Waiakea Water Is Committed To Clean Drinking

When you shop for bottled water, what attracts your attention? Is it the brand itself, or something unique about them? A quick trip to your local grocery or convenience store will reveal the many options available for bottled water. All shapes and sizes, housed in glass or plastic, the options are seemingly endless. So, how do you decide which one is best for you? Before purchasing anything, do your research, and find brands and products that match your preferences.

Decades ago, purchasing bottled water was nearly unheard of. The thought of paying for something you could essentially get for free from your own kitchen seemed pointless. Recently, the world has begun to shift into a more health-conscious era. Consumers are more interested in physical wellbeing than pumping themselves with caffeine and carbonated beverages, and unfiltered tap water is simply not an option for some. Bottled water is a $100 billion dollar industry, and staying relevant requires true authenticity and commitment to quality. Buy Waiakea Water at charmcitybeverage.com.

Waiakea Water is a bottled water company based in Hawaii. The first rush of excitement comes with simply knowing you’re drinking water straight from one of the worlds most beautiful islands, but it gets even better. The filtering process of Waiakea Water is what completely sets them apart from their competitors. Every drop of Waiakea Bottled Water runs through over 13,000 feet of porous volcanic rock. Straight from the Mauna Loa volcano, to you. When was the last time you had a few sips of volcanic water? Read more about Waiakea Water on 10bestwater.com.

In addition to their commitment to quality, Waiakea Water is built on sustainability. So much toxic and plastic waste ends up in our oceans, harming the animals that call those waters home, and polluting our bodies. By introducing the worlds first fully degradable bottle, Waiakea Water plans to help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our oceans. The company also uses low-emissions vehicles to transport their products. The new fully degradable bottles are set to hit the market in 2018, just in time for your new years resolution. Can you commit to clean drinking?


Adam Milstein Works Hard To Be Actively Involved In The Jewish Community

Adam Milstein and wife Gila came to the United States in order to further their education. After he graduated from Technion, they opted to head to the United States to receive his MBA in the background of entrepreneuring. Before he graduated from school, he was approached by many people who were looking to recruit others for jobs. It was then that he realized that most people did not knowledge or appreciate what he knew about the Jewish community.

When Adam Milstein would head out to interviews about jobs, he would find that the amount of money he was being offered was far less than what he was worth. Not only that, but the amount of money he would have made, he could have had more money working for a fast food joint.

Upon heading to school and then into business, he decided to make the most of his life by becoming a commercial real estate broker. When he completed school, and then completed 3 years as a broker, he decided it was then time for him to become his own real estate investor.

The one thing that Adam Milstein contributes his success to is; making sure that you stay actively involved. He wants to make sure that his actual day to day job functions are satisfying and that he is involved in some type of philanthropy work. By participating in philanthropy, he found that everything he was doing each day was more satisfying than it was before becoming involved in Jewish programs.

When Adam Milstein decided that he wanted to bring awareness to the Jewish community, he didn’t know how invested he would end up being. Deciding to be on the board of numerous organizations, Adam and his wife Gila decided that they could contribute more awareness through their own foundation. They decided to also become involved in an organization they co-founded that would send monthly books to those in the Jewish community, but it would provide those books in Hebrew. This helps to establish the Jewish traditions in the homes that otherwise would be lacking. The books are sent to over 15,000 families.

Glen Wakeman on the Rise

To put things honestly and quite simply Glenn Wakeman is a businessman among businessmen. So, what this boils down to is that he helps others achieve the same goals by which he delivers service in his every day trade and commerce. The big picture is that he holds the position of CEO and founder of LaunchPad Enterprises Inc. But the fine lines that draft the details within this business model and venture-capital deserve a closer look and examination. The long and short of it all is that, of course, the man holds lofty thoughts of precise and extraordinary ambitions regarding his life goals but there are also humble and down-to-earth healthy habits for business and relationship which he follows like an everyday ordinary man does. Read more about his interview at Ideamensch.

