Dave Giertz and Social Security Concerns

Dave Giertz is the current president of Nationwide Financial Distributors, Inc. He attended the University of Miami and then Millikin University where he received a Bachelor of Science and Executive MBA respectively. In addition, he has passed four financial advisor certifications. Dave has managed to consistently provide large profits and administrative charge throughout all organizations he has led. For instance, before his tenure with Nationwide Financial, Dave started as a financial service advisor at Citigroup, then became the Executive Vice President of Sales – where he would display his charge by exceeding the company’s goals.

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal Wealth Adviser,  David Giertz voiced his concern and expert opinion on the subject of advisers not speaking to their clients about social security. Giertz states that in a recent survey, “Most people say that their advisers aren’t talking to them about social security. In our survey, it also showed that four out of five people would change their advisers if they weren’t talking about social security.” Moreover, Gierz highly recommends that advisers start talking to their clients about Social Security because it can be upwards of “40 percent” of the client’s financial income. Consequently, if clients were to “turn on Social Security too early, they could lose up to $300,000 over 25 years.” In essence, the client can expect to lose a significant portion of capital if they are unaware of Social Security, and it is all up to the financial advisor to provide them the details.

Today, with over three decades of experience and positions such as Senior Vice President, President, Director of Sales, and Vice-President of sales, Giertz is involved with other projects, not just Nationwide Financial Distribution, Inc. For example, he sells securities such as bonds, stocks, mutual funds, and other investment entities.

The Talented Brazilian Racing Star, Rodrigo Terpins, in Rallying

Rodrigo Terpins is a popular name in the face of Brazilian sports community. Many people remember Rodrigo for his participation in the Sertoes Rally beside successful completion of various other races across Brazil. Rodrigo bases his career in a sporting family whereby his father, Jack Terpins, is a former basketball legend. Besides, his younger brother, Michael Terpins, is a renowned rally driver as well. The duo collaboratively forms the Tea Bull Team Sertoes Rally Team. As such, Rodrigo and Michael have participated in more than five rally events under a MEM Motorsport development, T-Rex.


Alongside his partner Fabricio Manchiana, Rodrigo recently took part in the 22nd Edition Sertoes Rally. The rally connected over two states and covered about 2600 kilometers. The event participants had different stages to choose from the different categories available. In fact, this off-the-road event turned out as the largest in entire Brazil. Various sponsors facilitated the event. It also attracted many rally drivers as well as enthusiasts. Rodrigo and Fabricio managed the third position in the T1 Prototypes and 8th out of 38 teams in the overall event. From his remarks, Rodrigo admitted that the results exceeded their team expectations. He also noted that they keenly adapted to the vehicle and the route terrain as much as maintaining focus all through.

Rodrigo is a reputable high performer and is immensely thrilled by rally competitions. Rodrigo Terpins attended the Sail Hilaire University where he studied business management. The skills in business management significantly helped him in his position as the Lojas Marisa President.

However, he started his own company, the T5 Participacoes, in 2008. Besides his executive positions in various organizations, Rodrigo remains an active rally driver, participating in various competitions. T5 Participacoes is an exceptional company in organizing very breathtaking racing events in Brazil. Rodrigo also owns multiple social media accounts to ensure that he is well informed on various innovations and trends in every aspect of life. Check out Terra to see more.


Nevertheless, Rodrigo Terpins owes his credit on racing achievements to his brother, Michael Terpins. The two brothers continue to remain focused and confident despite the unclear future of the rallying sport in Brazil. They firmly believe in determination as well as consistency as the stepping stone to success in their racing career.

GoBuySide Analyst Explains New Data Protection Laws

GoBuySide is a global recruiter based out of New York City. The company specializes in assisting private equity firms, hedge fund, investment managers, and Fortune 500 companies in finding the perfect person for the job that they require.

The company praises its unequaled diligent approach, which gives them the advantage over similar recruitment firms. Over 500 clients trust GoBuySide to supply them with the necessary things they need to grow their businesses. GoBuySide credits its team of educationally advanced members as the reason they are able to form deep relationships with its client within every market they serve.

GoBuySide houses candidates for their clients all over the world. They have individuals stationed in such countries as France, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Japan, China and in countries all over South America. They have candidates in 52 cities worldwide, in 16 different countries.

In just 3 months, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), a new law in the European Union relating to identity protection and personal data, comes into effect. Even businesses and corporations that are not located within any state within the European Union will be affect by these new laws. The law puts the responsibility of individual’s identity protection to the individual.

An analyst with GoBuySide gave their opinion on the new regulations in a recent press release.

The analyst says that the GDPR is set to overrule the current rules of personal data protection, known as the EU Data Protection Directive. Companies will be required to implement new technologies and logistics in its efforts to protect its client’s personal information.

The analyst explains that the new rules are a lot different than the current ones. For example, new rules establish that non-EU corporations who have business in the EU will have to adjust their methods when they consider how they want to process personal data.

A lot of completely new systems will have to be put in place as well. Companies that offer their services in the EU will have to integrate notifications systems, processing agreements, transfer and security arrangements. If these systems are not put in place then that company will be in violation of of the rights awarded to the people under the rules laid out in the GDRP.

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Bob Reina

In 2007 a company was launched that changed the extent of communication. After having a problem trying to send a video email, Bob Reina started Talk Fusion. He was looking at a house in North Carolina and wanted to get his family’s opinion before he finalized his purchase. He tried to send the video, but he was notified that that option had not yet been made available. After contacting AOL, he found that video emailing was not believed ever to be possible. The technology to develop video communication was too complicated to even think about creating. Bob Reina was not scared of the task he saw it as an opportunity to meet the needs of people around the world that desired video communication.
Bob Reina met with his friend Jonathan Chen to develop the technology for video communication. Jonathan Chen was good with technology development. If there was not anyone else that could help Reina he knew it was Chen. They developed the technology, and in 2007 Bob Reina released video email. Since launching the company has been made available to people in over 140 countries around the world. The company continues to expand. They also continue to release new innovative programs for video communication. They are continually recreating themselves.
Before becoming successful through Talk Fusion, Bob Reina was a police officer. He worked as a police officer for over ten years. He was not happy with his job. He was not making enough money, so he began marketing items as a side job. He fell in love with marketing. Talk Fusion only made his desire even more profound. Talk Fusion was an instant success. There were many people that wanted video communication just as bad as Bob Reina. His first marketing company was nowhere near as successful as Talk Fusion.
Reina continues to create new ways to reach his customers and employees. He takes pride in his product. He has never sold a product that he did not believe in. He has always desired to give his customers valuable products that he believed in. Talk Fusion employees are accommodated in all of the ways that Reina wishes that he had been accommodated. He was not making a lot of money as a police officer, so he offers his employees instant pay so that they can fulfill all of their responsibility.
Talk Fusion is based on a need. The needs of people all over the world have been met by Talk Fusion’s innovative products. Bob Reina has been great serving as Talk Fusion’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Talk Fusion has made immeasurable success through high-quality video communication products and great customer service throughout the entire company. Learn more: http://bobreina.com/