2 Reasons Why Lime Crime’s New Venus 3 Palette Proves Its A Beauty Industry Innovator

Lime Crime is a beauty company that has always been about positive disruption. When the company was in its early days as a digitally native beauty ecommerce brand it was one of the few brands that were carrying lipsticks that came in unconventional colors and pushing back against the idea that only shades of pink, red or magenta were appropriate to wear on one’s lips. The company mirrored the avant garde style of its founder Doe Deere who is known for wearing technicolor hair and lipstick that came in colors such as blue or green.

Today as fashion bloggers and beauty lovers across websites like Instagram can be seen wearing lipstick that comes in nearly every shade that is in the rainbow Lime Crime is continuing its tradition of disruption in the world of beauty by playing with a well known vintage trend: grunge. Like many modern beauty companies Lime Crime is known for its palettes: shades of versatile makeup that can be used as eye shadow, blush or highlighter and that often come in memorable and decorated containers. The beauty company recently added a new palette to its repertoire that is known as Venus 3. Like the Venus palettes that preceded it Venus 3 is a play on the theme of the Roman goddess of love who is depicted in the famous Renaissance painting The Birth of Venus.

1.This Palette’s Combo of Femininity And Grunge Is Cutting Edge

The palette’s theme combines the concept of the divine feminine and the aesthetic of the grunge movement from the early 90s by taking grunge in a more feminine direction through its choice of lavender packaging and colors that came in a number of shimmering pastels.

2.The Palette Has The Potential To Start A New Beauty Trend: Heavenly Grunge

A tweet from the company twitter account appropriately called a look created using the Venus 3 palette on a model heavenly grunge. The description is appropriate as the palette can be used to take the traditionally moody look of grunge in a much more ethereal direction while preserving its boldness. The Venus 3 palette has several matte colors but is largely made up of shimmering colors with names such as celestial and rapture that play on the celestial theme is that established by its evocation of the goddess Venus. The heavenly grunge look could potentially catch on and make the company the pioneer of a new beauty trend.

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