Heather Parry- A Star Has Been Born

In December of 2015 she branched out and became the president of the production company Live Nation Productions. Heather Parry has been part of many other productions in the last few years. Since leaving MTV as a news anchor she has added many movies and productions on her list of contracts.

Some of her top movies that she produced and directed were: A Star Is Born (2018),Pixels (2015), and House Bunny (2008). She has worked with artist like Sean Combs in the movie/ documentary “Cant Stop Wont Stop : A Bad Boy Story” “Believer,” about Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds’ relationship with the Mormon church and its stance on LGBTQ issues, and Lady Gaga in the “Five Foot Two” documentary.

Heather has also worked with the amazing Adam Sandler with Happy Madison Productions. “The Longest Yard” starring Adam Sandler himself. To say the least she has been involved with a lot of the top movies that have been out on the big screen.

Over the last three years she has learned to maximize Live Nation Productions. The production owns over 100 music festivals. So here is where she does her advertising. Some music shows they will preview certain trailers for movies or place large posters around. She is always looking for ways to branch out and come up with creative ideas to market in the ares that are needed. Sometimes there will be a trailer playing in the concession stands other times it will be through a ticket company, who bought what tickets and cross reference those with other tickets bought. It helps broaden the target audience.

Heather is always networking and getting to know people, which lead her to other people and the cycle continues. “It’s a place where things are constantly happening,” she concludes. “Talk about synergy: You light a candle and an artist appears!”

Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Accepts $200 million Investment

Recently, embattled pizza chain company Papa John’s announced that the company will be taking a $200 million investment from Starboard Value LP. As part of the deal the investment companies Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Smith will sit on the board of directors right along with current CEO of Papa John’s Steve Ritchie. Papa John’s has been under the leadership of newly appointed CEO Steve Ritchie since his appointment in early 2018.

The acceptance of the investment by Starboard comes at a time when the company has been declining similar investments by other outside entities formally associated with the company. Initially, the accepted investment from Starboard is thought to be because of the investment companies experience in the restaurant business. In 2014 the investment company was able to successfully replace over 12 board member seats including the CEO at Olive Garden. The move was done due to specific changes laid out by Starboard in their initial investment contract.

Today Starboard will seek to turnaround Papa John’s due to their underperformance in their fourth-quarter earnings report. The decline in sales was already showing before the internal scandals hit the company, therefore, it is understandable that other areas are at play to be changed.

Papa John’s has stated that they will use the $200 million investment to pay down their current depth and invest back into the company with the remaining funds. After the announcement of the investment, Papa John’s Pizza stock increased by 13%, their biggest jump since July.

Steve Ritchie stated that the focus for the company moving forward is to invest in making more sales rather than assisting franchisees. The plan as they call it will be rolled out across 5 months and will have a primary focus on better positioning the company to experience growth that will benefit the investors, stakeholders and the company as a whole.

Find out more about Steve Ritchie: http://stevemritchie.com/

JD.Com efforts towards global sustainability

JD.Com is among the largest e-commerce retailers in China. It was founded by Richard Liu who is the current CEO. When it was formed, it was just a small retail shop that only sold computer accessories. During the SARS epidemic, Qiungdong retails shops had to sell its products online, and this was the turning point for the company. JD.Com is an e-commerce company that has embraced technology and used it to ensure that its customers can buy from them whatever they want at any time. In a recent press release, the Qiungdond Company emphasized its commitment to global sustainability and its willingness to give back to the community.

The CSR report that JD.Com released indicated its efforts towards global sustainability since 2013. In the description, JD.Com has explained how every activity they engage in from product creation to the sale and delivery helps in achieving sustainable and positive results on the global environment and community. JD.com has come up with projects such as its green stream initiative and recycling program which helps it achieve its goal global sustainability. This program has helped reduced waste emissions, and it has also assisted consumers to adopt sustainable consumer trends in their lives.

In addition to this program, JD.Com has a unique platform which provides a safe way of linking organizations that have supply goods with customers.The platform also helps to speed up the delivery of donated goods and also track the products when they are in transit. This platform uses JD. Com’s technology is highly advanced together with its invoices and its extensive network of logistics. The report also stated that JD.Com was able to collect donations worth 2.4 million for more than 600 charities using their JD giving a platform. The report also included the 3 million additional products that JD.Com was able to source and sell from the rural areas. These products benefited 90% of the population in the poor counties of China. According to the report of JD.com is using the United Nations ‘sustainable development goals as a framework for measuring its efforts towards achieving global sustainability.

