Intellectual Property Rights has a Special Designated Day to Show its Importance

Intellectual property is a subject that most people do not talk about or even think about at all. However, most people do not realize how important this subject is to the things they value. When people watch their favorite sporting events on television or hear their favorite song on the radio; these media presentation are impacted by intellectual property. When a business invents a new product, service or process they would not receive full compensation for their creation. The point is that intellectual property rights matter and the United Nations fully recognizes this important procedure.

The World Intellectual Property Day began in 2001 and it was created by member states of the World Intellectual Property Organization or WIPO. This organization is part of the United Nations and 185-member countries have all contributed to the formation of this special day for intellectual property rights. April 26 was the designated date for this event because it is the same day that the World Intellectual Property Organization was created in 1970.

World Intellectual Property Day is also known as IP Day. Each year the event has a message or theme that helps to shape events and activities. In 2018, women were put on center stage since with the theme: “Powering Change: Women in Innovation and Creativity.” Each IP Day event has lots of speakers, concerts by famous musicians and exhibits. The events also pay homage to notable entrepreneurs, artists and designers.


World IP Day really wants people to understand the importance of intellectual property rights because our world would be a different place if they did not exist. People need to understand the value of intellectual property. Organizations and people’s ideas must be protected if creativity and research and development is to continue. IP Day helps people understand this reality and it helps to foster creativity. This in turns makes the world a more entertaining, practical and exciting place to live.

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