Despite His Young Age, Milan Kordestani Successfully Manages An Accomplished Farming Business

Milan Kordestani was born in California and is a young but already accomplishment businessman that is known for being an equestrian and agriculture advocate. His company, Milan Farms, is quickly expanding and developing innovative techniques for providing organics goods to customers around the country.

After his parents divorced, Milan continued to grow up in California after returning from England after a short stay of one year. Thanks to Milan’s ventures into horseback riding, he not only earned awards for his accomplishments and rode on a national level, but he earned recognition as an equestrian and gained local and national recognition. This was a major step in his career as an equestrian as he continued to win championships in horse riding. Today, Milan incorporates these same disciplines for running his company, Milan Farms, to turn it into a major agriculture company and organic production business.

Milan is not only known for his successful running and ownership of Milan Farms or his efforts as an equestrian. Milan Kordestani, among his various accomplishments at such a young age, is also an accomplished writer that has had his work published. All of this was accomplished while he was still attending school as well, only graduating finally in 2017. This is an impressive amount of success for such a young person. Milan also started up the app known as Dormzi, which helps students gain access to services they need for their education.

As the CEO and Founder for Milan Farms, Milan has a big road ahead of him coming with the expansion of his farms. Even though he just started off the company in 2015, Milan has already expanded the farm to three separate locations, all of which are focused on organic growth and high-quality products. What allows Milan Farms to flourish and what has brought Milan himself so much success is his ability to innovate and try new things, especially in the field of agriculture. Starting in his sophomore year of school, Milan Kordestani started off his career that will someday change the face of agriculture around the world.


Why Is Jason Hope Supporting Anti-Aging Research

For the longest time, human beings have viewed aging as a natural phenomenon that no human being can avoid. It is a natural process that will catch up with us despite how well we eat or how healthy we look right now. At some point, we will no longer be able to do the things we used to do while we were young. This is the sad reality of life. Old age comes with challenges that unless we stay focused on solving them will be part of the human generation forever. As we get old, we develop old age diseases such as Alzheimer’s which end up messing with the lives of human being. At a time when one is supposed to be enjoying the fruits of the years spent working, old age diseases start trickling in and taking all the happiness of the retirement age.

The fact that old age diseases have been a major problem for generations does not mean that there is no hope of eradicating them. According to philanthropist Jason Hope, there is hope that soon there will be changes that will lead to the eradication of old age diseases. From research work being done by an organization he is supporting known as SENS Research Foundation, there is a high likelihood that we could have a drug that will slow down or stop aging in human beings. With such a drug, we are looking at the possibility of having human beings who will be very energetic at the age of 80 years. Since old age diseases are brought by wear of body tissues, a strong and energetic body would no fall victim to old age diseases.

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Jason Hope is a futurist and philanthropist in Arizona. He believes that science can be used to solve some key challenges that face human beings. Jason Hope has been supporting the work being done by the SENS Foundation because he sees great potential in work. Jason Hope has given $500,000 to this foundation, to help it accomplish its goal of creating an anti-aging drug that will eliminate old age diseases. The move taken by this organization is a great step towards eradication of old age diseases.


Trabuco Bradesco: Taking The Helm

Luis Carlos Trabuco is known to many as the leader to one of the largest banks located in Brazil. As chief executive officer, Trabuco Bradesco bank experience has lasted over 40 long years. The banking industry has been apart of his life from the beginning. His colleagues often tell others that Luis Carlos Trabuco Bradesco banking acumen was needed at the organization and that they knew he would fit right in. They don’t hesitate to talk about his ideal professionalism, relentless career success and top notch business wisdom. He has been a thriving success in their business organization for many years. Learn more about Trabuco Bradesco at

When Luis Carlos Trabuco was only 18, he started working at the Marilla branch that began his career in banking. It did not take him long to reach the office headquarters in just two years located in São Paulo. Trabuco Bradesco bank adventure, in terms of his career, bolted in success as he captured the director of marketing job for the bank in 1984. Many years later from 1992 to 1998, he took over the department that handles private pensions as executive director. The Trabuco Bradesco banking career was just getting started. His insightful skills afforded him a role as a member on the board of directors from 1999 to 2005.

