Trabuco Bradesco: Taking The Helm

Luis Carlos Trabuco is known to many as the leader to one of the largest banks located in Brazil. As chief executive officer, Trabuco Bradesco bank experience has lasted over 40 long years. The banking industry has been apart of his life from the beginning. His colleagues often tell others that Luis Carlos Trabuco Bradesco banking acumen was needed at the organization and that they knew he would fit right in. They don’t hesitate to talk about his ideal professionalism, relentless career success and top notch business wisdom. He has been a thriving success in their business organization for many years. Learn more about Trabuco Bradesco at

When Luis Carlos Trabuco was only 18, he started working at the Marilla branch that began his career in banking. It did not take him long to reach the office headquarters in just two years located in São Paulo. Trabuco Bradesco bank adventure, in terms of his career, bolted in success as he captured the director of marketing job for the bank in 1984. Many years later from 1992 to 1998, he took over the department that handles private pensions as executive director. The Trabuco Bradesco banking career was just getting started. His insightful skills afforded him a role as a member on the board of directors from 1999 to 2005.

He currently remains professionally welcomed on the board of directors working in the capacity as vice president for Banco Bradesco,SA. His leadership roles went on from 2003 to 2009 with the prestigious Seguros Group. They offered him the chairman position and then later gave him the chief executive officer role working at Bradesco bank.


Luis Carlos Trabuco banking career is impressive to say the least. He has brought about unbelievable results to the Bradseco’s insurance group. While he was president, the organization witnessed under his strong management skills their customer base double dramatically and brought about a merger in Brazil. He now gave the company a 25% position, 35% increase in net income and allowed them to become the largest insurance business in the country for Latinos. Luis Carlos Trabuco understands the world of banking and how to be successful. Visit to know more.

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