Learn More about William Saito and His Business Endeavors

Japan is known to be one of the global business hubs the world has today. It has produced many successful business people who have made a memorable global impact. William Saito happens to be one of the great entrepreneurs who hail from this country. He is a flourishing American businessman with several big companies. He would not have become this great if he didn’t have adequate experience and knowledge on business matters. Besides being the man who creates big companies, he is also a good investor. He knows what one needs to do to create a thriving company, and the management skills one needs to succeed.


William Saito has made a great impact to the startups in the business world. He knows how to select great topics for them to ensure their businesses remain attractive. He says those intending to start a business in the coming years should not dismiss business trends. He has been a man with a constant curiosity in various industries. This is where he got the business expertise and skills he has today. William Saito has been a resourceful cybersecurity advisor for some time in the trade, industry, and economy ministry. The World Economic Forum recognizes him as a young global leader with exceptional talents. He has influenced many people in Japan to join the business world with a positive attitude.


He is a man with a great passion for hardware technology, especially when dealing with security, batteries, and biotech. William Saito believes Japan’s printing and robot industries will determine the future direction the business world will take. He cautions people not to invest in storage transistors and sensors since they are some of the devalued technologies people should avoid today. He started computer security venture capitalist while he was still in junior high school. His company came up with unique software in 1991, and this became a great beginning.


As a Japanese capitalist, William Saito has made many investments in different startups in his country. The Fukushima Daiichi disaster saw him offer memorable support to the affected people. He got an opportunity to offer technical and IT support to the committee that investigated the disaster. This made other people refer to him as “chief technology officer.” In 2015, William got another task. He was chosen to be the strategic advisor of a Japanese airline. Through the expertise and skills he got from JAL digital innovation program, William showed excellent performance at The Japan Times where he served as a board member.

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