Expertise of Fortress Investment Group Within the Financial Market

Fortress Investment Group started its life as only a private equity firm in 1998 by Wes Edens and Randy Nardone. Its primary focus is asset-based businesses and the use of control-oriented investments in capital generating assets mainly in North America, West Europe, and the Caribbeans. Fortress’ Private Equity team uses value-position, opportunistic investment proposals with a large, experienced management team that works hands-on with addressable markets because Fortress has the expertise in the field. Fortress Investment Group has 919 asset employees and 209 investment professionals at their offices internationally.

Although, Fortress Investment Group is open to investments within a large variety of industries, the four main industries that they have made major private equity investments in Financial Services, Energy and Infrastructure, Healthcare, and Transportation. In Financial Services they are exiting non-regulated financial organizations to focus on favorable opening created by banks. In Energy and Infrastructure, they work with transportation and storage but the main focus is investments connected to the transformation of natural gas to base fuel. In Healthcare the main focus is to create a better way to provide lower cost healthcare delivery systems for the growing base such as senior living, online facilitation, and maternity care. In Transportation, the main focus is buying undermanaged infrastructure and transportation assets with large development projects and long-term capital gain.

Fortress Investment Group has five core competencies. The first is where Fortress specializes in asset-based investing with its private equity funds and credit funds. Their expertise is broadly investing in diverse sets of asset types. The second is Fortress’ Industry Knowlege and the diverse team can execute industry-specific investments and has strong working relationships with organizations and individuals internationally. The third is Operations Management, where Fortress uses their set of tools for assessing operational structural and strategic oppositions. The fourth is where Fortress uses their experience in Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions to enable them to cooperate with boards of directors and management teams to determine the best structuring and execution of the target investment. The final is Capital Markets because Fortress uses their expertise in securing cheap, low-risk financing for the investments by using other assets.

To know more visit @: www.fortress.com/about

Paul Mampilly: The Successful Investment Expert

A committed investment expert who majors in creating investment ideas that cater to the needs of the clients, Paul Mampilly is the founder of Profits Unlimited, a newsletter offering his investment strategies in the financial industry. From his experiences working as a portfolio manager in different companies across the financial world, Paul Mampilly’s investment advice in various stocks and assets is based on extensive research on market trends.

Many Have Benefitted

After spending more than ten years working at Wall Street, Mampilly started writing his investment research for Americans to gain. He used his experience to highlight major investment trends in the industry before joining Banyan Hill publishing in 2016. As of now, he has more than 30,000 subscribers who rely on his investment advice annually. He has assisted them to generate winning trades without making risky bets. As such, his readers have written shared important feedback following his input in their lives. Some have made $5,000, $23,000, and others $45,190 thanks to his recommendations.

The Internet of Things

Being an experienced investment expert Paul addresses different investment opportunities. For instance, he recently discussed the Internet of Things. Mampilly teases the possible worth of the Internet of Things as a form of investment for companies. He revealed that this could be the future of investment in technology. As he explains the benefits of investing in this new platform, Mampilly also compares it to making profit from investing in Microsoft in 1986 when it went public.

Ispirery Interview

In his recent interview with Inspirery, Paul Mampilly shares his life story. He was brought up in India but moved to America to pursue education and later a career in financial investment. He first started working in 1991 when he joined Wall Street. He was a portfolio manager for different companies such as Bankers Trust and ING. He continued to amass knowledge from the likes of Kinetics Asset Management where he handled the hedge fund. He managed to grow the assets of the firm to $25 billion thereby earning recognition from Barron as the most significant investment return. Today, Paul Mampilly is a revered investment expert who uses his knowledge to empower the common citizen.

Stream Care: Stream’s Own Foundation Featured In Patch.com

When it comes to disasters and unfortunate events, humans come together to help each other survive. That’s why when Hurricane Harvey dropped 56 inches of rain and destroyed properties in Houston and other places in Dallas, Stream Energy was one of the first to help the Dallas community, Stream Energy, or better known as Stream, used its own earnings to support the recovery of the community it serves.

Corporate Philanthropy, helping your customers grow and recover with you, is one of the most important things in Stream’s DNA. Stream Energy has been helping its customers with a lot of philanthropy works before. But to make it more formal, the energy firm released the charity foundation, “Stream Cares”.

With the state of Dallas and its other customer bases after the Hurricane Harvey, Stream knew that it is important to help its customers to stand up again and begin rebuilding the city. Donations started pouring for the people of Dallas with the help of Stream Cares. Giving back to the community is important in order to build bonds and earn respect for the company.

Before the Stream Cares was officially inaugurated, Stream Energy has been making efforts in helping the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Stream also has projects that take care of homeless children. This project is called the Splash for Hope, where employees and leaders from Stream deliver financial support, supplies, and a lifetime experience for homeless children.

