NewsWatch TV Contour Design Ultimate Workstation Review

NewsWatch TV is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your celebrity news, medical and government news, informative and relevant reviews of popular new technology, and public service announcements. They can be viewed on television at 7am on Monday on AMC Network as well as all Ion television stations.

I enjoy their content to watch reviews of popular game-changing products or software. They also have amusing and fun celebrity interviews. Most of their reviews are straight and to the point.

One I just recently viewed was their review of the Contour Design’s – Ultimate Workstation.

All over the world billions of people use personal computers every day, but we have all been using essentially the same set up of a traditional keyboard and mouse to navigate what we wish to do with our computers since Xerox came up with the idea in the 1970s. Contour Design viewed this and decided to develop a new product aimed at working professionals in order to streamline their workflow, increase productivity, and enhance comfort while working at your PC. Enter ‘The Ultimate Workstation’.

Their unique and clever design melds the keyboard and mouse into one single unit. It changes the design of the mouse into a patented roller bar that is located just below the space bar. The keyboard itself is also more ergonomically designed to help reduce user fatigue on wrists. Using a traditional keyboard and mouse involves constant movement and reaching back and fourth between keyboard and mouse. The Ultimate Workstation eliminates this hassle and streamlines everything into a comfortable and unique package.

The Ultimate Workstation is also completely wireless and uses an ultra low-power design so there’s no need for confusion by and on/off switch. It also features an adjustable stand on the rear face of the station to adjust for individuals height to conform to each unique user.

The demand for this product is large and NewsWatch TV giving Contour Design exposure is the primary reason for this – along with it being a new and welcome take on the classic keyboard and mouse workstation.

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