He currently remains professionally welcomed on the board of directors working in the capacity as vice president for Banco Bradesco,SA. His leadership roles went on from 2003 to 2009 with the prestigious Seguros Group. They offered him the chairman position and then later gave him the chief executive officer role working at Bradesco bank.


Luis Carlos Trabuco banking career is impressive to say the least. He has brought about unbelievable results to the Bradseco’s insurance group. While he was president, the organization witnessed under his strong management skills their customer base double dramatically and brought about a merger in Brazil. He now gave the company a 25% position, 35% increase in net income and allowed them to become the largest insurance business in the country for Latinos. Luis Carlos Trabuco understands the world of banking and how to be successful. Visit to know more.

The Accomplishments And Service Of Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has earned the respect of the United Kingdom. This is especially true for the members of the Ismaili community. His commitment to philanthropy has helped advance society. He is not only involved in the Ismaili community in the United Kingdom, but across the globe. His collaborations with the Institute of Ismaili Studies have benefited the community. He is both a member and an advisor. The Institute promotes the history and culture of the Muslims. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has enabled the Institute to reach many of their goals. Dr. Sachedina helps spread the Ismaili community’s knowledge regarding Muslim history to the members of the community. His work has helped integrate the members of the community and increase the Institute’s influence for their members. He also works with a non-profit group called the Aga Khan Foundation.

This group helps improve the welfare of the community all over the world. Dr. Shafik Sachedina also coordinates between active volunteers and different Ismaili community organizations to help improve the missions of the organization. Dr. Shafik Sachedina lends his expertise to the leading senior living network in the United Kingdom, Sussex Health Care. He has played a vital role as the Joint Chairman in expanding the network to 23 homes. Sussex Health Care provides special care for people afflicted with dementia, Alzheimer’s, learning abilities and neurological issues. His leadership made certain personalized care was provided by every house for the senior residents.

A highly engaged lifestyle is provided by the houses for the residents in accordance with their interests. Every resident can choose what they want to become involved with. The two other important factors are the nutritious food and excellent medical care. Dr. Sachedina’s birthplace is Tanzania. He earned his degree in dental surgery in the United Kingdom in 1975. During the time he had a dental practice, he made certain his patients received exceptional service. He has served numerous roles and collaborated with healthcare companies. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has led several delegations concerning the issues and conflicts of Afghanistan and Syria. He has served the Ismaili Council twice as the President during the past.

Sheldon Lavin Led OSI Group To International Success

Sheldon Lavin was originally an investment banker before getting involved in the food manufacturing industry. He had his own consulting firm and worked as an executive. Lavin was offered the opportunity to get involved in a new venture when the bank suggested that he come in as a consultant between Otto and Sons and the McDonald’s Corporation. The McDonald’s Corporation had discovered Otto and Sons when it was planning to move its restaurant enterprise into the Illinois area. Ray Kroc needed a meat distributor that he could trust and chose the family-owned business for the job. Otto and Sons more than lived up to the responsibility. They eventually were selected to be the sole provider of meat to the entire McDonald’s Corporation.

Otto and Sons needed to build a new meat manufacturing plant to accommodate the arrangement with McDonald’s. Sheldon Lavin came in as a consultant to bring the two organizations together. Over time Lavin’s role grew and he was asked to be in the situation on a full-time basis by executives at McDonald’s. Lavin agreed to come in as a partner. As the original founders settled it to retirement Lavin became the leader of the entire organization. By the 1960’s Sheldon Lavin was making international investments with OSI Group. The company spread is interest throughout the Americas, Asia-pacific and eventually into Europe. OSI Group’s latest merger took place in Australia where they acquired the country’s largest food manufacturing distributor.

