Nexbank Has Provided Exceptional Financial Services for Nearly a Century

NexBank Capital, a financial service company, operates out of Dallas, Texas. It recently completed a private placement worth $54 million. Certain high-net and institutional investors were the recipients of its fixed-to-floating offer of subordinated notes. NexBank, with this closing, has raised $238 million in equity and debt as of 2016.


The notes carry a mature date of September 30, 2027, and will remain non-callable for five years. The Kroll Bond Rating Agency has given the bonds a BBB rating. These notes are not sold or offered in the United States without an approved exemption or registration. NexBank Capital provides client services through three core offerings.


These include financial institutions, institutional clients, and corporations. NexBank carries more than $8 billion in assets as of late 2018. The company also provides financial services for companies in the middle market and real estate investors. The company’s management team combines years of experience with a strong focus on customer service and a commitment to helping investors realize a return on investment.


NexBank also commits itself to supporting communities in which it operates. These commitments arrive in the form of educating others about finance, various loan programs, economic development, and other community services. NexBank does this in the hopes of helping build strong community relations for Dallas residents along with others in surrounding communities.


For nearly a century NexBank has served as a trusted source for families and individuals across the state of Texas. The financial institution can deliver because it offers a wide range of services and superior customer support. They create financial products through a robust assessment of customer needs. For customers, the end result is a superior banking experience. NexBank also offers a number of banking services tailored to customer needs. Their goal is to help individuals grow, protect, and manage their investments.

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