How Has Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Revolutionized The Plastic Surgery Field In The Country?

By the time Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was earning his plastic surgery residency at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers, he had his sight firmly set on impacting the cosmetic surgery scene. Two decades later, Sameer has gone on to become one of the most celebrated cosmetic surgeons in Dallas and beyond due to his expertise and revolutionary tactics. Unlike most professionals that only emphasize the medical part of their career, Sameer adopts a wholesome approach to the entire process from the moment you walk into his office.

Most compassionate physician

His approach to the healthcare sector and genuine concern about the health of his patients saw him voted the most compassionate doctor in the country. A significant portion of his patients have particularly referred to him as a warm and receptive physician while hailing his mastery of the cosmetic surgery filed in different review platforms.

Going beyond surgery

Ideally, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar specializes in the provision of body augmentation services, also known as cosmetic surgery. The services are in line with his board certification as a plastic surgeon in the country and range from breast augmentation, facial procedures and body sculpting for women as well as other non-invasive skin services and hair transplantation for men.

However, his services extend well beyond the surgery room operations. Sameer is also a renowned skincare product consultant and a collector of skincare products that he recommends to his patients. Most of his products are primarily aimed at addressing common skin problems like lost elasticity and dark circles.

Embracing technology

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s has also made a name for himself as one of the pioneer plastic surgeons in the adoption of technology in cosmetic surgery processes. For instance, each process at his facility starts with the physician providing his patients with a 3D preview imaging of their plastic surgery outcome.

Victoria Doramus Is Helping People Find Their Strength

The majority of people living in the civilized world are accustomed to having similar experiences throughout their entire lives, working to make a better living. However, some people find themselves stuck in bad habits or circumstances that make it difficult to achieve their goals in life or even have any at all. Victoria Doramus, a consumer trends expert, is working to help people become inspired and push forward to improve their lives for the better, no matter how difficult things may seem. Hard choices are necessary when it comes to old habits because they are always difficult to change or stop entirely.

According to, when it comes to battling bad habits, Victoria Doramus knows how hard of a struggle it can be. Victoria is understanding of how addiction truly work because she had to overcome it herself at one point in her life. For most, the infatuation with the addiction or bad habit is what keeps it going, because virtually everyone knows that their addiction or habit is a bad one when it is holding them back. There is no doubt that addiction is a hard thing to break no matter what, but it is made easier with support from those that have gone through similar experiences and come out on top.

When it comes to breaking a bad habit or overcoming an addiction, the most critical aspect is being honest with oneself in order to find the best course of action. One of the first steps for those looking to break their habits is understanding why they decided to start the habit in the beginning. As Victoria Doramus, a digital and print media expert, has done herself, the biggest step in breaking free from addiction is understanding what the addiction truly is and why it was formed. Negative repercussions are not enough on there own to make a person give up their crutches. Victoria talked about how she overcame her addiction.

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Bruno Fagali Knew How to Provide People with Positive Opportunities

Based on his experience in the legal field, Bruno Fagali knew what people needed to make sure they had the best legal representation possible. He also felt things would keep getting better no matter what he had to do or the situations he had to look at to continue helping people understand what they could get from different things. It was his goal to always show others the right way to do things no matter what it took. By focusing on making a better effort toward a positive experience, Bruno could make things easier for all the people he worked with. He could also show them they had someone who cared about the things going on in the industry. Since Bruno Fagali helped other people connect with different situations, he could provide them with a positive experience. Learn more about Fagali at

As long as Bruno Fagali knew what he was doing and knew how to make people understand the experience he had, he felt comfortable giving others a chance at a better future. He also felt there were things that would allow him to give back to people who became his clients. Since he knew how he could help them and what he could do to give them positive experiences, he felt he should make sure others realize they’re getting the most out of different situations. He always felt comfortable giving back to the people he worked with. Visit to know more about Fagali.

There were times when Bruno Fagali had to make sure he was coming up with new solutions and working toward bigger goals for the industry. It was a big part of the way he did business and the way he could make things easier for people in the industry. When Bruno began taking on government-related clients, he knew he made a good decision. He also knew he could show people the right way to try different things as long as he was coming up with a positive experience for everyone in the industry. It was his way of creating a learning environment that helped everyone with the issues people faced in different legal situations they were in.


Alex Hern and Technology Channels


Alex or Alexander F. Hern is an American man who knows a lot about starting businesses of all kinds. He’s a diligent executive who knows specifically about companies that are part of the technology world. He’s been a technology realm devotee for 15 years and counting. He tends to put his attention onto companies that are on the newer side. He’s the main man in charge at Tsunami VR, Inc. He’s linked to many other companies out there, too. Leadership roles come naturally to Hern. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

Alex Hern is a proud San Diego, California resident at the moment. He does more than reside in the pleasant Southern California metropolis as well. That’s because it’s also where he works day in and day out. The team at Tsunami VR has expansive proficiency that involves communications applications and software. These team members zero in on industrial sectors all of the time. There are a plenitude of career avenues on hand to people who want to be part of the Tsunami VR crew. People can consider working as media compression engineers, security architects, database architects, graphics software engineers, product managers and virtual machine engineers. Many people who are part of the Tsunami VR staff are located in San Diego just like Hern is.

There are also many staff members who run out of Los Angeles. The professionals who represent Hern and Tsunami VR in general manage all kinds of responsibilities. They manage web development, software quality assessments, mobile application creation and much more. Hern oversees these kinds of things on a frequent basis, too. Visit to know more. Hern is a big part of a number of groups that take on all sorts of efforts. He has ties to groups like Alterego Networks, Agiliance Inc., Strategic Acquisition Ventures, New Homes Realty Inc. and many others. He’s perpetually searching for new openings.