On the everyday great side of the man, there’s the education which includes an MBA in finance and a BS and economics. Naturally following this enlightenment, his work record includes time spent in mergers and acquisitions, administrative positions and CEO of companies such as Nova Four. This is not to mention his board of directors position held in other business organizations. And on the extraordinary great side of everyday service, his expertise is and matching money-making ideas with money already made. A lot of this wealth and value comes from applying discipline to the inspiration that his colleagues and clientele already bring to the table every day. Really what Glen Wakeman does it show people away that he already knows from paying dues himself. For the record these dues stretch over years at a time. View Glen Wakeman’s profile linkedin.com.

Surprisingly enough, he recommends reading “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu which teaches strategies that he applies in his everyday business life. This life happens to follow a pattern of reviewing numbers, assigning responsibilities and meeting with the captains of his crew everyday they provide service to their customers and clients. It’s all about the exchange of information and learning something new while teaching something classic. Glen Wakeman is a man who has it all by not knowing it all and does it all by share it all with others around him.

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Adam Milstein Is Working To Instill the Values Of The Jewish Community To Those Who Know Nothing About The History

Someone who knows all about the Jewish traditions, heritage and values knows that you have to be open to suggestion if you want to be actively involved in the Jewish community. Winston Churchill once spoke about success not being final in life, that failure is not at all fatal to the body and that after failing, having the courage to carry on is what counts. This secret has been a part of the Jewish values for over 5,000 years.

Adam Milstein is actively looking to the positve in the cases where there is unimaginable persecution. Knowing and living by the triumphs of ups and downs is how the Jewish live. Adam Milstein knows personally all about this. The generations of the Jewish men and women have needed the courage as well as the strength to move forward in traditions of the Jewish faith. This helps to protect their morals, values and faith.

What happened to the Jews many years ago was not the end of the harassment to the Jewish people. In many new attacks on the State of Israel, there are nuclear weapons being designed to put an end to the State of Israel. To help carry on the values of the Jewish background, Adam Milstein and wife plan to educate those in the United States about the values of their people.

If there becomes an end to the State of Israel, the values and morals will continue to live on through the people who know about their heritage. There is always going to be the people who hate certain ethnic backgrounds and who will continue to try to find a way to bring others down. In an attempt to put an end to this, Adam Milstein and wife Gila are working to make sure that others have the chance to experience the values that others are trying to put an end to.

Instilling pride in the Jewish beliefs is what the Jewish people need in order to have the perseverance to continue moving forward. They need to know about what their ancestors have been through and to live by the morals of those they lost. That is why Adam Milstein is working so hard to educate others.

Adam youtube chanel :Youtube.com/user/AdamMilstein

How George Soros is breaking the records on his donations to Open System Foundation

George Soros has broken the world record by donating $18 billion to the Open Systems Foundation in this year. As the founder of the organization, George Soros has shown his leadership skills and generosity by ensuring that the foundation gets all the monetary support necessary for its development. He has been giving $800 million to $900 million annually before this whopping $18 billion. In fact today, the Open System Foundation has grown under the leadership of George Soros to the level of the second largest philanthropic foundation in the US.

Open system foundation is a charity organization that helps in the improvement of the living status of different people in the society. It was founded in 1984 at Hungary in the UK, but later George Soros transferred it to New York, the USA in the later years. For over three decades now, the foundation has ensured that there is a democracy not only in the US but also in the world over. For instance, in 2014, the Open System Foundation funded the treatment programs for the patients who were diagnosed with Ebola during its outbreak in the western part of the globe. Similarly, in 2016, it also worked for hand in hand with the Democrats in the presidential campaigns and elections giving financial support to their candidate, Hillary Clinton. Upon the completion of the election process, the foundation also made remarkable efforts to reduce the levels of hatred that had existed in the US based on race, political affiliation, and other social lines. Currently, the Foundation is operational in more than 120 countries all over the world, and it has also extended its focus on the protection of the rights of the special groups such as the gays, the victims of war, and the victims of harassment from the police.

