Adam Milstein Speaks Out

Adam Milstein is a true son of Israel. Born in Haifa, he followed Arial Sharon during the Yom Kippur war and helped stop, and repel, the invasion of the Egyptian army. After his military service, he returned to school and graduated from the Israeli Institute of Technology, commonly known as the Technion, with a degree in business and economics. He then moved to the United States and earned an MBA from the University of Southern California. Visit Hager Pacific website to know more about Adam Milstein.

Adam Milstein’s life changed the day he told his young daughters he expected them to marry Jewish men. They replied that Milstein himself lived a secular life and made no effort to emphasize his Jewish identity. Realizing that Israelis living in America were losing their Jewish identities, Adam Milstein became a full-time Jewish advocate and a leader of the Jewish community: writing, speaking, and working to reinforce the Jewish identity and strengthen the connection between Israel and the United States through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. Recently, Adam Milstein spoke out about radical Islam and its link to other radical organizations.

Radical Islam, as taught in Mosques and Madrasas, centers on the destruction of Israel and is joining other radical organizations on the extreme right and now on the extreme left. These disparate organizations are increasing coordination of their actions and ideas to synergetic effect. Presently, radical organizations are forming alliances across the political spectrum and using those alliances to coordinate anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli activities.


In spite of the fact that radical Muslims beat women for failure to follow extreme dress codes and execute gays, the extreme left puts aside their differences to join in a common anti-Western, anti-modern, anti-Jewish cause.

In the extreme left-wing view, Jews are a powerful group oppressing weaker Muslims, both in the Middle East and in the rest of the world.

Leftist students at Tufts University recently published a “Disorientation Guide” attacking Israel as a “white supremacist” state and a colonial occupier. One of the authors argued that the guide could not be anti-Semitic because she is herself a Jew. View Adam Milstein’s profile on Facebook.

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