. A stunning 110,000 visits per year happen on a smartphone. This means that more family members are getting mobile with their visitation. You can bring a smartphone into almost any venue, including the family’s living room, a sporting event, a play rehearsal, and anyplace else you can think of. This technology can really help the inmates communicate with their families, making reintegration into society a lot easier. Studies show that inmates who are well connected to their families on the inside of prison are much less likely to commit a crime when released from that prison.


EOS Lip Balm Creates a Sensory Experience

Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller are the co-founders of a company known as Evolution of Smooth. Their innovative EOS lip balm has revolutionized the oral care industry by crossing over traditional boundaries to enter the beauty market. Mehra had spent almost a decade in the industry of consumer packaged goods and Teller worked with start-ups. Together this team took a look at what was available in the lip balm industry before designing a product that would primarily appeal to women. In an online article on fast Company, Mehra recounts their initial discovery with lip balms as being virtually indistinguishable from each other.

Gaining New Insights

As veterans in the world of business, the co-founders of EOS lip balm understood the importance of using good marketing strategies. Since the packaging for the lip balms currently available was identical, they decided to focus their efforts on coming up with something new. In order to better understand what women found appealing they conducted a comprehensive survey. They wanted to get an idea of what women thought of using a product that came in a sphere shaped container rather than a tube. While women found the sphere easy to hold, they often had a hard time getting the product out of the container. This issue was resolved by making the lip balm a solid which could easily be applied to the lips while holding the base of the sphere.

Not only did the survey allow Mehra and Teller to design a container for their lip balm that appealed to women, but it also allowed them to make improvements on the balm itself. When women shopped for beauty products they were often drawn to items that appealed to all of their senses. Using this information, the team created a balm that came in different flavors and colors to engage more of the senses.

Want EOS lip balms? Get ’em at or via


The Basics of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a practice that derives from Judaism. It is mentioned in several religious denominations, but is not one itself. Kabbalah’s esoteric teachings have been passed down from generation to generation and were used to explain the complicated relationship between the finite universe, which included all of god’s mortal creations, and the eternal infinite universe called “Ein Sof”.

Questioning the purpose of one’s existence and the nature of the universe as both a large and small picture to attain spiritual realization is at the core of Kabbalah. Its teachings are believed by its traditional practitioners to be thousands of year old. Kabbalah is considered to be the building block for several religions, sciences, philosophies and political systems around the world. More recently, Kabbalah has made a resurgence outside of Judaism which has attributed to a renewal of Jewish culture.

The Kabbalah Center International is located in Los Angeles, California. It is a non-profit organization that offers to teach Kabbalah to those who want to learn. The practice, which was once very selective and only available to those who proved their devotion, can now reach those who have access to the Kabbalah Center and its several city-based locations. It can also be reached online. Its teachings are presented by an international group of educated teachers who have been practicing or studying Kabbalah for several years.

The Kabbalah Center was established in New York City as the The National Research Institute of Kabbalah in 1965. The original founders were Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein and Philip Berg. Mr. Berg traveled to Israel with his wife, Karen Berg, and lived there for several years before returning to update the Kabbalah Center and add a handful of new locations across the United States. The Los Angeles location opened in 1984 and quickly became the headquarters of Kabbalah knowledge. The location in New York was also re-established and updated by the couple. Both Philip and Karen Berg act as teachers and spiritual leaders at the California location. With their guidance, The Kabbalah Center has expanded to over fifty locations and thousands of students all around the world.