George Soros started his entrepreneurial skills from the time he got the nickname ‘the Man Who Broke the Bank of England’ because he won a $1 billion bet he placed against the British currency. George Soros philanthropic character began when he read Karl Popper’s book, “Open Society Enemies,” which in turn formed part of the name of the foundation in its initial state in 1947 Hungary, UK. George Soros has been running the organization mostly from his account through donations. For instance, he has been donating between $800 million and $900 million annually before he eventually unleashed the $18 billion, which he also did not boast about to have done. In fact, the news came out through the reports on the Wall Street Journal. George Soros has contributed to many charity organizations in addition to the Open System Foundation. For instance, he got involved in the election process in the US in 2016. George Soros has been opening his arms to most countries in the world, and he has today ensured that the Open System Foundation becomes the second charity foundation in the whole world after Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and more

Brazilian Business Thrives With New Infrastructure Auctions

According to a recent statement from Felipe Montoro Jens, 18 government auctions are expected to be held in Brazil during the last quarter of 2017. Jens is an infrastructure projects expert and the auctions he is referring to are infrastructure-related. He also pointed out the fact that this particular program was designed for encouraging new players to participate in the concessions. And, also according to Jens, last April’s auction of transmission lines was actually the biggest one in history.

Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas Speaks Out

Another major player in this Brazilian scenario is Tarcisio Gomes de Freitas. He is the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI) project coordination secretary. According to him, increasing productivity in Brazil presents a major challenge and it involves the overwhelming need for expanding and modernizing Brazil’s infrastructure sector. He also stated that one of their main goals is to correct the many mistakes of the past involving Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs). He further explained that state over-intervention was the cause of a project risk imbalance and that they can’t be held hostage to their fiscal budget. One of the major advantages of the PPI is the ability to build governance on special projects.

Michel Temer Becomes President

On August 31, 2016, Michel Temer became the President of the Republic. Subsequently, there were 44 PPI infrastructure auctions held just during his first year in office. As a result, about R $ 23 billion in investments was captured, according to Jens. And, according to Gomes de Freitas and the PPI, potential investors are now seeing that the Brazilian government under Temer is no longer anti-business but has now definitely become pro-business. Their overall aim is selecting those projects that will be especially attractive to investors in the private sector. And, so far, it looks like they’re succeeding in doing just that.

Read more about Felipe Montoro Jens: http://www.comunique-se.com.br/release.aspx?title=e-preciso-falar-de-parcerias-publico-privadas—com-felipe-montoro-jens&releaseid=126722&partnerid=11&

Better Electronic Medical Record Sharing Will Help The Healthcare Industry Function Better According To Drew Madden

Every citizen in American knows the healthcare system in the United States is a mess. But even though the healthcare system is a mess, the quality of care is improving and new medical technology advancements are helping millions of Americans live longer. But a longer lifespan doesn’t always mean a happier life.

But there’s nothing happy in a broken healthcare insurance system. Millions of Americans don’t have health insurance, and millions more can’t pay for the treatments they get even when they have insurance. The flaws and the challenges in healthcare are obvious, but there is good news hidden under all the bad. Healthcare entrepreneurs are finally coming to the surface, and they are initiating new strategies and systems that will make healthcare providers more cost-efficient and more effective in terms of treating the cause rather than the result of certain health issues.

Companies like Amazon and CVS see the potential in getting consumers to partner with them when they need insurance, equipment, quick medical advice, and prescription expediency. Amazon has its eye on the medical equipment space, and CVS is on the verge of buying insurance giant, Aetna. Plus, more healthcare entrepreneurs are incorporating new medical records platforms that will make treating patients’ easier.

One of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the healthcare space is Drew Madden. Madden is the man responsible for the rapid growth, and the incredible success of Nordic Consulting Partners. Nordic offers Epic implementation services that monitor risks and incorporates different mitigation strategies into existing healthcare projects. While Madden was president of Nordic, the company went from a million-dollar company to a $130,000 million company. Madden is currently one of the managing partners at Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Madden and his new company, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, focus on helping healthcare companies implement new electronic medical records. The mission is to give healthcare providers the right patient information faster, so unnecessary and costly treatments stop. Not all doctors and healthcare providers think electronic medical records sharing is important. But Evergreen knows how to help doctors see the advantages of electronic medical record sharing using new technology and forward-thinking concepts.

Highland Capital Management Providing Trusted and Credible Financial Advisory Services

There are many companies in the field of credit management and financial advisory in the United States, but one of the most notable is the Highland Capital Management. The company has been around for two decades and has offered its financial services and credit investment strategies to numerous financial institutions, organizations, foundations, high net-worth individuals, banks, governments, and more. The clientele of Highland Capital Management is not limited to the United States but is spread globally. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, but has satellite offices in Seoul, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and New York. Highland Capital Management believes that having an international presence at important strategic venues would help give clients better access to the company and vice versa. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.

