Better Electronic Medical Record Sharing Will Help The Healthcare Industry Function Better According To Drew Madden

Every citizen in American knows the healthcare system in the United States is a mess. But even though the healthcare system is a mess, the quality of care is improving and new medical technology advancements are helping millions of Americans live longer. But a longer lifespan doesn’t always mean a happier life.

But there’s nothing happy in a broken healthcare insurance system. Millions of Americans don’t have health insurance, and millions more can’t pay for the treatments they get even when they have insurance. The flaws and the challenges in healthcare are obvious, but there is good news hidden under all the bad. Healthcare entrepreneurs are finally coming to the surface, and they are initiating new strategies and systems that will make healthcare providers more cost-efficient and more effective in terms of treating the cause rather than the result of certain health issues.

Companies like Amazon and CVS see the potential in getting consumers to partner with them when they need insurance, equipment, quick medical advice, and prescription expediency. Amazon has its eye on the medical equipment space, and CVS is on the verge of buying insurance giant, Aetna. Plus, more healthcare entrepreneurs are incorporating new medical records platforms that will make treating patients’ easier.

One of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the healthcare space is Drew Madden. Madden is the man responsible for the rapid growth, and the incredible success of Nordic Consulting Partners. Nordic offers Epic implementation services that monitor risks and incorporates different mitigation strategies into existing healthcare projects. While Madden was president of Nordic, the company went from a million-dollar company to a $130,000 million company. Madden is currently one of the managing partners at Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Madden and his new company, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, focus on helping healthcare companies implement new electronic medical records. The mission is to give healthcare providers the right patient information faster, so unnecessary and costly treatments stop. Not all doctors and healthcare providers think electronic medical records sharing is important. But Evergreen knows how to help doctors see the advantages of electronic medical record sharing using new technology and forward-thinking concepts.

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