A Peek Into Harry Harrisons Mind: How He Built His Barclay Success

Harry Harrison is a curious man. His strong inquisitiveness led him to hold the top position at Barclays Non-Core in London, where he served as head of the company from 2014 through 2017, having worked in trading and investment for the company for over two decades.

He is husband to Amy Nauiokas, who like him, works in the financial industry as the founder and president of Anthemis Group, a London-based investment and advisory firm.

Where it All Started

According to Harrison, it all began with a strong curiosity of how companies work. This is the reason why he chose to major in economics at Warwick University and went on to pursue his graduate studies in finance at Cambridge University.

Within a span of nearly 30 years, Harrison has worked as a derivatives trader and managed teams of trading traders as well as fixed income sales.

When asked how he brings his incredible ideas to life, Harrison says it’s all due to the “combination of diversity, humility, and collaboration.” The experienced banker says that these values are a necessity especially in financial services, where big ideas are always present. If a team manages to hold these values together, it will be possible to come up with one strong idea and advanced them.

Habits that Make a Productive Entrepreneur

Harrison is not a big fan of procrastination. To be productive, an entrepreneur must tackle things as they happen, not evade them, and avoid long to-do lists as much as possible. He says that an entrepreneur must be able to differentiate “critical versus required” and delegate them properly to the team.

It’s essential to realize that not all issues can be closed out or solved in a day, but make it to a point that a certain task has progressed on a daily basis. Harrison says that the team should be able to understand what the priorities are and meet the close out date.

Surprisingly, Harrison recommends yoga and believes that this activity will help entrepreneurs cope with the stressful nature of the finance industry. His wife has long been a practitioner of yoga, which led Harrison to eventually give into it.

According to the executive, he is enjoying both the mental and physical benefits of yoga, especially in the aspect of being able to navigate the stresses of work efficiently.

Harrison wishes he could tell his own story not only as a leader but also as a thinker and manager. Admittedly, communicating his story is the one thing he thinks needs to improve and is the reason why he continues to write. If there’s one thing that he could say to a younger Harry Harrison, the entrepreneur says his advice would be, “to enjoy the journey as much as the results of your effort.” According to Harrison, enjoying the fruits of your success is good, but young entrepreneurs should not forget to enjoy life on a daily basis and interact with more people every chance they can get all the way to their end goal.

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