Know Jason Hope: A Businessman and a Philanthropist

The scientific community now understands the importance of biotechnologies when it comes to addressing age-related ailments. With grants from different people and companies, scientists are trying their best to see on how to prevent or minimize the effects of age-related ailments. One of the notable grantors in this field is Arizona-based business person, Jason Hope. Some time back, Jason donated 500000 U.S. dollars to the SENS Foundation.

SENS Foundation is actually a non-profit firm that works around the clock to promote, develop, and also make sure that the rejuvenation biotechnologies that mainly focuses on the age-related ailments, is accessible to all. Jason Hope said that he is really interested and pleased by the progress of the SENS Foundation and the work of Dr. Aubrey Grey. He said that their work in advancing the human medicine is not only good for the Americans but also for people from all over the world.

Jason Hope said that the ambition of the SENSE Foundation to deal with the human aging problems and associated ailments (diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Atherosclerosis) is a good move and should be appreciated by any well-intended individual. He said the work is likely to lead to reshaping and redefining healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries for the betterment. The advancement and the improvement of the rejuvenation biotechnologies are extremely important for us and for the future generation.

The Chief Executive Officer of the SENS Foundation, Mike Kope, said that they created this firm because they wanted to come up with a completely new biotech industry. Their ambition was to come up with a catalyst for scientific research.

More about Jason Hope

Jason is a renowned entrepreneur living in Scottsdale, AZ. He has an unquenchable passion for philanthropy. He focuses on scientific research, disease cure, biotechnology, and education. He is an ardent supporter of education programs which encourages learning inside and outside the classrooms. Also, he likes working with the organizations that focus on disease prevention, cures, and control.

Jason Hope has with worked various clubs and organization whose main agenda is to improve health and the wellbeing of people. Some of the organizations he has worked with include The Tony Hawk Foundation, Teach for America Phoenix, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, Family Health International, T Gen Foundation, and many more.

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