Highland Capital Management is SEC-registered and along with its affiliates and partners have nearly $14 billion in assets under management. It is a figure that is consistently growing as the company attracts clientele from across the globe. Few of the specialties of the company include collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, mutual funds, distressed equity, alternative investments, and more. Highland Capital Management was founded by two of the leading dignitaries in the financial world, namely Mark Okada and James Dondero. They collectively helped in taking Highland Capital Management to great heights of success through their determination, economic insight, and long-term vision for the company.

Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-07-05/highland-is-said-to-buy-lazard-argentine-fund-eye-stock-boost

Highland Capital Management is also involved in local community initiatives to empower low communities. As the company firmly believes in giving back to the society, it funds high-impact initiatives that aim to bring a positive difference in the community. In the last ten years, Highland Capital Management has given away more than $10 million in donations to different organizations across the globe. The company is also active through partnerships and collaborations in the Asia-Pacific region and in Canada, where it also has many famous retirement planning products and mutual funds. The products offered by Highland Capital Management have been devised keeping in mind the financial trends and the requirements of the modern consumers. It is what has helped in gaining the trust of the vast clientele it has today. Visit highlandcap.com to know more.

Talkspace, the Modern Therapy Platform

The modern technology has revolutionized how people conduct their activities and instead made most of their operations much more accessible and super-fast. However technology has many benefits to people, it has also served as a source of depression and stress to people, particularly the use of smartphones. The smartphones have at some point changed the way people interact and at times ruined the relationship between them. Talkspace, which is an online therapy platform which has come to the aid of people and brings them up whenever they are feeling unhappy. The online therapy platform also gives one remedy to curb stress and instead avoid serious diseases that occur as a result of the latter.

The online therapy platform`s services are second to none and massively reliable as compared to those of the traditional methods of therapy. Many people have accredited the founders of the therapy platform and are happy to have access to their therapists at just one click away. Besides, Talkspace has reduced the costs of one traveling long distances or under heavy traffic to check out on their therapists, and as a result, it has attracted over five hundred thousand users who can now get their stress and emotional issues solved by over one thousand therapists who are readily available.

With Talkspace, one can connect to their therapist over video skype or chats. Besides, the platform also gives its users an opportunity to communicate with therapists through phone calls depending on what one prefers. Their rates are highly affordable, and this has given many people a chance to access their mental health counselors as well as save for the future. Their therapists are licensed and highly experienced to offer the best advice with a detailed understanding of how you live. The therapists thoroughly understand their client’s problems and are more than ready to help them take a decisive turn in their lives.

Organo Gold Coffees have several health benefits and could make you live longer

Just the other day, The Annals of Internal Medicine published two new studies that were investigating the relationship between drinking coffee and the risk of death. The researchers found that people who drank coffee on a daily basis were likely to have a lower risk of dying from several diseases including but not limited to stroke and heart diseases. This, however, is not the first time studies have come up with such findings.

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In the first study, over 185,000 individuals from across the Americas drawn from across a wide variety of backgrounds such as the Japanese Americans, African Americans, Whites and Latinos, alike were examined. The researchers found individuals that drank coffee, be it decaffeinated or caffeinated, were at a lower risk of death from diseases like diabetes, cancer, kidney disease and heart disease. Organo Gold is also available at Amazon.

The second study was conducted in Europe with over half a million participants from 10 countries. The study also found out that folks who drank a couple of cups a day had a reduced risk of death when compared to non-coffee drinkers.

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What is Organo Gold?

Organo Gold is an organization that deals in network marketing of mainly coffees and teas. Organo Gold has set up operations in several countries all around the world. Their main goal is to help individuals change their lives by offering them lucrative business opportunities through their valuable products.

Organo Gold’s premium beverages especially coffees and tea contain a rare ingredient known as Ganoderma. This is a type of mushroom with Asian origins spanning over two thousand years and has been found to be possessing unique far-reaching health benefits. Some of the health benefits may include cancer prevention, cardiovascular health support, immune system support, liver protection, radiation protection and urinary tract support. Ganoderma can also be used as an antioxidant, antibacterial and antiviral. Read the reviews at dietspotlight.com.