Sheldon Lavin believes in growth and has built OSI up to a worldwide organization with more than 20,000 employees. OSI has a very definitive process when it comes to hiring personnel. Lavin believes in bringing in the type of people who belong with the company. This is why OSI Group has a very low turnover rate. It is a statistic that Lavin is extremely proud of. Sheldon Lavin has been recognized by various organizations for his international leadership. He was presented with the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. Lavin also takes his philanthropic work very seriously and believes that companies should be involved in their communities.

End Citizens United Makes Endorsements For 2018

End Citizens United is a political action committee that was founded in the wake a Supreme Court case called Citizens United v. The Federal Elections Commission. The Supreme Courts decision in this case in essence gutted much of the work that had been done on campaign finance reform.

The Citizens United decision allowed unrestricted money to flow into the campaigns of candidates. In many cases, the donors who give to the candidates do not have to divulge their identities.

As a result of the Supreme Court’s decision, the group End Citizens United was created. This group’s goal is to restore integrity to the financing of political campaigns. The group wants to back candidates for elected office who are committed to transparency in financing their campaigns. End Citizens United also wants to endorse candidates who are firmly committed to enacting serious campaign finance reform laws.

End Citizens United has been extremely successful in raising funds from a network of small donors. The group is then able to provide financial aid to those whom they endorse.

For 2018, ECU is endorsing several candidates who are running in some key races. One of ECUs main targets in 2018 is Senator Ted Cruz from the state of Texas. He has been identified by ECU as one of the biggest obstructionists when it comes to passing campaign finance laws.

In order to replace Senator Cruz, ECU is endorsing Beto O’Rourke. For six years, O’Rourke has served as a Congressman representing the area around the city of El Paso. Congressman O’Rourke has supported campaign finance reform legislation in the past, and he is committed to doing so in the future.

Jacky Rosen is running for the United States Senate in the state of Nevada. Her goal is to defeat the incumbent Senator Dean Heller. End Citizens United is backing Rosen. She is currently serving the House of Representatives as the representative of the Third District of Nevada.

ECU has an entire slate of candidates that they want to elect. The overall goal is to remove the 30 worst offenders when it comes to blocking campaign finance reform efforts.

NetPicks Shows an Example of the Right Business Mind-set

While there are a ton of people who actually want to be successful, one thing that people are going to find when they bother to look is something that is common among successful business owners, entrepreneurs and traders. NetPicks as a site lets people know what it takes to be successful at Forex as a whole. As with success as a whole, the advice on how to succeed is actually seemingly counter-intuitive. However, it is the very thing that successful people have in common. When others learn to adopt this approach, then they are going to be successful as well, stated on (

The advice that NetPicks gives to people who want to be successful at Forex trading is to welcome losses. One of the reasons that they need to welcome losses is that losses are to be expected. As a matter of fact, when they open up a trade, they are already at a losing side, as posted on The price has to move a little bit in their favor before they become successful. In many cases, the trade is not going to be a success. This is one of the reasons that NetPicks has advice and lessons for people on learning how to lose.

This is very similar to the concept of failing forward. The entrepreneur that is willing to fail is going to be the one who has the biggest chance at success. This is a very important lesson for people to learn if they want to move forward. One thing that can stop people on their tracks as they are moving towards their goals is fear. Some people let the fear of the unknown get the best of them to the point that they are paralyzed. The one who is constantly moving courageously is going to be the one who is going to increase his chances of success, check


OG Juan’s 50th birthday celebration with Jay Z

Longtime friend and business partner OG Juan Perez and hip hop artist and extremely successful businessman Jay Sean Carter Z (Hova) recently hit the streets to celebrate Perez’s 50th birthday. Making headlines for enjoying a night on the town spending $ 100,000. During Jay Z’s rise to the top, the hip hop mogul has kept a tight circle of people he considers true friends OG Juan Perez being one of them. The power couple, Jay Z and Beyoncé recently dropped their collaborative album “Everything is Love”.

