Perry Mandera – A Man With Plans

Who is Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is an executive with over 40 years of transportation industry experience. In addition, Mr. Mandera has founded the Custom Companies, Inc. in the state of Illinois.

He is not only the founder, he is also the owner and president of the company. Perry Mandera’s expertise uses a wide range of services to serve his clients’ needs. Perry Mandera is also a board member of the Illinois Trucking Association and it in the top 100 executives of American transportation.

Perry Mandera is also a very strong supportive force with the Illinois State Crime Commission, an organization that is respected for its work with reducing juvenile crime rate and delinquency, promotes positive interaction between the public and law enforcement, and hands on training for law enforcers. Perry Mandera is also involved in multiple charities such as; Custom Cares Charities Supports, Back-to-School Supply Drive Benefits, and many others.


His Company – The Driving Force

Under the direction of Perry Mandera, The Custom Companies uses unique tools of technology to service their clients. Some of the tools used include the following:

*Cheetah Dispatch – Reduces paperwork in regards to inventory by using tablets carried by drivers to deliver real time proof of deliveries and pick-ups.

*Warehouse Management

System – Allows companies to track their products from the receiving point at The Custom Companies to delivery to location.

*Dock Management

System – Is a paperless system that uses bar codes for tracking which makes shipping and receiving with ease and lessens errors and delays.

Not only does Perry Mandera utilize technological software, he also handles sales operations and business development so that his customer receives the highest quality services. Perry Mandera’s electronic bill of lading is vital to his companies shipping administration. By using this electronic system, Perry Mandera is able to to harness three processes in one: 1.) as contract evidence, 2.) receipt of products and 3.) document title to the products. In addition, since the electronic bill of lading is a legal document, it can be used in any litigation regarding shipping.

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