The expansion of OSI Group

A company that started out from merely a butcher shop now turns 100! The story of the OSI group is quite an inspirational one. From an attitude of adaptability to change and grabbing opportunities started out humbly with opening a butcher shop in the west side of Chicago. It to a never ending thirst for growth, the food supply group has been climbing ladders of success since its advent in the 1900’s. A German immigrant and the founder of the OSI group, Otto Kolschowskycontinued to grow and expanded into a family business and by the end of WWII, it prospered and was named Otto and Sons.  View the OSI Group profiles at Linkedin

A turning point for the OSI group which changed the course and pace of its expansion for decades to come was when it got into friendly terms with another small family owned business and together they boomed the economy and happened to become kings of the food industry. The business which acquired the services of Kolschowskies was none other than McDonald’s, which was walking baby steps into the food industry at that time. Otto and Sons became meat suppliers for them.

The group never lagged behind in devising new technology for growing and changing needs of their clients. The crunching need of providing fresh beef to McDonalds and intolerance of the meat in sustaining in trucks for a long time lead to a new method – “flash freezing” which helped in freezing food quickly as well as aided in easy transport. This technological advancement helped Otto and Sons to expand their business even more. As McDonald’s progressed and entered into the global market, so did their sole beef suppliers followed and hence from Otto and Sons, the OSI group was formed.

Their global expansion started from their entrance into the German market in the late 1970s and a decade later into Spain. They increased their presence in Europe by acquisition proved to be very beneficial to the company as it enabled it to improve their service to existing customers as well as to serve new customers. Moreover, upgrades in their Spanish plants have been witnessed and recently they have acquired Baho foods. WOOH! The expansion just doesn’t seem to pause. The OSI group is a benchmark for success and endless struggle for the better.



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