One of the standout tracks entitles “Friend” Jay mentions a few of who the couple considers their real friends who they completely trust and hold in high regard as friends. OG Juan Perez and his wife Des Perez along with Breezy, Chaka, and Ty-Ty where among those said to be Carter’s true friends. “Friend” is the sixth song on the album and has a different vibe or feel than the rest of the songs. “Friends” has a more mature slower pace than the other songs and immediately takes the listener into the intimate relationships established over the years.

OG Juan Perez has been working with Jay Z for over 20 years dating back to the Roc-A-Fella Records days. During the 90s and early 2000s, Perez and Jay Z worked together in the music studio and would move on to other business ventures throughout the years. Later Sean Jay Z Carter and OG Juan Perez would collaborate to create the record label Roc-La-Familia. Ten years ago in 2003, OG Juan Perez a Hova would together open the 40/40 club.


Robert Ivy Gets Awarded in a League of His Own

The American Institute of Architects gave Robert Ivy the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award in June of 2018 at the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Robert Ivy serves as vice president and chief executive officer at the American Institute of Architecture and is the first recipient who works as an architect. The award grants artists whose work is deserving of praise and recognition. Ivy as well as the stained-glass artist, Andrew Cary Young will be recognized. Robert Ivy is an author, editor and practicing architect. He is also a native of Mississippi, further proving his eligibility for the award that honors both personal and professional local achievement.

Many people view Ivy as an essential fixture in promoting architectural development in the state of Mississippi. His book, “Fay Jones: Architect,” was published in 2001 and is now reaching its third edition. It tells the story of a determined artist who is striving to fill the shoes of an acclaimed architect. Before working with the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy was editor in chief for McGraw-Hill’s “Architectural Record,” which received the National Magazine Award for general excellence. He also led design and construction media during the magazine’s growth in China. He launched a Mandarin version of the publication as well as one in the Middle East.

Since Ivy joined in 2011, the American Institute of Architecture has grown tremendously; they have their highest membership count ever in the history of their development. In 2010, Ivy was given a prestigious honor by national architecture fraternity Alpha Rho Chi, and he received the Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture. Other recipients of the Polk Award include the actor, Morgan Freeman, Walter Anderson who is an artist, and the singer Leontyne Price. Ivy works to make architecture more accessible to people, even as a writer and commentator he strives to give architecture a worldwide platform.

The power of Innovation: after two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

The power of Innovation: after two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Since its establishment in 1998, Fortress Investment Group has become one of the exemplary pacesetter and trendsetter in the financial niche in the United States. This was reinforced by its public offering, IPO as the first privately owned entity to find its way to the public via the New York market exchange. Today, this firm is a diversified worldwide investor, directing approximately $43 billion assets owned by more than 1750 stakeholders. Their strategic plan is based on the worth risks that are adjusted to significant returns. Its headquarters are located in the New York City, and it has employed more than 900 employees.

Purchase by the Softbank

After a decade of service provision and as the first alternative venture company, Fortress Investment Group was the first to be bought in 2017. This venture found its way to the market at the cost of $ 3.3 billion thus being owned by Softbank corporation group, which is a Japanese entity with its headquarters in Tokyo. However, even after the sale, this firm kept its initial plant in New York. Similarly, Briger, Nardone, and Edens maintained their roles as the principals. The new owner of the Fortress Investment Group is focused on establishing growing leadership capacities in the current dynamic information revolt. These entail developments in online services, telecommunication, intelligent robotics, artificial intelligence as well as clean technology energy. Additionally, this sale was also a calculated move to add more experts in Fortress Investment Group to help diversify investment.

Their Current Operations

Today, operations at fortress are broken down into three primary segments. This covers for the permanent capital vehicles dissection, its credit, and the private equity. The credit department was established in 2002 and is headed by Briger. However, Dean Dakolias who became part of the fortress in 2001 works closely with Briger as the co-chief investment coordinator. The private entity deals with the generation of cash flow, and Edens and Nardone operate it. It deals with oriented investment in North America, Western Europe, and the Caribbean. On the other hand, the permanent capital vehicle entity is operated by five stable capital vehicles, which are publicly traded.