Rebel Wilson’s Great Birthday Experience

Rebel Wilson is not only an actor but also a writer, producer and directed. She has produced several films over the years that she has starred in the movies. Rebel has acted in plenty of films and series since Rebel joined the filming industry.

Rebel began acting after she graduated from Australia’s Theater for Young People; this was the beginning of her successful career journey. Rebel’s acting career began in Australia, from there she moved to Hollywood where she is still at today. Despite having acted in Hollywood for several years, Rebel has not yet considered becoming an American citizen though she thinks she would be an appropriate candidate.

Rebel Wilson’s joined Hollowed in 2011 and is acting under William Morris Endeavor. Rebel got accepted in Hollywood immediately due to her outstanding character and fantastic sense of humor. Rebel is a very talented actor; she is generous, courageous and exudes confidence. Rebel is a role model to many; she has been through a lot of challenges but approached each one of them with courage and the will to continue growing as a person.

Rebel acted for the first time when she was a kid in a local acting center that her mother forced her to join.Rebel Wilson later joined high school where she further exploited her hidden talents by entering the art program in her school. It was through the help of her teacher that Rebel joined the program. She is thankful to her teacher for seeing the potential in her and encouraging her to work on her potential. Rebel later graduated and joined an ambassador youth program, as part of the program they used to visit different countries.

During a visit to South Africa Rebel got malaria and became bedridden. In Rebel’s drug-induced state she dreamt of winning an acting award; this motivated her more to pursue acting as a career.Rebel Wilson celebrated her birthday at the beginning of this month on 2nd; it was her 39th birthday.

She commemorated the celebration by attending cake baking lessons and practicing a new exercise routine from her new movie. The movie, Cats, is to be released this year. Rebel posted some of the activities that she carried out on her birthday. The new exercise routine is called ‘catzercise.’ On her Instagram page, Rebel posted a sneak peek of the dance routine that will be featured in the movie, Cats; this was during rehearsals for the film.

Rebel Wilson as wearing a pink cat outfit with furry ears top achieve a complete cat look. Rebel’s friends were also wearing cat outfits. According to Rebel, her pals planned a surprise birthday party for her that was finalized with the catzercise They all practiced the dance in 30 mins and managed to come up with a complete dance routine.

Rebel attended her lessons at Milk Bar and went ahead to bake her own cake with the help of Milk Bar. Rebel is glad to have undergone the whole experience. She is delighted to be working with Taylor Swift for the new movie.

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