Highland Capital Management Providing Trusted and Credible Financial Advisory Services

There are many companies in the field of credit management and financial advisory in the United States, but one of the most notable is the Highland Capital Management. The company has been around for two decades and has offered its financial services and credit investment strategies to numerous financial institutions, organizations, foundations, high net-worth individuals, banks, governments, and more. The clientele of Highland Capital Management is not limited to the United States but is spread globally. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, but has satellite offices in Seoul, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and New York. Highland Capital Management believes that having an international presence at important strategic venues would help give clients better access to the company and vice versa. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.

Highland Capital Management is SEC-registered and along with its affiliates and partners have nearly $14 billion in assets under management. It is a figure that is consistently growing as the company attracts clientele from across the globe. Few of the specialties of the company include collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, mutual funds, distressed equity, alternative investments, and more. Highland Capital Management was founded by two of the leading dignitaries in the financial world, namely Mark Okada and James Dondero. They collectively helped in taking Highland Capital Management to great heights of success through their determination, economic insight, and long-term vision for the company.

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Highland Capital Management is also involved in local community initiatives to empower low communities. As the company firmly believes in giving back to the society, it funds high-impact initiatives that aim to bring a positive difference in the community. In the last ten years, Highland Capital Management has given away more than $10 million in donations to different organizations across the globe. The company is also active through partnerships and collaborations in the Asia-Pacific region and in Canada, where it also has many famous retirement planning products and mutual funds. The products offered by Highland Capital Management have been devised keeping in mind the financial trends and the requirements of the modern consumers. It is what has helped in gaining the trust of the vast clientele it has today. Visit highlandcap.com to know more.

Talkspace, the Modern Therapy Platform

The modern technology has revolutionized how people conduct their activities and instead made most of their operations much more accessible and super-fast. However technology has many benefits to people, it has also served as a source of depression and stress to people, particularly the use of smartphones. The smartphones have at some point changed the way people interact and at times ruined the relationship between them. Talkspace, which is an online therapy platform which has come to the aid of people and brings them up whenever they are feeling unhappy. The online therapy platform also gives one remedy to curb stress and instead avoid serious diseases that occur as a result of the latter.

The online therapy platform`s services are second to none and massively reliable as compared to those of the traditional methods of therapy. Many people have accredited the founders of the therapy platform and are happy to have access to their therapists at just one click away. Besides, Talkspace has reduced the costs of one traveling long distances or under heavy traffic to check out on their therapists, and as a result, it has attracted over five hundred thousand users who can now get their stress and emotional issues solved by over one thousand therapists who are readily available.

With Talkspace, one can connect to their therapist over video skype or chats. Besides, the platform also gives its users an opportunity to communicate with therapists through phone calls depending on what one prefers. Their rates are highly affordable, and this has given many people a chance to access their mental health counselors as well as save for the future. Their therapists are licensed and highly experienced to offer the best advice with a detailed understanding of how you live. The therapists thoroughly understand their client’s problems and are more than ready to help them take a decisive turn in their lives.

Organo Gold Coffees have several health benefits and could make you live longer

Just the other day, The Annals of Internal Medicine published two new studies that were investigating the relationship between drinking coffee and the risk of death. The researchers found that people who drank coffee on a daily basis were likely to have a lower risk of dying from several diseases including but not limited to stroke and heart diseases. This, however, is not the first time studies have come up with such findings.

In the first study, over 185,000 individuals from across the Americas drawn from across a wide variety of backgrounds such as the Japanese Americans, African Americans, Whites and Latinos, alike were examined. The researchers found individuals that drank coffee, be it decaffeinated or caffeinated, were at a lower risk of death from diseases like diabetes, cancer, kidney disease and heart disease. Organo Gold is also available at Amazon.

The second study was conducted in Europe with over half a million participants from 10 countries. The study also found out that folks who drank a couple of cups a day had a reduced risk of death when compared to non-coffee drinkers.

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What is Organo Gold?