Stream also work with the Salvation Army when an extreme disaster hits. An example of this teamwork is when a number of tornadoes went down on Texas. Stream and the Salvation Army raised funds to help the North Texans who lost their homes. The company also expresses their gratitude for the Veterans who served our country in the past by giving free special lunch of burgers, steaks, and ribs at a popular Texas restaurant.

Because of its philanthropic efforts, Stream was recognized by Patch.com and was featured on their site. Their efforts are not being recognized and are one of the reasons why Philanthropy works are always a good thing to do. Right now, the firm also launched the Stream Green, which is focused on helping to further rally eco-friendly initiatives.


Yanni Hufnagel’s Career as a Basketball Coach

From a tender age, Yanni Hufnagel was prepared to be a basketball coach. As a kid who was raised in a Jewish community in New York’s Scarsdale, he learned how to read various books regarding coaching avidly, and how to arrange basketball figurines in order to master how to coach different teams in the future. He additionally learned how to play different positions for local basketball teams. During his year at the prestigious Cornell University, he was a basketball team manager before engaging in a summer internship at NBA’s New Jersey Nets. Following his graduation from college, Yanni Hufnagel started working with Jeff Capel, one of the coaches at Oklahoma University who guided him in his career venture as an assistant coach. Over the years, Yanni traveled to Norman. Capel interviewed him before getting a job at OU.

In June 2009, Yanni Hufnagel started working at the Harvard Crimson Men’s Basketball Team as the assistant coach as well as a head hunter. He worked under Tommy Amaker. Hufnagel would later be voted for in a youth CBS sports survey following his service as the assistant coach for the basketball team. He relentlessly served as a recruiter in the game before working with Jeremy Lin as well as Wesley Saunders who served at Harvard. While serving at the Harvard School, Yanni Hufnagel contributed to the excellent performance of the team thereby making it a huge participant in basketball tournaments. Hufnagel was then appointed to serve as a coach for the USA Youth Team in Israel. He, however, declined the offer and accepted a coaching position at the Vanderbilt Commodores thereby leading ESPN to credit him.

Yanni’s career goes all the way to the California Golden Bears in 2014 where he started coaching under the guidance of Cuonzo Martin. The success of the team and its participation in persuading Jaylen Brown as well as Ivan Rabb are attributed to Yanni since the duo played a supportive role in leading the Golden Bears to the 2016 tournament.

In 2016, Yanni was appointed to serve as the assistant coach under the leadership of Eric Musselman as well as the Nevada University Wolf Pack. The appointment was supported by the president of UNR, Marc Johnson.

Hufnagel started playing basketball in Scarsdale High School. He was the team’s captain before joining a cable TV channel as a sports commentator. Today, he is known for contributing to the success of several basketball teams. Learn more about Yanni on wikivisually.com


Isabel dos Santos, the richest and most influential woman in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is current Africa’s wealthiest and most influential woman. She is the eldest child of the former president of Angola, Eduardo dos Santos. Isabel is a Russian-Angolan businesswoman who according to the Forbes research on 2013, her net worth was slightly more than two billion US dollars making her the first African woman to become a billionaire.

Isabel dos Santos Career.

For over 22 years, Isabel dos Santos has managed a dozen companies all of which are listed in the European Stock Exchange market. She returned to Angola in 1990 from London where she started working as a project manager engineer a subsidiary of Jembas Group known as Urbana 2000. The company had won a cleaning and disinfecting Angolan cities contract.

After Isabel dos Santos left Urbana 2000, she started her own trucking business, and later she ventured into telecoms. She ventured into the telecom due to the widespread use of the walkie-talkie technology. She saw a business niche and hence decided to utilize it.

At the age of 24, dos Santos started her first investment by opening the first beach restaurant and nightclubs known as the Miami Beach Club in the Luanda Island. Isabel expanded her business interests in two decades where she started venturing in the creation of several holding companies in Angola and also abroad. Isabel dos Santos made extensive investments in high profile businesses overseas, and mainly in Portugal.



Isabel dos Santo’s interests in the fields of media, energy, retail, finance, and telecommunication among others saw her expand her investments in both Portugal and Angola. Isabel started buying shares in different companies such as the Angola cement company and the Nova Cimangola Jadeium where she purchased a 4.918% worth of shares.

Isabel dos Santos is the primary shareholder in ZON Multimedia with a stake of 29%. Isabel also is a board member of the Angolan bank based in Lisbon. She also owns 20% shares at the Banco Portuguese de Investimento through her company Santro Holdings.

Isabel dos Santos has other significant shares in the Sonangol, an Angolan state oil company. She bought the shares through a joint family company, European Holdings that is based in the Netherlands which is known as Esperanza Holdings.

Isabel dos Santos is also among the founding members and a board member of the Banco BIC Portugues. The Banco Portugues recently acquired the nationalized bank Banco Portugues de Negocios.