Heather Parry- A Star Has Been Born

In December of 2015 she branched out and became the president of the production company Live Nation Productions. Heather Parry has been part of many other productions in the last few years. Since leaving MTV as a news anchor she has added many movies and productions on her list of contracts.

Some of her top movies that she produced and directed were: A Star Is Born (2018),Pixels (2015), and House Bunny (2008). She has worked with artist like Sean Combs in the movie/ documentary “Cant Stop Wont Stop : A Bad Boy Story” “Believer,” about Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds’ relationship with the Mormon church and its stance on LGBTQ issues, and Lady Gaga in the “Five Foot Two” documentary.

Heather has also worked with the amazing Adam Sandler with Happy Madison Productions. “The Longest Yard” starring Adam Sandler himself. To say the least she has been involved with a lot of the top movies that have been out on the big screen.

Over the last three years she has learned to maximize Live Nation Productions. The production owns over 100 music festivals. So here is where she does her advertising. Some music shows they will preview certain trailers for movies or place large posters around. She is always looking for ways to branch out and come up with creative ideas to market in the ares that are needed. Sometimes there will be a trailer playing in the concession stands other times it will be through a ticket company, who bought what tickets and cross reference those with other tickets bought. It helps broaden the target audience.

Heather is always networking and getting to know people, which lead her to other people and the cycle continues. “It’s a place where things are constantly happening,” she concludes. “Talk about synergy: You light a candle and an artist appears!”

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