Organo Gold is an organization that deals in network marketing of mainly coffees and teas. Organo Gold has set up operations in several countries all around the world. Their main goal is to help individuals change their lives by offering them lucrative business opportunities through their valuable products.

Organo Gold’s premium beverages especially coffees and tea contain a rare ingredient known as Ganoderma. This is a type of mushroom with Asian origins spanning over two thousand years and has been found to be possessing unique far-reaching health benefits. Some of the health benefits may include cancer prevention, cardiovascular health support, immune system support, liver protection, radiation protection and urinary tract support. Ganoderma can also be used as an antioxidant, antibacterial and antiviral. Read the reviews at dietspotlight.com.

Highland Capital – High Gain Positioning

Highland Capital Management is committed to technologies and goods that unite the goals of consumer value and sustainable improvement. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management operates in a vast range of assets enabling the enterprise the advantage to stand the tests of time unlike many other investment firms throughout the world. The business has a reputation for its incredulous expertise in the field of global alternative credit administration, specializing in hedge funds, separate accounts and long-only funds. Businesses like Highland Capital strive tremendously due efforts of businesses attempting to reduce raw material and supply expenses for a better position in the market. Highland Capital Management, provides many proven success strategies to increase businesses’ revenue by the largest margins, putting their clients in the best positions they had no idea was possible. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.

Highland Capital is a unique sort of investment firm which utilizes traditional ways of raising capital with alternative capital management procedures. For over 25 years, it has been a well established credit management firm, offering and delivering on a multitude of valuable promises and increasing businesses profits, both short and long-term by over 100%! Highland Capital Management and its partners are currently valued with $15 Billion in assets and growing yearly.

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Highland Capital Management is uniquely positioned to take care of businesses in a way in which may not be available from your typical fund manager. It is not only committed to investing in the growth of its subsidiaries and clients, but maintaining their individual business identities, cultures, and leadership as well. Not only that, community matters. Through volunteering and financial donations, Highland Capital Management has been a contributor to both local communities and national nonprofit organizations to best improve the living and work conditions of the citizens. Visit highlandcap.com to know more.

Sahm Adrangi and the Purpose of Kerrisdale Capital Management

Kerrisdale capital management began operation in 2009, founded by Sahm Adrangi who serves as the investment officer of the company. He started the firm with a capital of close to $1million, but currently, the organization is valued to close to a quarter of a billion. Before beginning the company, his popularity is from his research on various groups. Currently, he researches enterprises to and corrects the misunderstanding of peoples view about overrated shorts in the market. Once he completes conducting his research, he shares it with the public through various social media platforms and his website. His analysis stands on the grounds of clearing the air about the market.

Kerrisdale is a different hedge fund. With the money raised the companies will venture short stocks and other investment ideas. The company has been investing its shares in specific companies that will back up their investment thesis. In the coming future the case study companies will be revealed despite various rumors from unverified sources. Sahm Adrangi Company is unique in the fact that it bets for and against stocks, a strategy that yields over 25% income. He holds a BA (economics) from Yale University. He has served various roles in the banking industry for several years.

Sahm Adrangi research has helped in exposing some companies involved in malpractices. Some of the companies he has helped burst include china marine food group and Lihua international, although the list is long. After sharing the research backed up with substantial evidence the companies were received disciplinary action from the security and exchange commission. Recently, Kerrisdale has shift focus to research on biotechnology, telecommunication and mining companies. The firm has covered study based on such corporations as pulse bioscience, Bavarian Nordic, Northern Dinesty minerals, Globalstar and many others. Aside from his research activist Sahm Adrangi also serves as an activist like in the year 2010 when he pushed the removal of two executives from the Morgan’s hotel groups.

His work been has caught the attention of various institutions. His popularity has enabled him to be inclusive in several conferences as a speaker. He has served in meetings such as the value investing conference, and the traders for the cause. He has also made a special appearance on CNBC and Bloomberg and has featured in various publications such as the New York Times and the Washington Post.