Jeff Yastine’s take on Cybersecurity

Jeff Yastine’s take on Cybersecurity.

Jeff Yastine works at the Banyan Hill Publishing. He worked for the firm as an editorial director. He presently works as the editor of the Total Wealth Insider. Before joining the publishing firm, Jeff worked as a financial journalist. He was also a stock market investor before joining Banyan Hill. He also owns a Bachelor of Arts degree in telecommunications from the University of Florida. He was employed as a TV presenter shortly after. He is a resident of Delray Beach, Florida.

Jeff as always made it open that he detests touching stories concerning the state’s politics. He has recently discussed how people can make a living off cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has become a field whose financial investments grow day in day out. Jeff also talks about his experience of seeing the stock market prices of cyber security firms increase drastically within very short periods of time. Visit to know more.

The significant investment put into ensuring cyber security is highly costing the federal government. Almost $15 billion has been budgeted for to cover cybersecurity. The allocation of such an amount of money has been a clear indication of how crucial the matter is to the White House. Jeff Yastine suggests that this is just but the beginning of a large amount of money being invested into cybersecurity.

Mr. Yastine had worked as a national correspondent. With his experience in the field, he could identify lucrative investment opportunities. The companies he had spotted ended up as giants in the stock market business.


Cybersecurity has led to a lot of rules being impelled on government contractors by the government. All businesses and contracts are mandated to meet all the required regulations. These rules are also applicable to every individual who applies for loans from the government.

Ins number of states, there is not as much spending towards cybersecurity. Some corporates have not increased the money set aside for cybersecurity at all. The few who have increased their spending on the matter have done so by minimal margins, usually not exceeding 2%. Contrary to this, some companies have embraced the urgency of ensuring cybersecurity. They have increased their investment on the issue by a very large margin; almost by 10% of their previous spending.

The government is also in a plight to ensure elections are securely conducted by providing all the cybersecurity regulation are met. To ensure this, the government together with the public have passed a bill to come up with a $386 million program. A $1billion bill was put through by the Democrats to go towards cybersecurity during the elections. Jeff, however, stated that this second bill was very likely to be disapproved by the government. Visit the website to learn more.

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