Gareth Henry the best investment advisor

Gareth Henry is an experienced manager in the alternative investment field. He brings together various areas of experience in the management and the investment world. Gareth Henry has worked in different companies since his graduation from Herriot Watt University with a degree in actuarial mathematics and statistics. He has worked at Schroders plc as director of business strategic solutions where he saw the company scaling the heights of production. He later went to Fortress Investment Group and took the position of Head of International Investor relations and the human resource manager for the international agencies.

He is currently advising people on the best investment plans. He later developed mathematical skills. The economic and management urge consumed him until he decided to go for an actuarial mathematics degree. He added human relation on to his passion for economics and management. This virtue, therefore, set him apart from the rest. He enjoyed talking to people and colleagues at work on investment. Thus, he won the trust of many clients. He, therefore, navigated investor relations and raised some capital for the investments. Gareth Henry values customer relations.

He conducts over 500 meetings yearly with an uncountable number of phone calls, and he starts his day by calling clients in the European nations. He later does other daily activities and takes his lunch with some of his clients or a counterparty meal. He then reviews his documents late in the evening. He can also spare some time to on the weekend to check his files. To cement the client and colleagues relations, Gareth goes to a party with them severally every week. He calls the Asian and Middle East clients every Sunday morning. His life rotates around his professional career.

Gareth Henry and the Herriot watt scholarship

Gareth Henry is a former student of Herriot Wat University. He studied actuarial mathematics and statistics and graduated with honor. In his greatest mission to give back to society, he has begun a program to pay fees to all needy students in the university. He will, therefore, pay fees to all the students admitted in the Herriot Watt University and cannot manage to pay for their studies.

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